Monday, February 06, 2006

The Quartet Meme

I was going to post about the captain leaving his sinking ship in Egypt. (Which Emory wrote about quite well) And the intensifying Muslim reaction to the Danish cartoons but.. I decided on a fun post. After all, Baji tagged me. When your baji tells you to do something, you must comply! [p.s.: Ali/Aamir: elmo balloon? still up. The digital is dead or I'd upload it for your viewing pleasure] [p.s.s: To those who've heard the familiar lament, I am finally nose-ring-less. Nail clippers were involved. I miss it. ]

Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life... so many to choose from!
1. The Gap. I was 16. And spent every last cent on Gap apparel.
2. Teacher. of which I wrote about here. here. here. and here.
3. Freelancer for the Orlando Sentinel
4. Borders sales clerk.

Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over, and Have
1. Sound of Music. on a cold winter night. curled up in a blanket. with tea.
2. Pyasa. the older i get the more its truth is realized in my life.
3. Office Space. anytime. anywhere.
4. Any Meg Ryan romantic comedy.

Four Places I Have Lived
1. Florida
2. Michigan
3. Maryland
4. Georgia

Four TV Shows I Love To Watch
1. King of Queens
2. Felicity Reruns
3. Curb Your Enthusiasm
4. Desperate Housewives

Four Places I Have Been On Vacation
1. Turkey
2. Puerto Rico
3. Paris, France
4. Vancouver, Ca.

Four Books I Love
1. The Quran
2. The Alchemist- by Paul Coelho
3. Veronika decides to die- by Paul Coelho
4. Most anything by Nick Hornsby because he's funny

Four Websites I Visit Daily
1. Blog line up
2. course websites
3. Yahoo news
4. my e-mail

Four Favorite Foods
1. Anything chocolate based
2. Chanai
3. Good ole fashioned burgers
4. Santa Fe Salad (from Cheesecake factory)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now
1. anything near an ocean
2. be it California
3. or Puerto Rico
4. or Florida

Four People Whom I Tag Next
1. I know so many people have already been tagged
2. Mommyblogr, Tee, Huda, Jane, Mia, Shabs, Mezba, Anisa. Ali Sohni TDH have you done it?
3. If not
4. Tag! you're it! :) <--words as a child I never got to say.... I never was able to successfully tag anyone. *sigh* another story for another day I suppose :)


Shabina said...

sorry chica, have yet to find a meme interesting enough to me to do :)

you worked for the sentinel? I really like that paper! It looks fun to write for...

Also, working in a book store sounds like a total dream to operating a choco factory, of course :)

mystic-soul said...

2 Qs:

Pyasa - is that old one?
What dish is Chanai?

Aisha said...

Shabs.. boo! you meme snob you! :) Yeah I freelanced for a year for them, it was great. And working at a bookstore is FUN. Great conversations bc the people were all very educated in awesome majors like "art history" etc. AND you get to borrow books up to two weeks at a time! :)

Mystic: Yes the old one have you seen it? Chanai.. The chickpea desi dish :)

mystic-soul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mystic-soul said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aisha said...

Mystic, pyasaa has many layers. The song in it that I relate to is "Yain dunya ugr mil bi jayain tho kya hain" It's a good song. Chanai, ofcourse you've heard of it.. also known as cholay? The books I added to the meme. I've seen it on some and not others.

mystic-soul said...

Oh ya !!. Its a complex story and fight of one's inner with outer crude world. 4 characters of movie actually represents 4 type of people around us.

1. Vijay (as name means winner) - on quest of search of truth.

2. Ghulab (as name means fragrance) - she is constant spiritual strength to vijay !

3. Meena (as name means wine/alcohol) - confuse between true love and materialism.

4. Ghosh (as name means far or dark - Is it?) purely materialistic man.

I still enjoy song.."sir jo tera chakraaye"..

Hun..Chenai.. never heard, never ate. I was tagged by Baji too and realized I didn't put my 4 fav. books too but updated after reading your tag. Anyway.

added later: it.

say what? said...

Thats really clever. You were supposed to tag 4, and you tagged 11. LOL

That Sound of music movie! That sounds real romantic :))

And hey you like Meg Ryan movies too :D yippie. I went crazy about her after watching city of angels. heh. She might be old but shes stunning still :D

wayfarer said...

I thought you had already been tagged or i would have tagged you. Anyhoooo, Little Dude says he wants to see you. Wanna do dinner sometime soon?

Aisha said...

TDH: lol yeah. well maybe its childhood inferiority complex at being able to tag NO ONE so I end up tagging more than needed :) Meg Ryan *is* adorable. Sound of Music is a fun musical.

Wayfarer, yes! we really need to figure something out :)

mezba said...


Reza said...

I am thankfully safe from tagging from all the blogging community so far. ThankGOD :D.

Raheel said...

I won't do this just because the four count is way big for my answers =P

Champ - Love Hound said...

Aisha! it's a great MeMe. You do 've Great choice about things. Though I 've attempted another Meme.

I thought you like Anglina coz she looks like you. Hope you 're doin' good. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

Aisha said...

Mezba :) thaks

Reza, I didnt realize you had never been tagged! Will have to get you next time ;-)

Raheel, you would have great answers you should do it!

Boxin: thaks, I'll check yours out too

natasha1313 said...

oh, i love nick hornby, he's one of my favorite authors!

momyblogR said...

Great list!! Oh MAN! I better put on my thinking cap, lol. I may take a day, but I'm in.

Baji said...

Thanks for playing. It is always fun to see where people have lived, worked, and traveled.

Reza said...

Omg no Aisha. Someone save me from the tag monster aka aisha :P.

Aisha said...

Natasha, I concur. You should check out Paul Coelho too. He's not funny but he's good.

Mommyblogr, i'll be looking out for it! :)

Baji- thanks for the tag! :)

Reza- just wait... :)

say what? said...

Cute :D

So now that you are all powerful, are going to take revenge on all the bullies :D ..

Huda said...

Done, as requested... :)

Aisha said...

TDH, I would never dream of bullying you:) Do the meme, pretty please, *smiling* or else! :)

Huda, gracias! I checked it out:)

Maleeha said...

Aisha, I caved in to boredom and started a blog too, check it out. And I did your meme :)

wayfarer said...

Ah...the nose ring. Nailclippers? Eek!

Champ - Love Hound said...

Thankyou Aisha for checkin' the MeMe 'n' comments, Though I think you didn't check the other post. Hope you 're doin' good. *Smiles*

God bless you......

Aisha said...

Maleeha, yay welcome to the world of blog :)

Wayfarer, yes nose ring an nail clippers :( It worked but I feel odd w/out it.

Boxin your welcome

Tee said...

Thanks for tagging me but I've done this one last month! :)

Ok, questions and comments. LOL...

You lived in Maryland??! No freaking way! That's my home state :) I love you even more now... How completely weird would it be if we had crossed paths, been in the same vicinity before? I just got shivers. Life is so strange.

I must see Office Space. Everyone is always making references which I don't get - having not seen it.

What is Chanai?

Aisha said...

Hey Tee... I thought you'd been tagged.. it seems almost everyone has already been tagged! I'm always the last on the train :) Kind of like elem school I guess :)

Chanai is a chickpea dish from Pakistan. It's basically chickepas cooked into sauteed onions and tomatoes with chili and salt and a blend of a few other spices. It's delicious and easy :)

Maryland, well I lived there a LONG time ago. I was only 1, lol. But I visit ALL the time bc/ I have relatives there in the Germantown area. Though they used to live in Gaithersburg. Have you heard of those areas? I used to go twice a year and now about once a year....You're in WV right? I claim to have been there b/c we always go to Harpers Ferry which straddles Va,MD and VW :)

Office Space is awesome. I dont kow why it struck such a funny bone nerve in me. I have two copies! The old one and the special edition :( That bad... If you've ever worked in an office or weith a printer you will find this movie entertaining :)

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