Sunday, June 12, 2005

My New Personal Assistant

Baby Z Posted by Hello

Baby Zara is adorable, and a poster child for babies. The entire day Saturday from 9am - 9pm we were out at different stores, taking her in/out of the car, putting her in strollers, shopping carts, and not *ONCE* did she cry. She literally cooed,smiled and took naps...... mash'allah:) And oh yes- she LOVES computers, so I think I'll pass the blogging on to her:).


Saadia said...

An adorable baby! Mashallah! She looks like she is more interested in eating the computer than blogging though.

Anonymous said...

Kid didn't cry all day. Such a shame people put their kids on prozaic so early. I'm sure it's peaceful though.

ASH said...

Parents put their kids on prozac or ritalin because they don't want to take the time to discipline them or instill in them a feeling or knowledge of right or wrong. Not that these drugs aren't useful in extreme cases, but when hundreds if not thousands of kids are taking these things.....there is a pharmaceutical problem in this country. One day these kids are going to grow up and stop taking their drugs and then they'll get angry.

Sorry for the soapbox....absolutely beautiful child...she looks very squeezable.

Aisha said...

amna, khurram, are you not going to defend yourselves? :)

Anonymous said...

What is "prozaic"? I did a search on google but couldn't find anything. Oh well... I guess someone forgot to turn on their spell-checker or maybe the "prozaic" is having some side effects :)

What you're seeing is mashallah good parenting.

Aisha said...

Yes, cute Zara baby has two wonderful loving parents mash'allah :-)

Anonymous said...

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