Friday, February 10, 2006

Random tidbits... bits and bobs

Summer Plans. Thank you all sooo much for your advice regarding what to do this summer. Though the plan isn't set in stone yet... I've narrowed it down.. If I do a summer abroad it will be in *drum roll*: Brazil! It wasn't easy to decide but once you guys helped me see the pros and cons I started weighing how important certain things were for me... such as non stop flight to Rio compared to Austria which would be Atlanta => Texas => New York => Paris => Vienna => hop on train to => Linz. not to mention flights are booked to capacity for Austria but Kashif can easily visit me in Brazil... plus the program in health and enivironmental law is more up my alley, and the professor is nice...and my heart draws me to Brazil. As I said before, ocean + Aisha = very happy Aisha. If I think with my heart, Rio is hard to resist. Though I've picked the city I'm still not sure if i'm going. It depends on if I can get a good employment opportunity that won't allow a split summer.. then the good employment supercedes... even if it means nine weeks of summer classes trudging to school as opposed to four weeks studying by the ocean. :(

I read this about blogging. The writer said when writing, think about your audience but write for yourself. If I think about it... really think about it.. it's intimidating... the type of stuff writer's blocks are made of. How would I define what I write? Should I be able to define it? Do you come to read about something in particular? Should I pick a genre? Am I overthinking? *sigh* head hurts now.

And... since the post forewarned of random bits and bobs.. here's a video sent via my equally random brother (he's not in the video.. quite unsure where he found it) Warning: It's funny. You will laugh. at it. And maybe if you're not desi it's just creepy odd.... Maybe I laughed because it reminded me of Michigan State's MSA skits.. or maybe the hour is late... But.. you've been forewarned!


Jeff said...

i have a friend from brazil who completely loves it there (naturally). although, he says rio is a little dangerous and touristy.

he's from sao paulo.

Maleeha said...

ooh girl you're going to have so much fun in brazil! what an awesome/exciting experience. make sure you stay safe! and dont forget to update us from there (if you can) on what you're up to :)

I really enjoyed my work at the ACLU as well, although i think the part i enjoyed the most was working one-on-one with the clients. that made me realize that impact litigation is not something i want to do since you're litigating issues and cant help every client that comes your way. I'm really looking forward to the work I'll be doing this summer at the immigration firm. AND i start volunteering at the public defender's office next week, which should be really interesting.

that video was umm...interesting? ;)

Reza said...

Lmao the video is from lol. Lots of interesting short clips over there submitted by users.

say what? said...

check this link. I am leaving this with you.

For the record this is the most high profile site and I think you might even have heard of it.

Comments are a must read.

Sohnii said...

Brazil it is then haan :D
lol had a feeling it wud be that ever since u started talking abt the mangoes... :D

The video is hilarious :D.... but u have to send it to me, the complete thing, buffering spoiled the whole one-go effect. Send send!

Amanda said...

Aisha you should submit that video to WebJunk on VH1. Its the top 20 countdown of strangest/funniest clips on the web. There was also one called Rice & Curry girl (take off of Hollaback Girl) that was similar to what's on your blog.

wayfarer said...

That video was funny! Are those the same guys that did Curry and Rice Girl? That's a funny one too. :-)

Aisha said...

Jeff, welcome! I too have heard Sao Paolo is amazing and have heard similar precautionary warnings about Rio... I've met so many vibrant wonderful people from Brazil it just piqued my interst.

Maleeha that sounds so exciting! By the way do you have an email address? I had wanted to shoot you an email but didnt see one on your profile.

Reza, glad you enjoyed :) It's funny:)

TDH: I checked it out and there was nothing on the link? I saw a sentence and that was all. Is there something I'm supposed to click on?

Sohni, I dont have it on my computer. I just have it as a link :( LOL yeah The mangoes were had to resist ;) (btw you were tagged missy!)

Amanda, rice and curry girl??? I'll have to check that out lol.

Wayfarer I'm not sure if they are since its my first time hearing of this. I'm going to have find the Rice/Curry song now!

Aman said...

I wish my school offered an exchange program in Brazil :(

Shabina said...

Hooray, I voted for Brazil!

Hey, I'm confused. So you want to be a writer but you're going to be a lawyer? I know plenty of people who straddle that politics/PR/reporting line before selecting their field of choice, is that kind of your plan, too?

Aisha said...

Aman, Brazil must be very far from where you are though right?

Shabs, I'm confused too! :( What did you mean "straddle politiCS /PR/ Reporting" I'm confused. Is there a law field where you can be like a reporter? I do want to be a writer, since I could write. BUT writing seemed like a pipe dream to me as its very hard to break into the industry etc... so I taught and I went to law school....(currently in law school) because those are professions where I can help people... Journalsim wa sa serious thought but it was shot down by people helping me decide as not practical... but. I see you and that you mash'allah are succeeding as a writer and it makes me so happy that you are realizing a dream. Maybe one day I'll realize mine.

ASH said...

Aisha: Glad you made a decision. Once there explore, it is an amazing country. Be careful but I would recommend the small (and rickety) train that goes from Ipanema to the definitely need to experience that. That and you'll have a chance to see the *real* Sugarloaf. I hope that you find time to explore a little beyond Rio too, there are beautiful beaches south of Rio that aren't crowded, as well as old Portuguese colonial towns on the coast to the south as well.


Aisha said...

Ash have you heard of the city Parachi? It's a small coloniol town on southern coast. We'll be goign there for five days and I'm excited about it:) Have you been to Brazil?

Baraka said...


Awesome! I think you'll have a brilliant time, hon.

Good thing you follow my advice in this, & all things, lol ;)


Edward Ott said...

Nice blog, you got it all out there

Aisha said...

Thanks Baraka, and your advice? follow? always! :) (btw have you been to Brazil)

Edward, welcome, and thanks... Got it all out there.. hmm :-/

Baraka said...

I haven't but I have *eleven* friends who have & they all LOVED it. None of them wanted to come back & one of them ended up living there for three years.

Hmm, Kashif be warned.... :)

S A Shuja said...

I have nothing intelligent to add...but here are links to a couple of other interesting songs, one a video, the other audio only...they are freakin hilarious, off the hizzy fo sheezy!

have fun in brazil.

Southern Masala said...

Salaams Aisha,

Sorry that I missed you on the messenger. I think i left it on and ran out to meet wayfarer for some Sabri's. I can't stay away from her little guy, he is too cute! BTW, that video is hilarious. Send me another message soon. :)

Sohnii said...

But u have a book out now dont u Aisha?? a children's book? i remember reading something abt publishers in a previous post.

Aisha said...

Baraka, that's good to know :) I've heard similar things from other people actually. I've heard so many people describe Brazil as the best trip they've ever taken. I'm excited :)

Dr. Love!! I shall surely check those out. And also. I'm really sorry. I packaged your stuff up like I told you I was planning to do and had it ready to be sent.. but I never did it. I'm an awful no-good cousin. I agree with you 100%. And now that I remember again that I need to send them off, I will. As of now your parents address is what I have on it... should I put yours. I'm really sorry. I'm horrible. Considering all the fun we had growing up, let's just call us even now? :(

Southern Masala, he's mash'allah one of the cutest babies I've ever seen! Just makes you happy :) Is Sabri better now? I've been hearing a lot of people rave about it... I ate there last about two years ago... wasn't great.

Sohni: Childrens book published??? kya!! I wish girl! I think you might be referring to my 101 in 1001 where I said "write a chilren's book" Yes. I have written one. But next to that it said "now if only I can find a publisher" :) But my writing angst was more blog-centered not the other writing stuff :)

Raheel said...

Good Luck for everything you are upto! :)

Mia said...

1)Fantastic choice! Most likely I will be spending the summer working as a counselor at a camp for blind kids.

2) I finally got to see Pinjar oh man Alisha. I LOVED it!!

Aamina said...

Hahahaha what a funny video. Keep more of those coming!

Good choice on where to go. I hope you have a bunch of fun and take a million pictures :)

Southern Masala said...

They opened a new Sabri's next time my house in Decatur about six months ago. Right next to Zyka. I still think that Moghul's has the best Pakistani food though!

Aisha said...

Raheel, thanks.. u 2:)

Mia- that sounds fun and fulfilling. Pinjar is amazing isnt it? I'm enjoying our discussion. Will write you back @ next study break ;)

Aamina, I will :) And yeah the video is hilarious!

Southern Masala, Ohh ok I will have to check it out then since you love Mughals and I looove Mughals too. Lal Qila is good too particularly their sheesh kebobs and karhai chicken. Yum!Zyka.. eh. not a fan.

Tee said...

Can I think the video is odd and funny? LOL.

As for blogging and writing - I don't think you, or anyone else, should have to define their writing. Things like this don't always fit into neat little boxes.

It is true that you do have to remember you have an audience but you're writing for yourself - but at the same time, thankfully, this is a guideline and not a rule.

I think if one writes only for themselves they may bore people - but that is their progative. On the other hand, if one is writing simply to amuse others and not enjoying the process for their own personal reasons or aren't being true to themselves, I find that incredibly sad.

I come here because you're a loveable person with interesting and thought provoking ideas. Your stories sometimes bring me to other places through your gift for imagery. You're able to evoke emotions in readers and invite amicable discussion on all kinds of topics. I enjoy being amongst the type of "audience" your blog attracts - such an interesting variety of backgrounds, cultures, opinions and thoughts - and yet everyone is respectful of each other.

I also feel a spiritual connection to you - which is made all the more interesting for the fact that I'm Christian and you're Muslim. It brings me joy and makes me wish we could be a public example to the world. This is how it should be.

When will you know for sure if you are going to Brazil or not? I have a (very small) gift for you if you are to go. I have a pocket Brazilian phrasebook. I bought it as a teenager when I was friends with the Brazilian exchange student in school and trying to learn Portuguese. I've no use for it now and would be really pleased if you'd allow me to give it a new life with you. :)

Champ - Love Hound said...

Aisha Dear! thankyou for commentin' on my blog. You 're right about copyin'.

So you 're chosin' Brazil, Well I'm sure you 'll 've Nice time there. Though some one said in very first comment on this post that Sao Paulo is safe 'n' Rio is dangerous, Well I'm laughin' coz all parts of Brazil 're alittle dangerous but Rio De Janero is Safer than other cities. Hope you 're doin' good. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

Aisha said...

Boxin :) Thanks

Tee, I too feel we have a connection :) and i find it more awesome for the fact that we are strong in our faith though are different ones. Thank you for such kind words about my blog. That means a lot to me. Ahhhh you made me tear up at the thought of having your gift. That is awesome!!!!! I will let you know when I decide I'm going for 100% sure :) Thanks Tee! you rock.

ASH said...

Parachi is supposed to be gorgeous. It was the old Portuguese sugar port, all the plantations sent their processed sugar there and it was loaded on ships headed to Europe. It is a little run-down now supposedly, but well worth it.

If you have time (which I doubt) you should try to go to Salvador north of Rio. It is a long trek though so it may not be practical. It is considered by some to be the heart of African Brazilian culture. There are also numerous Maroon communities around Salvador. Maroon communities are villages or towns set up by runaway slaves.

As to whether I've been to does seem like it doesn't it? :)

But while I have studied Brazilian culture and history a lot (as I have other South American nations) I have never actually been there. But I hope to rectify that soon enough.

Southern Masala said...

Aisha, I want to send you an email about a few programs at emory in the next few weeks that you may find interesting. is the email for your msn a good place to send it?
Southern M.

Viks said...

This is a crazy video. And Brazil? K E W L !

Aisha said...

Ash- when I hit the big time I am buying you and your wife and son a ticket to around the world so you can visit allthe places you know so well through your minds eye :)

Viks, lol yeah it's very crazy allright, lol. Yes, I'm so thrilled about Brazil! :)

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