Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Conversation Between Felicity and Noel

Felicity: Why do you have a webpage?
Noel: Why does anyone have a webpage...Too much freetime? Not enough friends? An absurd attachment to one's computer?


Saadia said...

Gee thanks from a person who spends all day on the computer. I guess the same applies to having your own blog huH???

Aisha said...

Nooo.... didnt mean to offend anyone. It was just funny bc I was blogging when they had this little exchange as I watching Felicity on TV. I consider the blog my webpage so I sarcastically included that in attempt as self mockery... no offense intended for webbing people! Since I am truly technically challenged, this blog to me is a website.

Anonymous said...

Felicity is still on? Were you watching Nick at Night?

Anonymous said...

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