Monday, July 19, 2004


I went to Nadia's wedding Fourth of July weekend........ its amazing how much work and how much money goes into an event that lasts but a few hours of your life.

The ruxati is a striking part of a wedding for me, when you leave your parents home and arrive at your new home is an event that makes you emotional no matter how much time has passed since your wedding day............
While I am so utterly thankful that Allah swt has blessed me with an amazing husband who is easy going, loving and supportive, it is also sad to leave your family who you grew up with all your life. 
I look at my friends who have children and how much love and attention they give their child. Their child means the world to them.  The first smile, first laugh, first step are all very miraculous to a parent. Their child is the most special person on the face of this earth. More special then the parents themselves..... How do you invest so much of your heart, your sweat and blood into a person and then let them go.... that child is your family and soon they leave to  begin a "new" family...........
Abu says that every relationship except that of a parent is a barter deal. Give and take.  This weekend he cut all our branches and drove thirty miles and three hours to  find a dumster to deposit our leaves.  Ami brushed my hair and helped me with the house. Who else does tehse things for nothing in return?
I wager that my brothers are of the same breed.  They cut out the carpet of the "smelly room" despite the gag reflexes which are inevitable in such a room. They not only ripped it out but went above and beyond to make sure that the room would improve.
What can I do or say to repay you all for what you did for me? Its not what was done, but the love behind it that is moving.
Maybe i'm being this sentimental because I really  miss my family, they left this afternoon and the house feels so quiet and empty without them.........I realize my parents lived across oceans from their family... they did not see them as frequetnly as we see our parents and siblings.... but am I selfish when I say that I wish they lived closer by?  The truth is I want everyone to be happy where they are, and I am grateful that we can see each other when we can.
That's all for tonight..........
Good night.