Friday, December 16, 2005

If God Invited You To A Party.....

If God
Invited you to a party
And said,

In the ballroom tonight
Will be my special

How would you treat them
When you

Indeed, indeed!

And Hafiz knows
There is no one in this world

Is not upon
His Jeweled Dance


I fell in love with Hafiz in college, this poem in particular touched my heart and changed the way I see the world. For the most part we're cordial with the people we meet... sometimes we forget with those closest to us..and for some reason when we turn the computer on..some turn their manners off leaving comments I'm sure they'd never say to anyone's face (It's like night follows day that they are invariably anonymous). This poem reminds me that we all, those in our daily life, the ones we click to check in on.. all walk upon His Jeweled Dance Floor.

PS: Some people have been adding me to msn messenger..which is cool. :) But the prob is I dont know who it is... so if you could just shoot an email over to let me know :)


Maleeha said...

thats a beautiful poem.

btw, hope your law school exams are going well. are you a 1L? i'm a 2L - mine are on monday and tuesday, and my little cubicle in the law library has become my home - i'm here for at least 10 hrs a day. sad. well inshaAllah it will pay off for all of us :)

Aisha said...

Maleeha, Thanks for your well wishes.. didnt know you were in law school as well! What school are you at? What do you want to do when you graduate?? There's so much to ask b/c I'm currently a very conflicted law student as far as the future goes... :)I'm a 2L sort of. I was part-time last year but now I'm full time so I'm taking some 1L classes like Torts and Civ Pro but I'm also taking electives as well. This semester I went nuts and took 18 credits.. blech... I've had four exams already and I have two more to go... but they're take homes.... I dont know how I feel about that. Good luck with you on your exams! Hope they go well:)

DA said...

Very nice.

I've been doing my best not to talk shit, period, for the next 40 days. Getting in a car crash and dealing with insurance companies set me back to zero days, but hey, nothing good comes easy :-)

I really love Hafiz the more I get into his work. I like Rumi fine, but a lot of really great Sufi poets like Hafiz, Fahkruddin Iraqi, and Al-Ma'ari seem to get overlooked in his favor a lot. Which is a shame.

say what? said...

lol @ messenger ..
My email address is somehow leaked out and I dont know whats happening now. Somebody adds me, does a random chat and leaves. Never shows up. Next day another person comes up and starts the conversation. vanishes in next 15 mins.
i got ton of contacts in the list. need time to delete.

mystic-soul said...

Actually Hafiz is considered poet of such a spiritual calibre that his 'deewan' (collection of his poetry) has been use in persia and sub-continent commonly to practice "Faal". I personally tried it and yes it works (does it?).

"Faal" is a practice when you say "darood/salwat" with close eyes, open his deewan and blindly put finger to any of the stanza of his poetry and you will have answer to your query.

It all started at his death. The orthodox mullahs refused to allow him a Muslim burial. To resolve the issue, it was agreed between his followers/fans and authority to ask his own poetry and "faal" was taken and stanza which came out in "faal"

Qadam dureg midar az janaza Hafiz
ke gurche garqe gunah ast mehdood baa behasht

Neither Hafiz’s dead body, nor his life stops,
With all his sins, heaven for him wait.

since,, Hafiz's Deewan is famous answer questions.

If you go to google and type faal - hafiz - etc. you will find many sites for "Hafeez-faal-on-line" !!

(Poor Hafiz)

Anisa said...

what a beautiful poem!!! thanks so much for sharing certainly does give you a different perspective.

Aisha said...

Da, welcome! I never heard of some of the persian poets you mentioned. I will have to read some of their work.

Vox- yeah... I just started getting a ton of add ons... which is fine... but if I dont know who it is.. that's kind of unsettling! :)

Mystic, that is fascinating. Is this a legend? I can't believe the Muslmis who'd refuse a burial would decide it based on his works you know? that is interesting... I learned something I didn't know before!

Anisa, thanks :) I thought of you when I posted this actually and your resident mean commenter:) I hope its subsided.

ASH said...

Hafiz is great, but I agree that he has become sort of the "rock star" of middle eastern or "oriental" poetry. I prefer Rumi and al Adawiya they always speak to me at my spiritual base.

Aisha said...

really? you think? I actually got introduced to rumi by a newsweek article about 9 years ago with the title "New Teen Idol emerges" and with Rumi on it! Seems like everyone i know knows who Rumi is but very few save my parents and others from Pakistan have heard of Hafiz. I 've never heard of Adawiya.. Ill have to check it out.

Maleeha said...

salams again aisha,

i go to Michigan - what about u? yea what i want to do after graduation is kind of up in the air right now. i try not to stress myself out by thinking about it too much - i've got enough to be stressed out as it is w/ finals next week. i have some plans/ideas for post-graduation but who knows what'll happen. i'll add you to my messenger and send you a message - but after finals end! :) we can commisserate together :)

Aisha said...

Maleeha. Cool sounds good:) My friend Nadia goes to Michigan! :) You might know her, she's a 1L

Maleeha said...

i totally know nadia! she's awesome. she and her husband came over our house for eid and met our parents. my mom totally loved her -she kept asking if she has a sister so she could hook my brother up. it was a humorous situation :)

Baji said...

I love this poem. Thanks for the link.

Aisha said...

I'm glad you like Baji :)

Maleeha.. wow! What a small world.. I've known Nadia since I was 15:) She has a blog too you know.

wayfarer said...

I have been meaning to read Hafiz but haven't yet. I'm gonna have to check him out now!

mystic-soul said...

No what I mentioned about Hafiz is not legend but all truth. Actually, mullahs never thought how poetry can prove him muslim and get trapped in it. But its all true event and since than his deewan is called "Faal-e-hafiz"

There is a site I just googled with words 'hafiz and fal. You get your "faal" right away with question in your heart. Does it work..I think its too much over-rated. But point is - his whole poetry has attained a particular significance.

Try your question and Hafiz answer:

Aisha said...

Its a little freaky that you said this Mystic. When I was in college I used to just open my Hafiz book and it seemed to speak to me. I did it all the time, just open it and read a passage and it spoke to me. But I didnt do it as a "ritual" .. I never knew it was a thing people actually DID.... you know what I'm saying? That's very strange coincidence.

mystic-soul said...

No Aisha, Its not a coincidence. Its how all sprititual books guide you like your heart learned by itself without knowing what millions of people did so far. You think its an accident? (Its call "ataai ilm" - blessed knowledge - in sufism). Rumi said: When you will be ready book itself will find you. Person in mongolia will have his own books. Jew person will get his own book. Its a divine way of guidance for all humans irrespective of religion. We all are DNAs of huge molecular web of nature and thats how our spirits get nurture. Nothing is accident like your posting of Hafiz and recall of one event from my life (re. faal from Hafiz) about 20 years ago.

estarz said...

Very nice! How about "if God were 1 of US?...if he came 2-day what would he say?"

Have not heard of Hafiz...but sounds interesting.


Nadia said...

ha ha, Maleeha!! I read your first comment on this post and my first thought was is that my maleeha? I wrote it off thinking it must be someone else. And then I talked to Aisha today, it's a small world for sure! :-)

I hope you and Aisha both finish up your exams quickly and really enjoy your winter break, I know I can't wait for mine!

Btw, regarding school, I'm usually okay, even happy, but during this finals weeks, I can safely say I *hate* law school. I hate law school exams, I hate law school lectures, I hate it all.

But I digress. I'm going to get some sleep.

Aisha said...

Mystic... gives us pause for reflection doesnt it?

Estarz... lol.. hey I wonder if she got inspiration from this poem to do her song "what if God was one of us"... she was very into Nustrat, qawali's and spent a great deal of time over in the eastern subcontintent.. hmm..

Nadia- Feel your pain.

Nadia. Maleeha. What a small world! :)

momyblogR said...

Wow, you've out done yourself. What a beautiful posts. I feel so privileged to be asked onto The Jeweled Dance Floor and yes, we should all treat eachother with kindness and respect because they have been asked as well.

Anonymous said...

What if there is a total jerk at the party?

Anonymous said...

sometimes you just gotta dance

Baraka said...

Hafiz is wonderful!

Sadiq M. Alam said...


Since u love Hafiz, u would love Rumi as well. I invite u to my blog for some inspirational pieces by Rumi, Hafiz and others.


Aisha said...

Ofcourse, Rumi is fantastic. i'll check it out sadiq. thanks.

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