Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Summer Plans

Zig Zigler, a motivational speaker, said that you have a higher liklihood of acheiving your goals if you write them down. Last summer I had high ambitions but somehow each day Judge Judy is oh so interesting and the day just goes on and before you know it days have become months and summer break is over... so here goes!

1. Intern at Sadia's immigration law firm.

*Today was my 1st day and even though I just organized papers, it was SO fascinating. I honestly thought I'd be depressed going there, considering I'm leaving a career I love, but it's not so bad... you are helping society and giving back here too.... so day one, so far so good.*

2. Teach about Islam at Musjid Omar's summer camp.

3. Subscribe to AND

a) Come up with my list of articles and start submitting queries.
b) Write and send out my book proposal

4. Work out 30-45 minutes 5 days a week and eat right

5. Spring clean and organize the house.

Anything I need to add/subtract?
Ready, set, and here I go :)


Mansoor said...

That's a really good list. If I could make a suggestion about the "eat right" point, it would be to not eat bread. I'm not advocating a low-carb diet. I think it's okay to eat potatoes and rice, but there's just something about bread that brings on the pounds. Also, stay away from refined sugar. (That last one's more difficult than you might think.)

Aisha said...

I always thought of potatoes and rice as being worse than bread because you can get whole grain whole wheat bread. But good to know! And I've tried the 100% refined sugar avoidance... and that is Waaaay harder than it seems. It's in practically everything!

Nadia said...

3b!?!?! I hope your goals aren't listed in order of priority!

Saadia said...

Try turbinado sugar. Its true refined sugar is in everything but once you become disgusted by the conspiracy of making us fat and have rotten teeth, u stop wanting to eat anything. And then you lose weight. I lost five lbs during Ramadan. ...Zig Zigler?

Aisha said...

you think there's a conspiracy to make us fat Saadia?

Aisha said...

Oh Nadia... heh:) Yeah not in order of priority, in order of the degree of confidence I have in each's success

Saadia said...

Not literally a conspiracy, just an exagerration. I did read that refined sugar has a longer shelf life than brown sugar which is one reason why its used so much. Otherwise you'd think that its easier to keep it unrefined, which retains all the vitamins in the sugar. Also, unrefined sugar is not as addicting. Really, just start by getting raw cane sugar instead of white sugar.

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