Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Day The TV Died

Summer break is coming up and ofcourse since I'm quitting my job next Monday, the car decides to break down and need pricey repairs, and I was still keeping a chipper attitude until yesterday at 6:46pm.

That is the day the TV died.

Our beautiful silver flat screen SONY wega TV. It's barely two years old and it's DEAD. I wasn't anywhere close to it, it was just on. Everyone Loves Raymond. All of a sudden as I stand in the kitchen... Kashif just came home from work.... and it began to turn on and off, on and off.... now it won't turn off unless I unplug it. The top right hand corner has the channels changing every two seconds, and you can't change channels without it requiring complicated maneuvers and then of its own volition after about 20 minutes the channel changes anyhow.....

So I called the Sony service center and it will cost about $175...

*sigh* tis a sad day in this little house.


Saadia said...

Try some home remedies. Bang it on the side (that works when there's an electric problem with ours). Unplug everything. Or maybe say a prayer, to restore your haramki TV. And if all else fails, tell Kashif to pay for it.

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