Monday, January 23, 2006

"I type at one hundred and one words a minute. But it's in my own language" Mitch Hedberg

and other random thoughts.....

Can I not take a joke?
Kashif and I rented our favorite show "Curb Your Enthusiasm" It's like Seinfeld, only better... but this particular one may have crossed the line...(here's some pics from the episode that might explain) Larry David runs out of gas in a neighborhood. Knocks on door after door which slams in his face (he needs to pee) and finally a niqabi woman (named ABOOR?) excitedly lets him in. Ms. Niqabi Aboor is ready to pounce on him (still in niqab) until she sadly learns he is married. He promises he'll find her a man. Goofy niqabi seeking boyfriend. Haha. Um satire has connection to reality.. isn't that the point?

Ethnic jokes are a very touchy area..... Maybe it can be funny if someone of the same ethnicity is making the joke... In Seinfeld, Jerry was infuriated because a dentist converted to Judaism purely for the jokes. Yes because its inappropriate for a non-jewish person to make jewish jokes. Chris Rock can make jokes about African Americans but can you imagine a white person making those same jokes?

Speaking of stereotypes or prejiduce.. What a fabulous movie that brings to the surface the stereotypes we secretly harbor. It seems people either love or hate it. Matt Dillon did an AMAZING job and Ryan Phillipe's character had me thinking for days. I loved Roger Ebert's take on the movie: "Stand back and consider. All of these people, superficially so different, share the city and learn that they share similar fears and hopes. Until several hundred years ago, most people everywhere on earth never saw anybody who didn't look like them. They were not racist because, as far as they knew, there was only one race. You may have to look hard to see it, but "Crash" is a film about progress".

Racist IT Tech Support Fun
My computer was giving me problems so I called Gateway. The tech looks at my account and giggles: "there are some really weird names on the account. haha I see two really weird names" Me: WHAT? (with my meanest teacher voice reserved for particularly trying circumstances). No apology. Then he asks for my IP addy and other info that despite doubts I gave... then he asked for my security code and passwords and asked me to connect wirelessly to my neighbors account! Heeby Jeebied...I call Gateway who has no record of the call... SO I call my internet provider and five hours, a new virus/firewall protecter later this mess is sorted through. (btw- Norton is hard to remove... I finally had to take a leap of faith and download a program I googled).

Things going bump in the day..
On an entirely different note.. Friday as I'm ironing my clothes I hear a loud noise. It sounds like someone trying to open a window or door and scraping/banging against it combined with a cracking sound like someone is chopping wood. I got scared and peeked out but there was no one there. I walked around the outside to see if any trees were snapping. None. I leave to go meet someone (fellow blogger! :) It was great to meet you!) and can hear it from outside.. I come back and I've forgotten all about it. Finally as I put groceries away I start to hear it again and it's loud and continuous. It very much sounds like the noise emanates from inside the house. I call Kashif and as soon as I discuss it, the noise stops. Which ofcourse freaks me out. Then I call Huda because I remember she had a possible rodent issue... but her sounds were different. She thought maybe b/c of heavy winds in the area earlier in the week there could have been some roof damage that was manifesting. But we searched the attic and nothing looks visibly damaged... I googled but the only possible explanation is extreme cold can cause extreme dryness which can cause wood to contract and cause strange roof noises. But is it that cold or dry here? I heard it again today while Kashif was out and as soon as I called him the noise stopped. I dont know what it could be. Maybe a bird? We have had birds making nests on our washer/dryer ducts... maybe one decided to get cozy... Can anyone relate?


Emory said...


Not sure about the age or type of construction you have, or the type and age of heating system.

Heating system.

Gas heat will make a bang once the air handler has lost its seal. It will then bang on a fairly regular basis, and get steadily louder.(usually tape has dry rotten and finally pops loose) This is an easy fix if you can get to the air handler.

Oil heating has a number of sound making probelms including the same air handler issue.

Electric heating is generally quieter and would not give you the loud bang of gas.

Heat Pumps are the quietest of them all, so if you have one or two of these I doubt its a heating issue.

You could also have something in your ductwork. I once had a $500 plumbing bill due to a Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle, but thats a different story.

Age of Home.

The older the home the more noises you should expect. Un-even expansion in the roof joists can make a bang, but this is usually not that loud, and certainly should not occur repeatedly.

New constrution is more susceptable to popping noises because of the materials being used in its construction. Most new construction is designed to breath. Double pane windows can also make poppng noises if their seals are broken. (most DP windows have an inert gas between the panes.)

Its been very windy around (including the length of this post)here lately, so I expect you in Atlanta have had similar weather. This noise may be due to loose siding on a wall or eaves.

That's my 2+ cents worth ...... hope you find it.

Aisha said...

Emory! Thank you so much for you advice. We have a gas heater that was grandfathered in... it could be something related to that. The house is 10 years old... I dont know if thats too old. But woul the noise from a gas heater be so loud it could be heard from outside?

I'm beginning to wonder since the noise is gone now completely... and if it was a heating or roof issue the noise would continue.. that maybe a "ninja turtle" (wow that mustve been weird!) or the more liekly culprit a bird found its way in somewhere and went nuts.... (I hope it's as simple as that)...

If I hear it again I guess I'll need a handyman to come in and take a look?

Masti-boy said...

Schizophrenia ?

Sdit. said...

Agreed ethnic jokes need to be handled with care...I guess I'd have to see this particular episode to say

Crash was my all time fav for this year!! I wish it had done better at the GG awards

I'm surprised you weren't transferred to which case the names would sound very normal...Creeeepy!

Not sure about the noise...but be safe!

Aisha said...

Masti: not nice! i knew someone would say that... it's not schizophrenia (i hope) it's not a stretch of the imagination that it was a bird... now that emory has confirmed that animals can fancy themselves into the ductwork perhaps that was what it was.. a poor animal (bird) trying to get out. Which makes me sad b/c that means there's a dead bird up there in my house somewhere... *shudder*

Sdit, the episode was funny but it was so unrealistic it was like a bugs bunny cartoon.. they're funny... but with curb I expect semblance to reality. I wish the same for Crash in the GG! And yeah LOL good point, i wasnt transferred to India... but my name is AISHA... There are even certified Americans with that name like Aisha Tyler, etc. So he's just a retard.

wayfarer said...

It was awesome meeting you too! :-) Can't wait to do it again!

I love CYE too. Larry David just cracks me up. He's oh so wrong but oh so funny. The niqabi episode was pretty funny.

I'm having wireless issues too.

Just watched Crash this weekend and found it so disturbing.

Wow...seems like we have the same stuff going on this weekend.


mystic-soul said...

Please elaborate on this wireless internet connection thing. It was scary for me. I just change to it with new computer and not very technical. Any advise will help me please. How I can protect myself in best way. I know this is Aisha's blog and not nice to ask here. Please leave email to me. I am really very concerned.

Aisha said...

Wayfarer, I didnt say your name in the blog because i didnt know if it was appropriate :) But i was talking to Kashif and we def are going to have you guys over soon for dinner insh'allah! :) That's kind of funny that we had the same weekend.. great mind think alike right ;-) Did you like crash?

Mystic, I'm confused by your comment are you an IT person? you can email me as well if you'd like its on my sidebar...

Shabina said...

man, i've heard so much about larry david and curb your enthusiasm lately! is it really as good as ppl say? is it really seinfeld with swear words?

I remember the anti-dentite episode, one of my favorites. But don't you remember, seinfeld was asked if the conversion for the jokes offended him as a jew, and he said no, it offended him as a comedian! LOL

moz women desperate to get married...niqaabi or not, doesn't sound like much a stretch to me...

wayfarer said...

I did like Crash but it made me feel so depressed cause it's all so true and real. I just blogged it a little bit too. I was glad it ended on an up note for sure. Very real portrayal of racism for sure. :-)

We were talking about having you guys over for dinner too...hmmm, typical desi's...rather 3 desi's and a Look forward to seeing you again. I was so happy to find a normal and moderate Muslimah here!

wayfarer said...

Oh and Shabina...yeah, he is that funny. I never got into Seinfeld but CYE cracks me up. It's so wrong and all but you can't help but laugh. The niqabi episode was just funny because it would never happen like that in a million years but funny just the same. He plays up to all stereotypes...

Masti-boy said...

Aisha Apa

I just joked yaar..

I think you are teacher, assuming from your words, ..with my meanest teacher voice....

I uploaded a cute school class room video from slums of our neighbourhood.

Kadi ithe wi aake parho meri ustani ji.

Champ - Love Hound said...

*Smiles* Thankyou for postin' somethin' Smileful. It really pulled my lip joints to the opposite sides. LOL!

God bless you....

Aisha said...

Shabs if you liked Seinfeld you will LOVE CYE.... it's much better. It's like improptu comedy. lol at your comment about the moz women needing to get married so this not being so far fetched. Perhaps you're righit :-/

Wayfarer yeah I liked that Crash had good endings for its characters. The persian guy ticked me off though! And yes you're right he does make fun of all stereotypes. :)

Mystic I know you were teasing... I teased back :)

Boxin: lol glad it made you smile :) bless you too.

Jane said...

Racial tension is everywhere, although I think it has to be better than it was one hundred years ago and that it will be even better one hundred years from now. Jd is Asian and my kids are biracial and when we go out sometimes we get some looks...I know I have my own prejudices as well and try to face them as they come up.

As far as your spooky noise goes, I can relate. Our house is ninety years old and at first I was spooked by some weird noises in the basement. It turns out that a family of birds were nesting in the chimney, which is no longer in use. Hope this helps.

say what? said...

Crash was a nice movie :)
I bought it on recommendation of a friend and was thinking it would somewhat boring but the way its made, Oh WOW.

Ethnic jokes, not good! I almost go beaten up once making fun of Punjabis at a wedding party :( .. and another time a Sindhi was furious too. These days I keep my mouth shut in gatherings. That tech support thing was mean though. And hey, I though nobody can be converted to be a Jew. Is that true?

(deep psychic voice) Your place has ghosts who want your attention, might be for a certain matter. Try to connect with them.

mystic-soul said...

There is a verse in Quran.

"God could have created you all same but he made tribes and colors among you" (not exact words)

Also, 2/3 years back when they looked at genome map of human, there was no difference due to color of skin.

I think, the whole fight of human soul is to "crash" this wall of stereotype and prejudice.

Raheel said...

I don't understand why they are after Islam. I don't think jokes on religions are sane and acceptable.

I want to see Crash too.

Aisha said...

Jane, I am surprised that people still turn to look at couples who look to be from different cultures. I mean.. I know that people must THINK it... as this is why "crash" touched so many nerves, but to look in a way to bring attention to themselves and point out their approval/disapproval is apalling. Thanks for your advice re bird nest. I've found bird nests in odd places here and since the sound never came back after Friday (and then briefly Saturday morning) it may really have been a poor little animal.

VOX, lol I've never met you but I just laughed out loud thinking of you sitting around innocently making such jokes wondering why people were upset. You really should watch Curb Your Enthusiasm (they have it on DVD) i think you'll enjoy their sense of humor. I'm surprised that punjabi jokes are offensive.... ?I mean we're all one race... it doesnt make sense. Maybe I havent heard the joke so I dont realize :) Do sikh people get offended with sardar ji jokes?

Mystic: very true indeed. The differences we see in people is not their skin but their circumstances. Slowly but surely we're making progress.

Raheel, the show is actually quite funny. I wasn't furious when I saw it but I was just like THIS ISNT FUNNY because its unrealistic! but I agree racist jokes are wrong! Crash is good, you should check it out! :)

momyblogR said...

I haven't seen the movie but maybe I should. And as far as tech support goes...half those weirdos couldn't support us if they were bras! LOL!

Mia said...

I loved this post! Larry David is the man. As for ethnic jokes I've learned not everyone finds them funny. My mom and Egyptian Aunt Nora are constantly "snapping" on each other with ethnic jokes. My mom makes Arab jokes, Aunt Nora makes Puerto Rican jokes. The thing is they find it hysterical while no one else sees the humor. I guess it's because they love and respect each other so much it works for them it's been like that for 20 yrs.

I've had a few "Crash" moments and have found humor in them. One time a black friend and I were on the subway in this white neighborhood. I am tanned skin as well. When this lady saw my friend and I walking next to her she hugged her purse to her chest as if we were going to mug her. At first I was hurt but then I laughed and leaned over to her and said, " Lady I wouldn't touch the purse it's a fake. However I am lovin' the shoes what size are you?" She looked scared and moved over to the next car.

Aisha said...

Momblogr, some love the movie some hate it. I loved it my hubby thought it was okay. LOL @ the Tech support comment.

Mia- LMAO at you scaring that lady. That's just wrong. Shes scared of a few young girls??? Go figure. She's just stupid. That's all.

Aisha said...

oh and Mia you're right... if its a joking b/w two ppl who get it.. its okay. Its all about context.

ASH said...


I think that episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm went too far. You mention that it is okay (if not distasteful) for people of the same ethnic or religious background to poke fun or make jokes about themselves.....but it seems it is okay for people to make large amounts of bad humor at the expense of Arabs or Muslims these days. I like humor and comedy as much as the next person, but that shouldn't make it into a free fire zone.

I can't believe that about the Tech support issue with Gateway! When calling any "official" call center you should always get the name of the person who answers and also write down the time you called. Armed with that information you can easily stick it to Gateway. Also, they record all their calls so for them to say they have no record of it....that was to just get rid of you.

As for the strange noise you're hearing...not sure. My house settles as it warms in the day and cools down at night....a normal thing most houses do. I hear a creak or a popping noise, sometimes faint, sometimes loud. But I like Emory's thoughts on the subject (I'm agreeing with him a lot lately.....gotta stop).

I'm also curious as to what blogger you met recently......but I won't pry unless you want to tell.

luckyfatima said...

aw that is so big time disappointing about curb your enthusiasm. these stereotypes are so pervasive that it shouldn't shock me when they show up in my favorite venues of pop culture. gerrr. don't they realize how extremely offensive that is???

Aisha said...

Ash, yeah i totally think it was a bird. and I actually met "Wayfarer" :) I didnt say her name b/c I wasn't sure if she wanted me to say anythin gon the net but she talked about it on he rblog so it's not secret. Vry nice girl.

LuckyFatima, so you live CYE too? It's a great show and I rented some more episodes... But yeah that one was indeed distasteful.

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