Thursday, April 21, 2005

Hell has no fury like a student "scorned".

So for the past three days my students took exams called the CRCT (Statewide Georgia testing) on math, reading, language arts.

Basically seeing if I done good.

I can't believe its only 20 days left and I will not be their teacher anymore. I am going to miss Most of them so so dearly. It's awful that you can get so close to another person and then you just completely lose touch.... They weren't a job- they are wonderful people who I am lucky to have encountered. This year's crop was the most intelligent and insightful by far. So yes will miss MOST of them...

But unfortunately as of this week I have learned that I will not miss all of them. A young student (let's call her Kelly) bounced in as she normally does on Tuesday morning with a sweet smile and some strawberries. "I want to share these with the class", I told her that 8 strawberries were not enough to share with the class so she said "that's okay then, you can have them" Well, the next day I get a note from the mother very upset that she needs to speak with me.

Guess what this girl tells her mom? I snatched the strawberries from her and ate them despite her pleas otherwise. Kelly also told her mother that I scream at her, roll my eyes at her, and get in her face.

I was dumbfounded because I have given Kelly nothing but love. She is a very very needy child but I do try to give her the attenion she desperately covets because, well I care for her.. Well suddenly it dawned on me, and I asked the mother exactly how long this was going on, Well surprise surprise it was going on for 2 weeks. This is when the new Afghani girl from Pakistan began coming to me for help.

Thankfully her mother also reached the same conclusion that a green eyed monster had taken over Kelly and she decided to even the score by making things up about me. I am floored that a child could ocme up with such outrageous lies. The most infuriating part was at the end of the conversation with her mother, Kelly starts grinning trying to look cute and says ''oh Sorry MS. S..." SORRY? Sorry does not cut it.

So now again today she comes in with the same thing "My momma gonna come to talk to you about the strawberries". I have gone ahead and bought some strawberries. TAKE THEM. My goodness.

I have spent hundreds of dollars on my classroom, on cupcakes and cookies, on toys and treats for these children. I have given everything this year for them so that I don't let law school get in the way of giving them the best of me, and this is the thanks I get? Two weeks of a child not being the center of my universe, she decides to make me understand you dont do that to Kelly!

So a little disillusioned, very disappointed. I wish this had never happened but maybe it's God's way of telling me I'm better of going full time to law school so I dont have these kinds of things to distract me. Two jobs are draining and lately the drain is really being felt.

Thankfully I came home today to a very nice surprise, we got a package from Usma and Ayaz all the way in Brunei!!:). That was so incredibly exciting to see, and what was inside was even funnier. Three random DVD's (mothman prophecies, addicted to love, etc.), a Gillians game card (They had put money on it and its of no use in Brunei, it's like a Dave and Busters), their wedding video (that I had asked a long time ago to see), and a vase, and very touching card. They are such wonderful friends whom I miss so so much. Friends like them don't come around every day, it was so nice to hear from them... I appreciate that they put a silver lining on my cloudy day.

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Usma said...

Salaam Aisha

Reading a "day in the life" of Aisha made me realise that I should stop worrying about no longer being part of the working world and enjoy it - especially at this stage where Hamza cant give me any grief, or as the little darling in your class was doing.... do you know I cant find words to describe that behaviour!!

You have made the right choice going full time - and after a year of doing both, at least you know what you are capable of.....that really is quite an acheievement!! Good Luck with your exams!!

The thought behind the gift was to lift your spirits and I am glad if it did that. I will explain the random DVD's one day - but perhaps in a private, as it involves laughing at Ayaz :-)

We miss you guys loads and you are always on our minds. I cant wait for you to meet your nephew!!

With Love and duas for you both,

Usma , Ayaz and Hamza.

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