Monday, July 11, 2005

God Angrily Clarifies "Don't Kill" Rule

Sometimes satire says it best. This is an article from The Onion back on 9/27/01 after 9/11. Since these London bombings, I felt this needs to posted again. To those affected, my heart hurts for you, and my prayers are with you. Someone summed it up on CNN best with the simple words: Enough. Enough.


Anonymous said...

I know it's satire but I wanted to clarify the meaning of Jihad. Most believe Jihad to mean Holy war. The actual phrase "Jihad" means: to strive or struggle in the name of God. This can be choosing to not cheat on exam, or saying no to drugs. Jihad is the struggles that you face to become a better Muslim. Though some extremists unfortunately take a horrible view on this, it does not make their view the reality of the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

I think it's wonderful that you've chosen to clarify the actual meaning of the word, but it only means one thing in terms of usage: killing.

I've never heard a Muslim say, "I almost cheated on that exam. What a jihad!" or "I'm going to stop smoking pot. Now begins my jihad."

When little Muslims are growing up, they go to Islamic school, and they only hear "jihad" in terms of war, also. The only time these other definitions came up is when screenwriters and journalists started using "jihad" to mean "killing".

So, let's stop kidding ourselves.

Aisha said...

The meaning of Jihad is not killing. It may seem to mean that due to the unfortunate acts of certain people.

I'm a Muslim and have (even in Islamic schools) heard the word used in contexts other than war.

I don't argue that the usage has changed. But the USAGE of a word and the DEFINITION of the word are two different things. Just because an ideal isn't practiced as it should be does not make the reality of the word different.

Anonymous said...

The Onion article is hilarious!

ASH said...

The Onion is great, I've been reading it for years.

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