Thursday, April 14, 2005

Why are you so mean?

I remember one time my mother stopped a very mean DMV employee in her tracks when she interrupted her and simply asked her: Why are you so mean?

I still wonder what (let's call her Bertha) thought about my mother's question... "hmm why *am* I so mean" because after the question she grudgingly showed quiet respect...

I want to ask Dr. Psycho (the pet spy of my boss)and my certifiably manic boss: Why are you so mean?

Today at our impromptu staff meeting she said (and as Dave Barry would say "I'm not making this up folks") "For a moment of silence let's think about honoring authority, how you need to respect authority and not question it. Just as a wife obeys her husband, you too must obey authority. Each of us has issues and if I mention your issues don't get defensive, just accept it. Also don't even think about complaining about me to the school board. I will find out who called and we will have words."

I wash I had the courage to ask "Why are you so mean"


Saadia said...

There are too many words to describe this lady's issues. Maybe you can get her contact information and remember it for when you finish law school. NO wonder she is threatened by you.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work » »

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