Friday, December 17, 2004

Estate Sale

We went to an estate sale today to look at some dining room furniture . Someone at the CDC is retiring and having an estate sale. This means that he is selling everything, when i say that I mean it literally. The house, the pots, the pans, rugs, and children's toys. It was like a quiet rummage of a mueseum being there. How much thought was put into buying these rugs? How excited were you when you decorated this children's bedrooms and with love filled it with games and teddy bears.... I saw books chroniciling a life... "What to expect when you're expecting".... "Dr.Spock's guide to child rearing".... "Why is my body changing" and so went the books, and the videos.... and everything else which had a price....... What makes you sell your entire life away and want to start new? How much money is worth a home and all the possessions in that you spent your heart and blood and emotion into?

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Waiting for your full letter.

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