Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Gilmore Girls

Today on Gilmore Girls (which despite law school I always find time for) the older guy that is the county "selectman" who bosses everyone around and places restrictions on housing and building etc. was voted out. Not only by a little but by unanimous decision.

They showed this one scene where everyone was cheering outside and he was sitting in his store with the lights off staring into the distance. Now when the episode started I was THRILLED they wre going to kick him off (yes I am easily pleased) and rooted for him, but then when he DID... Ifelt so bad.... no wonder he wants it so bad he has no one else. He has no friends, no life. What must it feel like to spend your whole life and look back and you have the accomplishment of having no real friendships, or respect...............................

I am soo insanely reading into this I guess, but that scene almost made me cry. It's not just a show, these things happen...

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