Friday, May 28, 2004


Welcome to my little section in this internet world. I want to start writing about life and other fun things that happen and want to share them with you all.... please comment and check me out occasionaly... :0)


Huda said...

Salaam! Hooray, you set up a Web site! I'm so glad to see it; I shall have to link to it. :)

And I'll respond to your e-mail SOON, insha'Allah.

Huda said...

P.S. Now I have the Bon Jovi song stuck in my head, thank you... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think life is trial and success process. (trial and success not trial and error- heard from Zig Ziegler). We need to keep on trying till we succeed. Part time school is as good as full time school. It really is.

The important things is: keep on improving oneself. One saying of the Prophet (PBUH) is: if your today is no better than yesterday, you lost today. After one year, things will look better focused. Uncle Moiez says, life is a series of problem solving endeavor

Uncle Butt went to school for MS, part time. I decided to get over it and start making better money sooner - so I went full time. After 30 years, it really did not matter. In the bigger perspective of life - the big picture- what is important is to finish Law School. The opportunity is knocking at the door. DO NOT LOSE IT. A marketable skill can only help.

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