Saturday, December 03, 2005

Because fate is cruel

Exams begin Monday. My laptop wont charge. It takes two weeks to fix. I type faster than I write. Lovely.

*Humera thanks for offering to mail your laptop. Friends like you are a blessing. Currently the computer dance seems to be working... let it last!*


Jane said...

YIKES!!!!!!!! Sending happy and repairing computer vibes your way, Aisha. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

can you borrow a laptop?

estarz said...

Y wont it charge? Bad battery?

I type faster (also much neater)than I write. Sometimes I type so fast that brain hasnt had a chance to catch up and I miss words in sentences! 8-))


Khizzy said...

oho...that sucks!
borrow from a friend?

momyblogR said...

Nooooo! That bites. Ugh. I like you, type faster than I write. What's worse is, I can't READ what I write, lol.

Can't you get a loner from the place that is repairing it? Gosh, I hope so.

Good luck Monday.

Shabina said...

i also suffer from laptop woes. any suggestions on what a good one to buy would be?

good luck on your exams, iA you'll rock em :)

Aisha said...

Thanks for your well wishes all.

Shabs you can obviously tell i'm no goo with picking a laptop... so no ont know where a good one would be

It would be nice to borrow... a little late now....

it works on and off currently its about to die, if i sit and hold it and say sweet nothings for about forty minutes then it might start charging. I'm not sure what the deal is... its very frustrating b/c i handwrote a practice test and there is a huge difference in the clarity and organization of my writing via typing/handwriting.

Masti-boy said...

whats the difference between husband and laptop?

You have hope one day laptop will charge !!

Ali said...

Tried the computing facilities on campus? Or are you not that keen on studying in areas full of students?

Aisha said...

Masti- :)

GSJ: I can't use those. The laptop woul be brought into the exam room and I take it in there :(.... khair.

Ali said...

True, true. Didn't consider that. Just a heads up, I don't live close to any ocean at all. In fact, I'm as far away from the ocean as you can get. I do, however, live right next to a big lake - lake michigan. My university is on Chicago's north shore and takes up a significant portion of it via a 'lakefill.' Can you guess where I am? :-P

Kashmiri said...

Laptops suck.

Im using one now and feel like throwing it against the wall and smashing it to itsy-bitsy pieces followed by screaming and rolling on the floor, and a congratulatory dance after maybe?

Im gonna go to bed now

ASH said...


Two thoughts. If needs be I can look at the laptop and possibly fix it....that is if it is fixable. I used to do that type of repair in another life.

If that doesn't work, I have multiple laptops and I'd be happy to lend you one until your exams are over.

Just let me know.

Masti-boy said...

Laptop part II

whats the difference between wife and laptop?

You spend extra money to buy light-weight slim laptop and it remains the same!!

(ducking laptops from girls) !

Baji said...

Ouch!!! Stay afloat, sweetie!

Aisha said...

GSJ: hmmmmm..... UTAH? Just kidding:) That's cool you live in one of my favorite cities. I used to live in Lansing MI and felt like a bird released from a cage when we went Chi-town.(Even in January!)

Kashmiri: wow I didnt mean to stir up bad memories for you:) Yes laptops stink. I'm sorry you have the same experiences :(

ASH: I wish I knew you were a computer expert! Ahhhh well it kind of works now if I hold it in a certain position and yadda yadda so hopefully it'll work tonight. Best Buy said it seems to be a battery issue and they're ordering a new one.... Is that something you could fix? A battery? Thank you so much for offering to loan a laptop. Honestly I would have called around to borrow one b/c I'm sure someone in our group couldve loaned one for a day here and there but I have certain software downloaded for the exam. It's too late to download it on to anyone else's the computer has a policy about that. Thjat's why I coulnt borrow a laptop. Thank you though I really appreciate it.

Masti- *very confused*

Baji- thanks :)

FM said...

Best of luck for your exams.

with regards

Tee said...

Oh my! I can't imagine!... You must have burnt it out with all that studying! ;)

I hope you find a solution very soon. Good luck!

Aisha said...

Thanks FM...

LOL... so instead of me burning out the poor computer burnt out. lol. :( Now instead of feeling sorry for it i feel i've misunderstood it... such a range of emotions for a computer:)

It worked for the exam! whoo hoo!! :)

ONE DOWN..... five more to go... *sigh*

Annis Naeem said...

good luck on the exams!!
I wish I could write as fast as I type! That would be insane, and I would do so much better in all my classes :D.

flying cow said...

mine wont charge either.
are you sure your battery isnt bad?
if so, you can replace it yourself.

Aisha said...

That's what best buy thinks it is too... battery issue. they've ordered one for me... but it takes a week oh well.

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