Thursday, November 17, 2005

"I'd hate to be a giraffe with a sore throat"- Hedberg.

Sore throat coming on but Mitch Hedberg reminds me to look at the bright side:) It's beeon of "those days" so I figured after reading Huda and Aamina's site that I'll take a break from the books and share the shows I watch. (Well, when I get the chance)

The Shows I LOVE

King of Queens: Usually I dont watch sitcoms when they're on their first go round. I fell in love with Seinfeld, Raymond, Will and Grace all on reruns. I just dont have time to catch stuff usually but I try to catch King of Queens when I can. Craig James is hilarious and Stiller Sr. is much much funnier as Carrie's dad than George's dad on Seinfeld. I really relate to this show.. and let's face it comedy is funnier if it touches a truth in your life.

Gilmore Girls: I started watching this show four years ago and I love it still. (Ali- I miss watching this show with you...hehe sorry to call you out). Some things irk me like Rory as an adult. I liked the old Rory, the sweet straight laced good girl. These days Rory is on my very last nerve. She does not have to face any reprecussions for so many of her actions like breaking up Deans marriage and then dumping him right after she does so! AND I dont like her being rude to Lorelai. Apparently the mom and daughter finally hugged at the conclusion of tuesday's episode, I hope the writers fix her character back to normal soon. I think Lorelai is hilarious and though I'm happy for Luke that she's with him now, I think she should end up with Chris, Rory's dad. I know he's kind of a flake but I think they were meant to be.

Scrubs: When does this show come on? I love this show but I never see it anymore! It's the best comedy on TV in my humble opinion.

The Shows I'm on the fence about...

Desperate Housewives:Obviously I'm not the only Desperate Housewives fan...but.this season... something's missing right?! It just doesnt seem the same. At first I couldnt put my finger on it but I think I've figured it out. Last year I loved this show because it was a story of a bunch of, well desperate housewives with a little bit of drama and "whodunnit" to spice it up. But now it's reversed with a lot of drama and intrigue and very little desperate housewive storylines... I mean really, there arent many housewives left. Gabby's hubby is in the slammer, Bree's is dead, Susan is single... it's pretty much just Lynnette whose a "normal" wife. I love her storyline this season. . The other storylines are pretty much soap with little grasp on reality. And Bree's Fiancee????? I want to change the channel when he comes on the screen. He's doing a good job playing a creep. I think if I saw him on the street I'd turn and run!

Gray's Anatomy: Can someone explain the fascination with show? Perhaps it's because it replaced Boston Legal which used to come on in that time slot (which I loved last season) that I don't like this show much. It's very unrealistic but trying to be realistic. Dr. Grey is whiny. I dont know the name of the other characters, but the one who really annoys me is the kid that always looks like a cat who is about to go to the vet. Always panicked. He looks 12. I just want to buy him an icecream cone with extra sprinkles and send him home to mamma.

Boston Legal: Like Grey's Anatomy, totally utterly fake. Last year this didn't bother me so much because the stories were still interesting. They talked about death row and freedom of speech, etc. But this year, its so distinct from reality that I watch just to shake my head in disgust! For example, Denny Crane walks into a courtroom where they are having a case about gun rights with a rifle a big white wig and colonial era clothing and starts shooting in the air. IN a courtroom people! AND he wins! Also, I guess maybe all law shows are like this, (i dont watch any other), but they ALWAYS WIN. No matter how absurd. C'mon, that's unrealistic!

ER: I watch ER because I get home from class around the time it starts and I'm so tired I just want to sit on the couch and do nothing. I like that is more realistic than Grey's Anatomy and I LOVE that Neela is on the show... finally a desi with a major role in a medical drama... and not just a socially inept nerd like I've seen on Gray's Anatomy for little blurbs...about time! . But here's my gripe with the show. Why are the minority cast members only hooking up with each other? This isn't the only show I see it on but its most pointed on this show. I'm also a bit bitter that Keira Knightley is a big screen darling when Parimanda was the real screen stealer of Bend it Like Beckham. Roger Ebert suggested it was a race thing... tsk tsk. I'm really not on the fence with this show, I like it a lot. But to be honest the real selling point is its on when I come home from Torts.

So what do you think? What shows are you watching or not watching?


Anonymous said...

I think ER is the best show on TV.

momyblogR said...

I love ER, but I only get to watch reruns. I used to really like Chicago Hope but that went off the air. King of Queens in hysterical. I watch that late night. Some one told me once that my husband and myself reminded them of Stiller because we are from NY and LOUD! lol


ASH said...

You watch entirely too much TV. :)

Aisha said...

I didnt know ER came on reruns! I better not find out what channel, I'll find some excuse to watch it:)

Ash- um....... yeah :) Ironically my next post whenever i get a chance is about the evil of TV.. haha

Aamina said...

George is a freaking psycho! I can't belive that he already proposed and she has accepted....ah! And the new neighbor, well shes an interesting case too, locking up her child and all. I love the show, maybe because I didn't watch it last season. It's great! I don't really watch any of the other shows, but I do watch reruns of ER and Gilmore Girls. That is a great show! It can be a little boring at times though.

I got my blog to work! Comment if you haven't already!!!

Anonymous said...

For matters of public record, I would like to deny ever watching Gilmore Girls.

Baji said...

I love King of Queens. Are they still running? I too never watch during the actual season. I found myself enjoying Girlfriends as well. And, West Wing rocks.

wayfarer said...

I haven't watched most of those but want to watch Desperate Housewives and Gray's Anatomy. I really like Raymond and Gilmore Girls too. You made me laugh about ER...that show sooo needed a desi. No hospital is complete without at least a few! :-o

Aisha said...

Aamina i did check out your blog but you need to delete some of your posts, you posted one five times sweet pea:)

Ali- don't lie!

Baji, yes Monday nights! love it! Never saw westwing and never heard of girlfriends. hmm?

Wayfarer, desperate housewives is fun, but it is a soap. It was better last season :)

Huda said...

Did you see this week's Gilmore Girls? Because I am not sure whether you would have liked the developments, although if you're a Christopher fan, you should watch this coming week as he'll be on. I personally think Christopher is immature and flaky and has done very little to make up for being 99 percent absent while Rory was growing up and Lorelai really needed him, whereas Luke has always, always been there for them, and that is why Lorelai should end up with him. But you're right about how much Rory sucks.

As for Grey's Anatomy... yes, Meredith is whiny, but we don't watch for Meredith. We watch for Cristina and Izzie and Bailey and Burke, and yes, for George because he is so adorable, in that what-a-good-friend way. Oh, and I watch for Addison too.

ER I am over. I only make a point of watching the episodes that feature both Neela and Gallant, and if I happen not to be busy one Thursday night and it's a Neela-centric episode, I might watch. Everyone else I stopped caring about years ago. Even Neela I only watch because of my intense love for Bend it Like Beckham.

Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

I haven't watched TV in ages. Literally.

Aisha said...

Hasan- that's a good thing! keep it up. TV is not worth it.

Huda: Okay I did see the last thirty minutes and I have mixed feelings about it. Is this new girl who will be Luke's daughter here to keep the show running longer as Rory is 21 now and can't be the kid hanging around forever. So is this a Cosby strategy? Because the girl is kind of like Rory in the sense very bright and witty though not as charismatic I think. Also, I was very annoyed with Rory hanging around the newsroom and then getting rewarded for being obnoxious by getting a JOB. I dont like what that tells young ppl watching the show. Normally that will get you a restraining order not a job. You have a good point about Chris. Luke is the real thing. He loves Lorelai and he wont leave her. But Chris is cute:) I like it when he gets airtime:)

Grey's anatomy: they better never let George follow through with his fanatasy and hook up with Meredith unti he looks over the age of 12.

ER: I'm with you, I really only like it when Neela is on, and I realy want her to hook pu with the serbian doc. They'd make a great power team!

mezba said...

Only sitcoms? Girls tsk tsk..

I watch Jon Stewart without fail, he's the best.

Not to forget the Simpsons.

I would like to confess I used to watch Gilmore Girls.. until the moment Rory went to university. Then it all went downhill and I stopped.

Aisha said...

Mezba, I LOVE Jon Stewart. I watched before the Emmy's and all the adulation:) But lately I just haven't had a chance to catch him but about a month ago when I last saw him, I felt he wasn't as funny. Has it gotten better again?

And yes after Rory went to college the show hasnt been the same.

Hey ali, are you reading? See, guys can watch Gilmore Girls:) Don't feel bad!

Jane said...

Family Guy is nasty, raunchy, and insulting to all politicians and celebrities. What a hoot! My favorite is Mayor Adam West--he's such a freaky paranoid guy and I think it's great that they never mention that he played Batman.

I love Scrubs. It's sharp, funny, and just a plain old good time.

I also really enjoy ER, especially Neela. She is smart, sexy, and is currently my favorite character. The other shows I haven't seen so I can't really comment.

Tee said...

So many shows to choose from! We're blessed and cursed at the same time. LOL.

The only one out of those I watch is King of Queens. That show is hilarious... Did you see the episode with the strip pole? I think that is my favorite.

Other shows I watch: Daily Show, Colbert Report, Everybody Loves Raymond, I Love Lucy, LOST, Prison Break, House, Oprah... I like when I find good old movies on the Classic movie channels or something cool on Lifetime, too... I really don't want those shows daily, or even weekly though - except LOST. I have to watch LOST every week. LOL.

Saadia said...

Wow your the TV Expert! I think the girl on ER looks like you too.

say what? said...

Some people say, they only thing they are going to miss when they die is american television.


Am a desperate housewives fan (A)

Charismatic Soul said...


I like most of the shows you mentioned, but havent seen any TV in ages :(

Im not a big fan of the gilmore girls though, and DH is too desperate, scrubs is cool and king of queens is funny plus it portrays a couple whom are VERY different yet they make it through every day.

Anisa said...

house is my fave these days...well, especially now that laguna beach is over!

Raheel said...

I am into reality tv these days woh bhi indian. I don't watch Star Plus, hate those rone-dhone wale soaps completely except Khichidi and Baa Bahu aur Baby which I can't even think to miss.. they are pretty funny. Kumars at No. 42, Koffee with Karan and Zoom Channel. Inshort, Reality TV, Talk Shows and some comedy. OMG!! thatz alot of TV.. I should betta start studying.

Aisha said...

Jane, family guy rocks. Do you watch American dad? Their last two episodes on FOX were tears in your eyes funny. Also, have you seen the boondocks? They're funny too. Very social satire but great.

Tee, I love Colbert and Daily Show:) And yes the pole episode had me laughing out loud!!! :)

Saadia, thanks for saying I look like Neela, I dont know if I do, but that's a great compliment!! :)

TDH: Desperate Housewives airs in Pakistan??

Charismatic: yes despite the fact the couple in KoQ are opposites they make it work :). I know it seems like I watch a lot of tv but these are just shows I like I dont necessarily watch them every single time they're on, only when I can! :)

Anisa, house is a medical drama right? Btwn ER and scrubs and grays anatomy I dont want to add another one, but I've heard its the most accurate medical drama out there:)

Raheel, huh?? Never heard of those shows though I did hear about the Kumar show it plays in England I heard and is a riot. I should try to see if they offer it on DVD... :)

ASH said...

Aisha: Dr. Kovac on ER is hardly Serbian and probably would be insulted if you called him that. He is Croatian, the last name give it away. I don't want ER much, but I like his character...dark, intense and brooding.

Aisha said...

ROFL...... ahhahaha, oh wow, what a slip. Akin to calling a pakistani and indian or vice versa, whoops. Dr. Kovac if youre reading, my bad ;)

Shabina said...

Hey to my bizarro, of course we love many of the same shows (except Gilmore Girls)...but you forgot SMALLVILLE!!!!!!!!!

say what? said...

nope, nada .. none of anything airs here
i download them or get someone to downlaod that for me, or sometimes buy those dvds ..

Aisha said...

Hey Shabs, have you tried Gilmore Girls. That show is awesome!!!! :) But it was better when Rory was in highschool. I never got into Smallville... sci fi freaks me out:)

VOX? VOX?! What happened to TDH. Vat is this?

say what? said...

its an old nick :)

FM said... you are PhD in dramas ....

I hardly find time to see them, i never really watch dramas...but i watch movies because its in continuity whereas in dramas there are times when you have to wait for the next episode to see whats the final outcome and also the time at which they come on TV, if i watch some drama its a 10% chance i might see it again the next time on the same day because of the rememberence of exact time and date of the program.

However i have heard a lot of desperate housewives but never seen it..infact i have never seen any of them :).

with regards

Obese Girl said...

Am seriously following LOST and watching re-runs of Gilmore.

I think if they create someone of Chris's charms and of Luke's stability - that might be perfect for Lorelei.

She's been through so much - she DEserves someone just as great!

que sera sera said...

I don't get much time to watch tv but I like Medium and I don't miss Desperate Housewives. I agree with you its not that intriguing this season. I love to watch HGTV too whenever I have time.

Aisha said...

FM, you make a great point about shows and how movies are at least done at the end of it all. But Sitcoms such as the type I watch are also resolved in 30 minutes too:) Again its best not too much TV whether DVD or sitcom:) You should at least check out Desperate Houseweives. I find it amazing that its reputation has reached Pakistan.

OG! Long time no see! You're right, a blend of lorelai and chris would be perfect. My only beef with Luke is he's so brooding all the time. Smile and be cute like Lorelai. Well opposites attract I guess :)

Que sera sera: Welcome! I dont watch HGTV.... that's a whole channel right? I would not do well if I fell in love with another channel! :) I remmeber when one my cousins was little he'd want us to change the channel so we'd sincerely make deal with him "When NBC is over, you can watch hat you want" and he'd politely agree to this rather fair compromise :) poor kid. We'd show him three hours later that the logo was still there, so NBC was not yet over ;) DH is good though, just not the same :( ah well.

FM said...

Well thanks..i would check desperate houswives to see what it has to offer. However i must say they are pretty damn good in acting and plus marketing it...All these beautiful actresses go through surgery to look drop-dead gorgeous and before that there value is nothing :P...

with regards

Mia said...

Right now I'm into Scrubs,ER, Monk, and the Law & Order Franchise...that's all I basically have time for! I've been missing Will & Grace hopefully i'll catch in reruns.

Baraka said...

The Dark Lord has largely been silent since we got him thankfully. I haven't gotten sucked in & in fact find that years of not having TV have paid off in that commercials actually give me a headache now so I can't watch for long! Yay!

We rent DVDs instead, so if any of these shows are *really* good let me know & I'll get the DVDs for 'em.

Aisha said...

Mia, I never got into law and order or Monk. I didnt know Monk sitll came on. Interesting! Law and Order is good but I'm not sure when it comes on. Once I start watching I have to watch it all the way through.

Barka.... lol, The dark lord. thanks for inspiring the latest posting!

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