Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Aisha v. Computer: Computer: 1, Aisha: 0

I thought I'd share a picture of the object of my frustration for the past few weeks. As you can see this... computer (for lack of a better word) is working. As you also see there are an assortment of books surrounding it. They are there for a reason. And no, not just because I'm referencing them and cross checking facts... They are there because combined they put enough pressure on the charger to keep my computer alive. And because the pressure has to be just so.. and takes about an hour to acheive... and I by sheer luck got it to charge on Friday evening... this, our breakfast table... is now an office! I feel it glows just a wee bit stronger when it watches me change my life around so I can use it.

I'm working on my last exam now and on through the night. Me and my chai gonna keep on truckin. Land Use Law. It's due Wednesday and I don't want to do it! I'm tired. I've completed six classes and this is the last one remaining. I look at this 15 page mammoth and cringe! I have to come up with a growth managment plan to alleviate the side effects of sprawl but promote growth... compare my plan with the current plans and what I'll incorporate what from each plan currently in development or in use. Then I analyze Tallahasee's land use ordinances and compare them to Atlanta's... and what affect it would have if we adopted their model instead... Sincere apologizes if reading that was painfully boring.. but imagine what *I'm* going through?!?

Just gotta focus on the nice two week break coming up! My parents and brothers are coming into town... and we will do many non-land-use-law related things. Must keep my eye on the prize!!! *dramatic music swells in the background of Aisha's mind!!!* ALMOST DONE! :)

*oh- and in response to several questions- yes those glasses are mine, and no they are not reading glasses.. I use them to drive and watch TV and yes I'm cool like that! ;-)*


mayya said...


why did you decide to do law in the first place? I'm sure you weren't forced by your parents heh but then I'm sure once you become a lawyer all this hard work would be worth it :)

these days I'm contemplating what to do next and law is one option but the dryness of it is dissuading me

Aisha said...

Welcome Mayya.. my parents certainly did not force me to do it :) I'm doing it because I've wanted three things for myself professionally speaking, to be a writer, a teacher and a lawyer. Law is a wonderful field with numerous opportunities. Take my complaining with a grain of salt. You're catching me at the end of the semester when I'm worn out. Law is not as dry as you'd think.. believe it or not it's quite interesting (with the exception of LAND USE LAW)Good things dont always come easy but they can be very worth it.

mystic-soul said...

Nice post..enjoyed it.

You will be fine ! and Good luck!

Q: At what point you specialize in law like criminal, corporate, immigration etc..since begining or later?

Reza said...


Saw your blog at another bloggers I frequent. Interesting things you write about here. Mind if I add you up in my blogroll and btw yes Glasses are cool. Who needs contacts. Btw I am a CS major starting my MSC in CS over at USC (University of Southern California). Good luck with the Land Use Law Thingy. I bet you are an excellent orator :P. Do drop by my blog and leave a comment too if you fancy it and tell me if its ok to blogroll :). (Don't wanna get sued you know). Law majors freak me out lol.

Reza Malik.

Living Away said...

Well, I do not have any “growth managment plan”, but I can tell you that every single second you spend on it will be worth!
Good luck on your LAST exam, Aisha !!!

Raheel said...

Chalo book kisi kaam toh aarahi hain =P

glasses are very similar to mine.

I am thinking in advance that how will I pass tax and law exams?!

Good Luck to me and you, both have an exam!

Raheel said...

btw glasses look cool on me, I hope it has similar effect on you too =)

mayya said...

ok now you have me thinking again, I have an economics background which is pretty dry in itself and mashAllah you're lucky to be able to realise all your dreams :)

Plain jAne said...

you've been tagged...weee...check my blog for more details...haha..

TwinTopaz said...


estarz said...

Whats wrong with wearing glasses?

U have to learn not 2 fight technology! 8-))

Work hard and study hard...I am sure you will do very well.

Anonymous said...

If we don't fight technology, it will eventually defeat us. Might I remind us all of "The Matrix". Don't let the laptop win. You are fighting a bigger struggle for the rest of mankind.

Aisha said...

Wow what wonderful comments to wake up to! (Yes I know its late... I went to sleep late too though!)

Mystic- you never really specialize. You end up getting internships in certain fields that guide what you practice.

Reza, welcome! I'm flattered you wish to blogroll me, by all means, I wont sue you:) I'm jealous you are in Cali. The most beautiful state I've seen.

Living away: thanks for the encouragement:)

Raheel, you're in law school too? So you have similar glasses, yay! :)

Mayya.. yes please go for it if you want to do law school! A friend of mine "jokes" that he gave up on law school b/c of my site. I hope he's just kidding! Its not that bad at all.

Plane Jane, I will :) After Wednesday! :) Thanks for the tag!

Estarz thanks. By technology do you mean don't fight my computer? As you can see.. there was never a fight to begin with. It clearly knows its in charge. If its my glasses. Yes I realize as my eye doctor says, I am in denial :)

Anon.... yeah m'kay.... :)I swear my computer did a little evil giggle at your comment.

Shabina said...

urban sprawl = boooooo

Good luck, homechicken. You're at the HOME STRETCH :)

Maleeha said...

good luck aisha! my last exam is in an hour and i'm doing some *last minute* cramming myself. then i'm done! sweet, sweet, freedom.

maya, i have an economics background too and i dont regret coming to law school at all. its very interesting (well some of it is) and a very flexible degree.

ok gotta go! I hope Allah grants us all success in these exams (and other life tests)

Tee said...

Yes you are cool. I bet those glasses look nice on you :)

I laughed about why the books were there. I wouldn't have guessed their purpose. It's a nice studious looking photo though :)

Hang in there.

Sue said...

The classic man v. machine huh?

Christina said...

Salam Aisha! Don't worry..as Hassan tells me, "You'll get it done by the end of the semester no matter what!"

If your lapgtop is good for one thing, it's keeping your kitchen nice and toasty!

Good luck!

Champ - Love Hound said...

These glasses 're cool 'n' they tell "We belong to a cool face" LOL!

Thankyou alot for the comments on my Blog. You posted comments on the bottom post, not the recent post. So it's just luck I checked bottom 'n' found your comments. Thankyou again.

God bless you.....

Champ - Love Hound said...

And yes, "Desi Way" to keep the computer alive.

God bless you....

Knightmare said...

keep it together aisha! just hang in there a little bit longer. :)

TwinTopaz said...


Yaaawn again...

que sera sera said...

good luck and have fun with your family.

Khizzy said...

good luck aisha!
the prize is worth it!

Sohnii said...

U know whats even cooler... i have the exact same specs :D which i dont like wearing much unfortunately, spec-o-phobia....

Best Of Luck! :D ull do great....

Raheel said...

I am not in law school but accounting has such subjects too.. uff!!

Aisha said...

Shabs, thanks! :) Sprawl DOES suck!

Maleeha! I hope your exams went well :)

Tee thanks for the well wishes!

Chris, thanks!! You are right, it will get done by the time its due... just hope it was good.

Boxin, didnt realize it was a desi way to keep a laptop alive! It's called survival mode!

Que sera, Khizzy, Knightmare, awww thank you! :)

Twin: sorry to bore you :)

Sohnii!! WHAT a GREAT word: spec-o-phobia.. that's what I have too! :)

Raheel... accounting... i dont like the sound of that :(

Speaking of computers... Its not charging AT ALL anymore... so until best buy figures out what to do with it.. farewell! :(

momyblogR said...

You are not only very smart, you are resourcful too. Stacking books! :):)

Yes, almost done. Hang in there and enjoy your family. AND, do NOT open one book, not even the phone book. Need a number? Call 411!

Tee said...

Aisha - the question you asked on my blog has been answered in my entry for today (Wednesday). Hope you're doing well with your studies!

Baraka said...

Yay for family holidays! Enjoy :)

Saadia said...

Your thick black glasses are a flashback to what I imagine your dad wearing in the late 70s. Funny how fashion goes in a circle, huh?

I admire your struggles as a student. From the outside its certainly a valiant "jihad"... literally meaning a "struggle" to achieve, but in this case its also a holy war against your tyrannical labtop. I'm sure it won't be glowing when you smash it to smithereens. (Like that statue of Saddam Hussein who the media smashed.)

Take a step back from your books and try to see the relevance of law to life. I'm beginning to see it everywhere, which is one benefit of me not being in the books. Urban sprawl equates to us not having these cute cities to walk through, and it contributes to waste of energy, rising oil prices, wars. The fact that you can come up with a plan to alleviate it while promoting growth is awesome. Come to think of it, maybe one way you could promote growth in that plan is to use the cost that would be wasted on fuel towards other expenses like health care.

Ali said...

That image reminds me of when I was studying for classes I wasn't interested in. I felt so guilty for not studying those classes, so I would spread the paper around and put my laptop in the middle - just so the image of my laptop and a paper mess would make me think I studied. hehe. Oh well.

Get done with your exams, push them aside; and when the last word has been written - forget about it. Enjoy your time with your family and friends!

Aisha said...

Mommyblogr! Thanks for the tip. Keep. books. closed. check :) I actually emptied out a little of my wish list for the winter holidays.

Thanks Baraka :)

Saadia thanks for the insight... that's crazy that my dad had the sam glasses.. wow! I agree with your sprawl analysis one of my arguments was to support it! That wasn't easy.

GSJ: I wish the books were arranged as such ust to make me feel smarter :) If only! Thanks for the well wishes:)

say what? said...

i used to wear mine while driving and watching tv
now i only end up wearing them when i go to bed :S ..

i need a life :(

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