Friday, July 29, 2005

Did I Mention I Hate Doctors?

Incident one-
I explain I have a nose ring that is complicated. I arrive. They tell me my nose ring is complicated must see the dermatologist. Two hours later... she glances at it for approximately two seconds and says "yeah it's complicated, don't know what to do"

Incident two-
I get up in the wee hours of the morning (okay 8am- but its summer!) drive 30 miles IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC, get to the doctors office and find out there was a mixup and I was supposed to go to their other branch but they gave me the wrong directions

Kaiser Permanente- you stink.

(photo courtesy of The Sane One )


Anonymous said...

Its the lawyer in you.heh

Aisha said...

good point- this is why lawyers love to sue doctors.. now it all makes sense!

The Sane One said...

oi :-P no medic bashing!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dr. stands for Desi Royalty! :) said...

doctors suck.

sorry im not bitter.

Ali said...

Desi Royalty! That's original and the comic is an instant classic!

Aisha said...

For anyone reading... many close family and friends of mine are doctors, or doctor-to-be's... and doctors save lives! I hope no one took offense.

Anonymous said...

i would like to remind you that the DOCTOR didn't give you directions to the office!

quick story about 2 people in my class: c (who has a sabaceous cyst in his head) and m (a budding surgeon)
c: i got this scalpel, lidocaine, ancef, and some sutures. will you take it out?
m: sure!
(do a google search for "removing sabaceous cyst, and then follow the directions and remove it)
m: let's go back and look and make sure we did it right. (referring back to google site).
m: did that...did that...did that...doh! :)

Anonymous said...

OK....I thought the comic was funny until I read the above comment.... now i'm just scared! :-P

Ali said...

Same on this end, too many people in my family are doctors. That's why I'm keeping my career strictly in the academics/reseach area. No being doctor here. Plus, I don't like the sight of severe injury, blood, blah blah. It's a convienient option for someone who just gets scared of doctors in white suits.

Anonymous said...

Don't hate the players, hate the game (i.e., don't hate doctors, hate our system of healthcare).

Aisha said...

yeah yeah VATEVER ;-)...

All Mixed Up said...

ahh... you've got me remembering my FAVORITE prank of all time!

i'm the daughter of 2 doctors, my entire world is medicine, all of our family friends are doctors, everyone i know is in med school [well all the indian people i know]..

this is why evil person that i am went home for a wedding and told every single person at the wedding who asked me what i was planning on doing after law school...that i'm planning on going into medical malpractice because too many patients are getting shoddy service from bad physicians.


it was the ALL TIME BEST PRANK EVER b/c by the end of the night random aunties were going up to my plastic surgeon father incredulous that he could've let this happen.

i LOVE that was the best!

Saadia said...

Not only doctors go on the internet to learn how to diagnose and treat things, but me too...

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