Monday, October 11, 2004


Ramadan is coming!
i'm happy about that, whenever its Ramadan I remember good things like friends and family being together and samosas and roof ahza... I dont even realy like Roof Ahza but during Ramadan it only feels right to do so.
What I'm bummed about is three days out of the week I'm going to be in class when rosas are open. :( oh well, such is life.
One quirk on words I have on Ramadan is when people say its time to break your rosa. You are not breaking it. you are opening it. Break means it broke and is not complete. It really quirks me up!

Thats all for tonight. As you can see its past 1am and I am suffering from Insomnia...... oh well here's try two to get some rest! Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Do not forget Ramadan ends and the next day is EId.

Huda said...

Yeah, I'm totally counting days until Ramadan too! You and Kashif will have to come over for iftar sometime... :)

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