Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's half empty I tell you

Normally I'm a "glass half full" kind of girl but as exams approach... not so much... But.. I'll try to remain elated, and not get deflated! (be forewarned: as exams approach, I may exhibit signs of cheesy rhyming and other random acts of puzzlement.... You have been warned).... *sigh*


Living Away said...

feel the mood!!
i'm like this with the snow day!
1-beautiful and take pictures
2-never end???
3-stupid nice snow!

momyblogR said...

Oh. Hang in there girl, I know you'll do fine. I too am almost ALWAYS a "half full" girl. However, then there are the days I fill like my glass has been on the desert for weeks. LOL!

Have a good one.

mezba said...

I am like that on a rainy day.

1. Atleast it's raining now snowing.
2. Why is it still raining?
3. Atleast if it snowed I could go ski.

Emory said...

Love it....It is all about perspective.

Tee said...

LOL- This must be some mental illness that is going around. I've been thinking very much like Garfeild the past couple days.

Anisa said...

this is HILARIOUS!!! so funny! "stupid nice day..." i know exactly how that feels! :)

Anonymous said...

Mezba, I'm with you on the skiing.
Aisha, Yeah I can be just as manic depressive as Garfield.

Anonymous said...

oops, anonymous is me, saadia.

say what? said...

when you find a way around this .. let me know.

same problems here :S

rehtwo said...

Eww. Exams. As we say around here, "yuckythoo". Haha.

mystic-soul said...

Probably human nature..

estarz said...

8-)) Garfield is always right now. Every now and then a day such as this comes along. what can you do?

Aisha said...

Mezba and living away, I feel your pain about the snow! In MI had the same emotions although Mezba I'd prefer the snow over cold rain any day!

Thanks all for your comments. As exam crunch time nears (or has arrived) Garfield starts seeming perky.

mystic-soul said...

There are 2 good things about exam !!

1. They don't happen everyday

2. If you fail you can attempt again.

So "Why worry" !!!!

(Console to Aisha)

Aisha said...

Thank you Mystic! Unfortunately I can't attempt again if I can fail... BUT You're right they dont happen every day so suck it up and just do it! :)

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BBCD said...

lol brilliant cartoon

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