Friday, December 02, 2005

"I haven't slept for ten days, because that would be too long" - Hedberg

We have a security guard who has a desk right by the library a high theft area so you have to show ID before you enter. Usually it's the cool guy there.... he's laid back... smiles and waves you through.... But sometimes if you've upset the balance of the world...there's another lady, Ms. D (D for demented)... she's older.... dyed blonde hair, thick plastic spectacles, a stern expression. She takes her job very.. very... seriously... (I seriously wonder if she is Ms. Prada's mother- it would explain so much)... I've had a few encounters with her but nothing like what I heard today. We're not allowed to take soda or food into the library, but we all know the drill. Put it in your bookbag, smile as you go through and then... chow down. I mean if you're going to be in there five hours, you're going to get hungry. We're not eating spaghetti or fettucini alfredo in there... a diet coke here... an M&M there... So its never been an issue really and if the staff sees you they just tell you to finish and throw it away... no big deal...but remember, I said this lady takes her job very, very, seriously. So my friend is sitting in the library studying away sipping on a diet coke when she feels a tap. She turns around and there is Ms. D and behind her are THREE campus police. Campus police says "m'aam please step outside of the library" So they escort her out. "m'aam you have been caught with soda in the library" looking as stern as though they caught her inhaling crack.... so she said "Okay can I throw it out and go back in?" And they said "No we need you to leave now" People, my law school is located in downtown amid gunfights and muggings and car thefts.... you needed four people, three toting guns to tell a girl to throw her soda away? There are some people who really don't need to be in ANY position of authority....

Change of topic.... I have my first exam (Torts) on Monday. Then Wednesday (Con Law). Then next Monday (Civ Procedure). Then Thursday (Security Interests and Liens <- it is as exciting as it sounds) and then I have two take home exams (Corporations/Land Use). The torture doesnt end till December 21st. Yes I am fully aware that I need to find an inpatient clinic and enroll.... 18 credits is not something one of sound mind and judgment decides to do in law school. The thing is it doenst really hit you until the end. There are no exams through law school until the end of the semester than you get one test and boom your grade. And its not like you can memorize and spit out. No, its ten page essay questions that merit 20 page responses.. it's enough to frazzle anyone.... and I must say I'm getting frazzled. I was fine until today in my Constitutional Law class when the professor concluded our final class with "Good luck guys... this exam will be very very difficult but it will seperate those who know, and those who don't" I swear I heard thunder and lightening crackle as the music grew dramatic in the background, because you see, now I am stressed. But perhaps it's a good thing. It helps push you towards what you need to do.

So from now until December 21st please dont hold my spastic state of mind against me. Come the 21st this caterpillar will emerge a very weary, a very much in need of sleep, butterfly! :) <-- see? spastic.


say what? said...

Reply 1: She is a bad manager.

Reply 2: If you are a nerd, i refuse to believe that you wont do well in eGGjams :PpPp

Reply 3: Rebirth of Aisha :D

mystic-soul said...

(Lets continue the Vox pattern - I am surprise on this kid to mature so early).

Reply 1: "Pradaism" is everywhere. I call it "Lotaism" as in persian hikayat there was a guy obsessive about 'lota' in public bathroom as his all authority of job was limited to lota in bathroom. (Jis ki jis pe chalti hai utni chala ke khush hota hai)

Reply 2: I am sure in your "eGGjams" you will be among those who knows everything about things which eventually doesn't help in real life but thats the irony of all schools - :PpPp

Reply 3: resurrection of Aisha as serious 'chashmu' lawyer :D

mezba said...

Will it be sexism if I say some women take their job more seriously than men? *ducks from brick*

But honestly, during immigration, customs, library police, bus operators, I find women like to do things by the book. Men are like that for the first two days. *ducks again*

ASH said...

Unfortunately there are lots of people regardless of gender who for whatever reason have very low self esteem. These people should never be given position that even entail an iota of authority....because when given authority whether over a library or a lota......they become sadistic members of humanity's Gestapo. They get a thrill out of enforcing the rules and making your life miserable.

As for the Law school thing and exams. Remember, you graduated from the chrysalis stage to the butterfly stage a long time ago. All this schooling is doing is adding more brilliant colorings. You will do fine.

Baji said...

You sound very prepared for the upcoming 20 or so days. You will get through this! Just think: a break and relaxation after the 21st! Take Care.

Aisha said...

VOX: hahaha... if only I *was* a nerd. Make duaa for nerdism to strike- quick! :)

Mystic: I like "lotaism" way more than Pradaism!! That analogy hits the nail on the head! It's the emotion I felt when I saw her so gleefully enforcing the rules... she could be in charge of a lota and still be so frustrating. I like that saying... I will have to remember that. Regarding the real life v. eGGam success... are you implying I'm not common sense smart? vat! :)

Mezba, hahaha no need to duck... i hope no one throws books at me but I agree with you to some extent. I've never had any problems with male bosses... it's always women bosses who I have issues with.... I dont know why. It could be just our experiences have been as such, but so far drawing from my experiences I too am coming up with a stereotype...

Ash, yes I try to remind myself that I'm already an educated person, this is just "fun" :) Thanks for the vote of confidence.

Baji: I dont know how prepared I am Baji, but thank you for the vote of confidence! :)

momyblogR said...

OK. What's with the Nazi's at in the library? Mrs. D. sounds like she needs a little attitude adjustment.

I just don't get people like that. FREAKS!

wayfarer said...

can't wait to see the butterfly :-)

estarz said...

Rent-a-cops are funny...they seem to have this natural power kick.

Anyhow good luck on your xams...dont let yourself get stressed and come out feeling GOOD!


Aisha said...

Mommyblogr: yes. freaks. go figure. they take any tiny amount of authority and run with it. I wonder what their home like is like? Are they never respected so they seek it at work? Or are they buillies at home too and wonder why the kids never call?

Wayfarer: thanks! I can't either!

Estarz: Rent a cop! I'm going to call her that if she ever tries to mess with me! thank you kindly for your well wishes. I will try to not get stressed out. Easier said than done:)

Leela said...

Goodluck with your exams!!! Gonna miss your long comments on others blog ;-|

Aisha said...

Thanks "Leela" you will miss my long comments on others blogs? are you cyber stalking me? ;-I

Emory said...

Sure its starts with a simple diet coke, but it turns into an all out party...We all know what goes on in Law Library. We all know how it gets completly out of hand.

Good luck to you on the exams. They will pass, and you will too!

Mia said...

Obviously the security guard harbors ill feelings towards Diet Coke..maybe she's invested in Pepsi.

As for your exams good luck! I am sure you will do great. Don't worry the exam for Constitutional Law is not that bad it will all come back to you. In the meantime I'll make sure to keep the fingers of one hand crossed for you while I keep the fingers of my other hand crossed for me. I guess i'll have to write with my toes!

FM said...

Atleast you dont have those 2 months papers which i have. But still papers take their toll on homosapiens. Best of luck for your papers. Hope to see you in one shape after your test.

with regards

Aisha said...

Emory: LOL thanks for making me laugh! I love it. Your saying at the end gives me comfort.

Mia: Yeah, perhaps she's angry that Atl is such a coke town... you never know. Thanks for wishing me luck. I wont write with my toes if you dont! ;)

FM: Feels good to be done doesnt it:)

Tee said...

That is unbelievable about the soda!! What kind of security guards would agree to be so forceful with the "offender" anyway! I think that deserves a complaint letter to Mrs. D's superior! What craziness.

Good luck on your exams, Aisha. I wish I could take some of that stress away. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

sophister said...

wow, as i read your list of classes i was very confused. they let you take torts and con law together w/civ pro, plus a more advanced class dealing with security interest and liens? did you even take property yet and you are taking that? plus corp. and land use! what the hell?? gluck. ill tell you right now i hope you know your professors well and what they are looking for, because thats the only thing that gets you a good grade.

Aisha said...

Sophister i'm a second year who switched from part-time to full time. Last year I took property, K, crim law and the class where you take legal writing... so this year I switched but I had torts/civ pro as requirements I still needed to finish from 1st year and the other courses are courses you don't need pre-req's of civpro/torts in order to take :) Thanks for the advice.

Annis Naeem said...

I feel your paint with that horrible librarian.

We have two librarians. One is my friends mother, whereas the other... the other... she does take her job way too seriously. Too bad they don't have security guards inside the schools. She's like a cat; she'll jump & scratch at your face for chewing gum inside the library .

Good luck!

Alicia Bennett said...

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This is one to watch.


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