Monday, September 26, 2005

Need Your Advice

Question 1: When you were in school (or if you are in school now) how did you concentrate for large spans of time and stay focused in class? My friend Nadia and I have been discussing this for some time now... Some say load up on caffeine. I've found for me, it works for a little while but then I get jittery.... and me no likes jittery. Those of you who've seen me come down from a caffeine buzz.... zip it! :) So how did you study in school? Inquiring minds want to know..

Question 2: Huda's thinking of changing her site so I started thinking...maybe it's time for a "revamp" myself. The problem is I'm as technologically inept as they come... Aman very kindly created exactly what I had in mind. But I'm afraid it might be too Red... What do you think? Like or no? You won't be hurting Aman's feelings since he made exactly what I asked... so you'll only be hurting mine :) Just kidding ofcourse! I really want to know.

Question 3: Why is Aisha blogging when she should be studying? ahem.. back to them books :)


Epoppie said...

Too Red :D
But nice design :D

Epoppie said...

Re concentration: Take a short break every 45 mins or so. Clear your mind and perhaps do some dhikr :)

Knightmare said...

A1: Concentrate hard as if that class or subject is your destiny.

A2: too red.

Raheel said...

A1: Drink water when you feel sleepy.

A2: Be daring!! Go and change it.

Sobia said...

Ice cold water and breaks every hour worked for me.

The background is nice ( I have it in pink), but it is a little hard to read b/c of all the red boxes..try finding complimentary colors at this site:
You can just enter the code for the color in your template at test it out. Thats how I did mine.:)..I'm pretty new at this myself so good luck with that!

roora said...

Hmm , Aisha m advices to you can make you turn bigger , :) because in my masters this year, i was getting focused by some sorts of juices and chocolates :)

But seriously , talking about me , sitting in your room , closed door , by your own ,,and agreeing with your friend at her home to do so and so today and then share out things at the end together. This was just great , it encourages the one whom her curve goes down.

Good Luck.

Aisha 's blogging ... a nice hobby to get you out of your stress mood as I used to walk in the track and play games during my exams ..but don;t let it so much time from you. Time management is the best thing.

Marel Lecone said...

I'm into the simple blog look myself. The other design is cool but pretty red. Good to see you also--thanks for your comment. I hope that it didn't sound by my "blah blah" portion of my post that I was being insensitive to that girl's circumstances. I reread it and I saw where possibly it could have come off that way. What I was trying to do was shorten the conversation instead of going into it too deeply. Does that make sense? Not sure why I felt like clarifying but I did . . . :) I feel better! :) How is your nephew doing? I hope all is well. Take care.

momyblogR said...

I think you can conclude that based on my ZZzzzz post I am not at all the right person to advise you, lol!

The red is not bad. As long as it's easy to read, anything would be great.

ASH said...

A1: I would listen to Mozart and/or Shostakovich for 30 minutes. Then do 30 minutes of Thikr. Then study away, and nothing bothered me or distracted me.

A2: *whiney voice* I like your blog just the way it is. Change is bad....bad I tell you. :) Actually it is not that bad, the message is what is important not the medium it goes out in....unless it is very distracting.

Aisha said...

Epoppie: thanks, I think planned breaks are probably important to motivate you to keep going and maintain concentration.

Knightmare: to study as though that course is my destiny.. hmm. wow now i'm really stressed, what if I dont reach my destiny!? That's big...:)

Raheel and Sobia, I never thought to use water! I'm going to try that. Re the new design, I was inspired from your blog!

Roora, you're right time management is key and like you said I love snacking while studying but that does make one bigger over time :) I think I'll try the water though.

Marel, no i didnt take any offense or think you were trivializing anything! I agree the site might be too red.

Ash: so did you lay on the couch and listen to classical music? or while you were gettng your books organized? In my education courses they said classical music can create new synapses in the brain.

Momyblogr: Thanks for your input on the web design. Hopefully I'll figure something out soon! :)

Shabina said...

on question #1, since you're my bizarro, i'm not surprised that neither of us are big on studying. When in school, i usually didn't study till i had to, but when it came to cram time, i found fun pens help a lot. i'm not kidding! taking notes with colorful uniball pens saved my life.

oh, and eating lots of swedish fish. and sometimes, when i was realllly tired, reading my textbooks out loud in different-sounding accents.

that's right :)

(no comment on the red)

FunkyB said...

Blogging while you should be studying...well, it's not ALL bad.

I never had much trouble staying awake in class...but it's probably because I've abused caffeine to the point where I no longer get the jitters. I wish I had a tip for you there.

I like the template - yeah, it's red...but you won't know if it's "too red" until you try it out. If it hurts your eyes, it's too red!

Dawn said...

I have no tricks for how I concentrated in school. . .I'm thinking and thinking and I don't remember. sorry me no help.

estarz said...

Life is 2 short. Who needs studying!!?! 8-))


Jane said...

I like the new template...go for it. Thanks again for your many kind words and support.

Baji said...

Hi. Thanks for visiting!
I am one of those rare people that do better with white noise. I would go and lose myself in the coffee house. Water works very well, too.

Aisha said...

Shabina- hey! why am I *your* bizzaro, maybe you're *my* bizzaro... plus I think i'm a few years older than you so I think I get dibs on this ;).

Estarz love your advice, lol.. if only I could do that!

Baji I'm too much of a people watcher, when I go to coffee shops I want to start writing novels or poetry... I can never focus on boring law school text books:)

Anonymous said...

About 40 or years ago, in Lahore, Pakistan, what worked for me was writing. Copying text - writing main points - writing notes. getting bored was never an issue. It was part and parcel of life.

Sohnii said...

Too red! looks a bit washed out. maybe contrasting the text colour would help a bit???

hm... i try taking notes during class.. keeps me focused... and yeah coloured pens keep me up when the lecture gets too boring. my friends are sick of my **decorations** but i think they look CUTE!!! :D

ASH said...

I don know nuttin' 'bout no sInapses. Is that like a Chinese church or sumnin'?


Aisha said...

Sohni, I do use highlighters and that helps me narrow in on the finer points. Thanks for your advice about the site. I'm going to tweak it and refine some more :)

I KNEW that when I discussed STUDYING abu jee would not be able to resist commenting :-)

Tee said...

#1. I didn't study for long periods of time. I'm easily distracted. If I absolutly had to study something and remember it I needed a partner to push me or to draw pictures about the subject. (I remember pictures and can associate it in my brain), or by making some stupid story or joke about the material. (In 1492 Colombus sailed the ocean blue, for example.)

#2. The template is beautiful but something needs to be done to make the font "pop" more or something.

#3. Get back to work! ;)

Aamina said...

Your future blog suites your personality, and its love red a lotta.

Knightmare said...

If you don't reach your destiny then that is your destiny.

BBCD said...

question 1: coloured pen and paper kept me happy... and consentrating on writting notes. always helps if your a visual learner.

question 2: your blog is an individual representation on yourself. so go for it if you like it, red or not red.

question 3, i often ask myself the same question when im blogging at work. *confused*

The Daily Rant said...

I never just "came" to me. But neither was I a law student. That could make a HUGE difference.

As far as the red blog template....I like it. The only thing that would concern me would be a good contrasting color for the text. It is sometimes hard to read stuff on a dark background.

Saadia said...

1)To focus I think its good to be in a calm state of mind first. Then you just absorb yourself into what you are studying. If you put your mind to it, you can do it

2) Different templates make a big difference on these bloggers.

Saadia said...

A second point is that part of you wants to write so you should probably set aside a special time for writing - the urge is distracting you but maybe also pulling you. If you try to push it aside, you'll feel repressed maybe.

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