Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Kahlula sounds good right now

If there's one thing I'm disciplined about its my sleep. Ami, Abu don't laugh as you envision all the nights you have to chase me around the house to tuck me in.... its true! I know some people need only 7 or less... I once learned that Thomas Edison worked on four hours of sleep a night so I longed to follow his sleep pattern footsteps.. Edison slept on four and invented the light bulb... surely I could function on five and and live an above par life! Well I've since embraced reality and the cold hard fact that I am not Edison and eight hours is what I must have. Do a lot of you get by on much less?

So that's why I'm not a happy camper today.... I studied till 3am last night but had a review session early morning. So now i'm working on roughly 5 hours of sleep. I came back home and tried to take a nap for a few hours but I ended up just tossing and turning in half sleep exhaustion but not fully reaching the brink of sleep... so frustrating! Anyways I've given up... I will go ahead and study... second exam tomorrow.... 23 hours left and counting... *gulp*

** I feel sick... I just remembered a mistake I made on the exam. Now I will think about it all break.... Sigh*


Anonymous said...

"If there's one thing I'm disciplined about its my sleep."
Hrm? For a second I thought I was reading the wrong blog. I fondly remember Ami running across random articles about the ill effects of sleep deprivation and sharing them with you.

5 hours a night is good enough for me when I get busy. I can function near normal like that for weeks. Maybe you just need some practice (and lots of caffeine!).

I talked to Aamir, sounds like he is also sleep deprived these days.

Anisa said...

aw! i hope you get a nap. i call my grandparents ammi and abbu! :)

Masti-boy said...

Q) Why Edison invented light bulb?

A)Stupid! If you don't sleep all night and if you are not married..you hell need to have light bulb to do other stuff.

momyblogR said...

Aw, is that you and Hubby? If so, a very nice picture. Well, even if it isn't, I guess it's still a nice picture, lol.

I get about 5 hours a night and do great. However, after several weeks of that I need a full one. LOL! Honey on the other hand, a SLEEP HORSE!

Aisha said...

Ali :) Yes.... Ami should have been a sleep researcher or in some sort of sleep related field.. she knew whats what in it :)

Thanks Anisa:) So did you call your parents mom and dad?

Masti: :)

Mommyblogr: Thanks! Consdering you take such wonderful pics I'll take that as a huge compliment:) Hubby doesnt like his picture here but I think its reflective of what I wish I was doing now :) Do you get five hours a night b/c of having kids? Was it like that pre-children as well?

Jane said...

My sleep patterns are nuts, three or four one night, eight the next. I do best on eight but with two young kids waking with nightmares or simply just talking out loudly in their sleep doesn't always allow for that.

Such a lovely picture, by the way.

Baraka said...

Oh, at least eight hours, please. You do not want to be around me otherwise! ;)

momyblogR said...

Tell Hubby, it's beautiful, VERY sweet. Um, it was MOST certainly because of the kids when they were babies. My GAWD, I thought I would die of lack of sleep, lol. I think maybe I've been conditioned now. I need very little sleep on a regular basis. Before babies, I probably slept more because I was out living the ridiculous single life. My word, I NEEDED sleep then, lol.

Good luck tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you. Get some rest!

mezba said...

I can usually function with 4-5 hrs a night. But then on weekends I will be praying Fajr at Zuhr time.

Shabina said...

hehe, I thought you meant kahlua, not kahlula. then i was like, hey, that's what my non-moz friends said i would drink if i could.

clearly, you're not the only one who needs sleep :)

Mia said...

I thought you meant the drink as well..actually it doesn't sound bad at all right about now and I don't even drink!

I was never big on sleep, drove my parents nuts! I find that if I sleep more than 4 hours a night I wake up with a headache and am exhausted for the rest of the day. Given the fact that I have 2 jobs and am a full time student there have days when all I have been able to squeeze in is 2 hrs at the most. I find that I function best with less sleep, funny ain't it?

Tez said...

hehehe..i love it! sleep is very important no doubt! hope you made it through the day..

Mansoor said...

I hear you on the nap, sister, but not because I'm doing worthwhile studious things late into the night. I stupidly had a Coke with dinner, and a latte after. I didn't get to sleep until almost 4:00am, and I am a regular 8-hour sleeper. If I don't get the 8 hours, I don't feel right, but without an alarm, I'll wake up after 8 hours.

Baji said...

Whatm the stress has driven you to the Kahlua! LOL

I'm a sixer and I love an hour nap.

Take care of yourself.

Tee said...

Oh! Is this you and Kashif? You are such a beautiful couple! You are just as gorgeous as I imagined. (I only like you as a friend, promise! LOL.) ... Where did you get your shirt? I have been really drawn to these types of pretty blouses lately.

As for Kahlua - very yummy in some coffee - but alcohol is not so good for quality sleep - so "they" say.

mystic-soul said...

Hun !! I see it as an achievement that you remember only one mistake. In all of my exams I can always count making atleast 10 mistakes.

Relax !!!!!. Just enjoy your off time !!

ASH said...

When I was at university I survived daily on 2 or 3 hours of sleep. I'm not sure how I did it but I got used to it. Now I need at least 5 hours to feel fully human.

Luckily for my wife and I, my son slept through the night by the 3rd night after bringing him home.

Even when I was a non-moz (as shabina calls it) I couldn't stand kahlua.....if I wanted coffee and a buzz I'd drink a cup of coffee and then something stronger. Bailey's on the other hand was a different matter.

Aisha said...

Note to all: It's KalULA... not alcohol.. i know this might sound crazy but I didnt even know that there was a drink called Kahlua :) Yes... I was an extremely sheltered child..

Jane and Mommyblogr, I figure when you have kids sleep goes bye-bye... I guess you adjust once you have to!

Mansoor like you I naturally wake up sans alarm clock after 8 hours of sleep and yes a coke and a latte will definetly keep you up :( That sucks!

Baraka- like you I am not a fun person to be around the appropriate amount of sleep. I think it affects everything... my mood my health my weight everything.

Ash- I need to learn what you did or Joanne did to have a baby who slept through the night after Day 3. Mash'allah you're lucky. 2-3 hours?? Does that even hit your REM sleep?

Mystic the one mistake scares me because I wonder what other mistakes I'm not aware of!!! :(

Tee *blushing furiously!* Thanks!! :) You are so sweet... yes thats me and Kashif having a KALULA (not kahlua hehe) (Kalula is urdu for nap)... That shirt is from express they were selling loads of tunics there over the summer. I bought one of every color I love tunics.

Baji- that sounds best. 6 hours a happy medium. I wish I could do that. 2 hours extra day would be nice.

Tez: thanks! :)

Mia: You have two jobs AND go to school! Do you actually sleep?Wow, I guess your body has adjusted. I can't imagine sleeping on Two hours... I didnt know that REM can kick in with two hours.

MEza... LOL yes that's the kind of stuff I end up doing with little sleep... Im a hoot to watch w/ less than five hours of sleep..

Shabs... LOL :) Thanks for making me laugh.

Maleeha said...

you have nice hair :) i had NO idea "kahlula" meant "mid-day nap" and i'm as desi fobbish as you can get (ok, not THAT fobby, but still pretty bad). this whole time i thought "kahlula" was some place in hawaii you and your husband went to, possibly for a honeymoon. :)

rehtwo said...

Yay for being a student at the end of the semester! Hehehe. I'm currently averaging about four hours per night myself. Ick. I am NOT a fun person to be around right now. (Clearly, being online reading blogs is the most productive thing for me to be doing now...)...Good luck with schoolwork, with sleep...etc...:-)

Annis Naeem said...

Haven't posted on your stuff for a while. School's been keeping me busy :P
you have to work up to the 4-5 hour sleep level. Can't jump from 8 to 5 in a night. hehe. (Just incase you were doing that.) Society encourages a healthy 8 hours of sleep today, which is pretty wrong. You get better performance with 4-5 hours. The only way you will feel sleepy with 4-5 hours is if you keep thinking that you didn't get enough sleep.

About the concept;
What your body really needs is "deep sleep". Every sleep cycle lasts, approximately, 90 minutes. EVery human gets their "deep sleep" in the first 4-5 hours of their sleep. After that, sleeping is just a waste. The more you sleep, the more tired you will be. You only need more sleep after that in order to get well.


Aisha said...

Maleeha... thanks! You know my brother in law always jokes and says "I need a kalula" referring to a nap but I thought he made the word up but I was watching Family Front on PTV w/ my mom once (If you're as fobby as you claim you know what I'm talking about ;)) and the big guy on the show said he wanted a Kalula! So my mom told me it was an actual urdu word. Who knew! :)

Rehtwo: Good luck to you too. We'll make it!!! I can't do four hours. But I had a Q sincey ou're in the whole brain field. Dont you need 8 hours to fully utilize your analytical side/ I heard 4-5 hours wont affect short term memory but it will hurt your analytical region.

Annis: welcome back! :) You know its funny if I sleep 5 hours I usually feel fine all day. It's eithier 5 or 8. Maybe its psychological too. I find your concept interesting. Once I have a break from school I'm going to look into this more.

Tee said...

Kahlula - nap. Cool. Got it. LOL. I like that word.

Thanks for the shopping tip!

flying cow said...

happy napping.
i cant manage without 9.
i hate exam time.

Julia said...

It,s not your study that's keeping you awake its the TIME you spent on the Internet with blog updating and blog hoping. My kids are not allowed to use Internet when thay are studying for exams especially when we're spending thousands of $$ on their education. I guess you are getting free tution that's why you're slacking.

P.S. I work for IT company I know what we are doing to make people Internet addictive. So you can blame me for messed up exams :).

Aisha said...

Flying cow: thanks :)

"Julia" as usual my condescending comment arrives again from Kent.edu Love how you personify your comments w/ different names. if disparaging me and hoping I mess up my exams gives you some pleasure.. then by all means. I'm beginning to wonder if your cyber-stalking has expanded to personal stalking since you assume I'm slacking. Or are you judging that from the fact that when I take a break here and there I check up on my favorite blogs (which you clearly monitor) or update my own (which you clearly check quite regularly)? I study 6-10 hours a day and I do take breaks. And I do choose to read blogs and update mine during the breaks. If this offends your sensibilities there are millions of blogs out there besides mine.. unless like I said picking on me brings you joy.

Nilofer said...

DUDE, I feel ya....I need 9 to function and 10 to feel rested, been like that since i was a wee-one. Kinda tough to accomplish through grad school and now residency...but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right? =)

Emory said...

I am best with 5 hours.

It is not unusual for me to go 36hrs without sleep. The longest I have remained awake was 72hrs, (that was physically painful) the longest period of sleep was 18hrs.

I tend to enjoy sleep more in winter than summer. I can sleep anywhere. I prefer dark, cold, quiet. Rain is nice too!

momyblogR said...


I was so dumbfounded by the utter stupidty of the charges, I didn't hear anything else. Kill the kids? What the h*ll is wrong with her? She need a slap right it the mouth. Well, she needs more than that, but I'll stop there. I SO agree with Homer, Da'HO! ugh!

Alpine said...

Don't think too much about the mistake you made. "this too shall pass"! But you know, I am like you. So basically I said that to myself

Masti-boy said...

Didn't you get fracture of your collar bone with his head - apart from being "rommmmannnntic"

Aisha said...

Nilofer really?? I guess I only knew you in college when we were all quite sleep deprived... had no idea you were a ten hour girl :) If no alarm is on I wake up in 8 hours..

Emory: Oh my gosh. I can't imagine. The longest I've gone is 36 hours and I felt like a pure zombie..... I guess school was the culprit for the long painful 72 hour stretch?

Alpine: Welcome! Thanks for the advice :) I'm trying to let it go!

Masti-boy: No he didn't fracture my collar bone!? :)

say what? said...

Siesta eh :D

I never slept for even 4 hours during the last two years of university. I had always something to do, got involved with too many social things and all. I did take occasional 30 minutes breaks at times to keep myself normal and not yawning in boring lectures.

universities are like that.

Thinking of mistake all break .. LOL
See, I told you that you are a nerd.

Ali said...

Strange you say you think of your mistakes all over break. I remember my tests from undergrad not for what I learned from the tests, but what I made mistakes on. All the mistakes I made are crystal clear and still burning in my mind; all the success is just to be expected.

jamal said...

I need at least 8 hours!

ASH said...

I suffered from insomnia for a couple of years when I was at the University. Not sure why, but there were times when I would not sleep for 96 hours! All I remember when it got that bad was that I hallucinated and it was actually painful for me to move or go anywhere. Based on emory's comments above I'm sure he's familiar.

Getting married cured my insomnia. And no, that was not supposed to be a joke. :)

Aisha said...

VOX: 4 hours of sleep?!? First I thought wow how dedicated and then you followed it up with b/c of the social life. LOL. I Guess *you* are defeintel not a nerd :) PS: I'm not a nerd! Nerds study so hard they get it all right!

GSJ: Yikes... I hope I dont remember my mistakes for that long.... I was hoping I'd somehow block it out once my break began! But yo'ure right... if its good then ofcourse if its bad then I beat myself up...

Jamal: I'm w/ you!

Ash: I never had insomnia.. but now I'm developing it. I dont like it and its leading to very sleepless nights and restless nights. I think that exams are to blame I'm hping it will pass. I cant believe you staye awake that long... Wow.

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