Monday, November 21, 2005

If you cant be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you escaped...

My former assistant principal who I used to refer to as "I-must-have-done-something-really-bad-in-a-former-life-to-have-landed-here" finally escaped Stalin's lair (a.k.a Ms. Prada a.k.a If-I'm-not-happy-no-one-else-will-be). So I called to congratulate and our conversation got... interesting...

" I'm so glad I escaped... it was hard... it began feeling like prison..."
Me: "Yes, ha, you know.... sometimes I felt like they were out to get me."
Her: "*laughs* you were right."
Me: *Silence*
Me: "come again?"
Her: "Yeah.. I always thought you would quit last year. Each time you came to my office I thought... yep, today's the day she gives us her two week notice?"
Me: *silence*
Me: "come again?"
Her: Well... I can tell you now... she wanted to get you. She told us to tell her if you ever studied in your classroom or neglected the kids, or came late... she wanted to get you for something.... but.. don't worry though, no one saw anything to get you on...
Me: "but why me?"
Her: "Why does she do anything? I wish I knew. But I can tell you now what I couldn't then... you're lucky you left""

Why Ms. Prada, why? My kids had some of the highest test scores in the school, their standardized scores exceeded state standards... I never came to you with behavior problems... I even complimented you on your new shoes. And your Gucci purse. I played the game. But you know why you amaze me the most. How you talk about God and Jesus. And how you never miss Church. There are people like you in every religion, that practice the rituals and go through the motions and say the right things, but kind of miss the whole point.



Charismatic Soul said...

"There are people like you in every religion, that practice the rituals and go through the motions and say the right things, but kind of miss the whole point."

That is just so true, some peoples do that in order to portray a certian image to people, where the main thing is portray it to god and no one else.

On the other hand, people like Ms. Prada exist every where, they hate to see people succeed, and are always out there to get them.

God bless you :)

say what? said...

Your remarks at the end are so true.

I wonder if by only practicing rituals one keeps true to faith?

I guess these are the type of people who drive others away from religion with their cracked up stuff.

momyblogR said...

OK. Mrs. Prada? A BIG witch. People like her shouldn't be in those types of positions. AND, if they end up there for some reason, they shouldn't be allowed to stay. It's just wrong. Our school systems need people like you and people like that make it impossible, ugh!

That really makes me feel bad that she was TRYING to get rid of you. Well, it's a good thing your out.

As far as the religion thing. Please, don't even get me started. She should be ashamed of herself for even mentioning God or Jesus and behaving like that. That is all I have time to saying this morning. LOL!

Have a good one.

mezba said...

I have read this comment about Bangladeshi Maulvis somewhere, and the statement applies here as well.

"Maybe it's time they started to consider how our Prophet dealt with social problems such as poverty, and stopped worrying about what type of shoes he wore."

We put too much emphasis on trivial things, and miss the big picture. It's like the hadith where the prophet says a man who prays 5 times, fasts often, gives to charity and reads Quran is bankrupt if he is going to hell, because he backbited and did not take care of the rights of other people on him.

Sobia said...

That woman was just a mean BITCH. The world is full of them unfortunatly. Thank God you got out of there, and what comes around goes around...she'll fall off her prada stilettos soon and perhaps you'll hear and enjoy:).

Jane said...

On the one hand I'm sure it must be a relief to you to know that you weren't paranoid when you felt like she was out to get you. On the other hand it does bring up the question of why you. You will probably never know why she singled you out and when it comes down to it it doesn't really matter. What goes around comes around and Miss Prada will have much to answer for some day.

Aisha said...

Charismatic, exactly! I worked there two years and one year she was fine with me,infact she loved me... it's when I started law school that her entire demeanor changed. Coworkers had said she didnt like that I was in law school... I cant imagine why, but who knows.

VOX rituals I think like going to musjid, church, temple, etc. and prayer are designed (I think) to bring your closer to God. Only God knows whats in people's hearts but if one truly is practicing rituals without any understanding of the thoughts behind it... then its sad.

Mezba, that is such a strong statement. I'm going to remember that next time someone begins an inane discussion along those lines with me. I could go on and on about it.. but yes, right on.

Mommyblgr: Ms. Prada was in corporate America for ten years and then the school board here decided that schools should be run like a corporation so they began hiring managers, and others from the corporate setting and put them in schools. That's a partial explanation of how she got here. I can't imagine her teaching for sure with her attitude!

Sobia, haha that's a wonderful image. Thanks for the smile!!! :)

Jane, I'm not sure why she went after me. I wasn't the sole object of her dislike. There were a few others as well. And I kid you not, I have no clue why she was after any one of us. But I do believe in "Karma" so to speak... it will come around.

Shabina said...

Hmm, yeah it prolly IS because you were doing the law school thang. Otherwise I'd say it's cuz you're brown! :)

Me said...

"There are people like you in every religion, that practice the rituals and go through the motions and say the right things, but kind of miss the whole point."

So true Aisha... and sad.. sometimes these people drive me crazy ... and sometimes I just feel sorry for them :-(

mystic-soul said...

"....but kind of miss the whole point."..HAHAHAHA

What a nail baby !!

Aamina said...

ohhhhhhh interesting. You are cool in my book.

ASH said...

There are people like this in every walk of life regardless of color or religion...they are equal opportunity haters. They dislike you because your kids test scores are so high; they hate you because your kids love you; they hate you because you don't show enough deference; they hate you because you are an over-achiever......the list goes on and on.

I have dealt with many people like this throughout my career.....and Aisha,as much as it pains will have another person like this to deal with in future.

I take an enormous amount of satisfaction out of the work I do, I believe in doing nothing halfway. But as a result of this I have met my share of haters....people who decide to make it their mission to discredit you, impeach your honor, long as they see you fall. I actually lost a job because of someone like this! But as long as I keep my chin high and don't stoop to that level...I will succeed and they will fail either in this world or the next.

BBCD said...

i cant stand people like that. the ones who say one thing to portray a Good God fearing "religious" image but have different actions, drives me mad really it does. sorry someone was acting up over you like that sis, must be nasty to find out, but at least you got out your self... and in an odd way maybe its better you didnt know it when you were working for her. somehow that sounds worst.

live life and learn henna. x

Aisha said...

Shabs, it could be the brown factor, or law school, who knows what the rationale is.

Me, it is sad that ppl are like that... at the same time its hard to feel sorry for them when you're the one facing the brunt of the storm :)

Aamina, Mystic, :)

Ash, I'm so sorry that happened to you. You're right, there are haters in every walk of life. I was hoping she was an anamoly but perhaps corporate life is filled with even more Ms. Prada.

BBCD: so true. There's a quote by my girl Lauren Hill "everyday people they lie to God too, so what makes you think that they won't lie to you"

Baji said...

Ahhh, the sweet smell of validation and knowing that you weren't crazy after all. Yes, there are people of all walks that are power-players and prejudiced. She probably resented that you were moving upward and such a good teacher and BROWN on top of it all. Good riddance!

Tez said...

the woman is plain ol mean..kinda like the witch from Hansel and Gretel..offering all those yummy treats in order to just fill em up..but i loved the way you put down those last lines. I totally agree..its people like them that totally miss the point!
good one aisha!

Baraka said...

Wow. This made me hair stand on edge.

I just can't understand people who pursue petty vengeful actions with such relish. It really frightens me though I've run up against a few of them in my professional life & each time I wonder 'what is the point of your behavior?' In a situ like that saying, 'why don't we talk this out' is obviously not going to work.

I'm so glad you got out of there!


Tee said...

Nice post - and yes - it's good you moved on before she could progress with her evil plan. I don't know whats wrong with some people. How they can be delusional enough to think they're "religious". Ha!

The Bible says, 1 John chapter 3,
18 Dear children, let us stop just saying we love each other; let us really show it by our actions. 19 It is by our actions that we know we are living in the truth".

...Whatever this woman's reasons were for her behavior (jealousy, racism, etc.) There is no "right" reason.

I've been faced with people like this "Prada". In my last job there was a conspiracy against me, too. I'm unsure why but it really hurt and confused me.

Glad you're out of there (and glad I'm out of there, too.) ... Life is too short to be around people like that.

Hasan the Not-So-Great said...

I had problems with a racist teacher. I called CAIR and he left me alone.

I wish all of life was that easy.

Cheer up :)

Obese Girl said...

God must really love you to spare you from her evil clutches earlier than others!

Perhaps, you were designed for a greater purpose?

COoool... Dun forget the little people, ok.

Have a good week!

Aisha said...

Baji, Tez, Baraka, thanks for your comments. It is sad that there are people like this out there, and Baraka you're right, it does NO good to talk to them about it. Infact, I kind of did try to talk to her about it, and she smiled sweetly and acted like I was crazy.

Tee, thanks for sharing that passage from the Bible. That's beautiful. I wonder if I should send it anonymously to her:).... but I'm really sorry that you had to go through something similar.... Ill never understand it.

Hasan, way to go for taking action! Such an important thing. I can't believe a teacher did that though. You should also have reported it to the school board.

OG: lol insh'allah I am intended for great things. We'll see ;P thanks for saying that, you're sweet.

Saadia said...

It always takes me aback when a feeling I have comes true but its freaky when your feeling that someone is out to not only TRUE but its worse than you thought! I can only imagine what the reality was at the consulting firm if I had a feeling they didn't like me. Or what the reality is behind those other feelings I get from people.

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