Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Say it aint so!

Researchers have raised the danger alert of my beloved Teflon non stick pans from "possible carcinogen" to "likely". I dont know how many of you cook but pans other than non stick? They stick! When they were at "possible" I shrugged it off... but now *sigh* Guess I better break out the SOS pads and get ready for hour long scrubbing sessions.

And Bush tells us we're addicted to oil. Dear President Bush quite respectfully I did try public transportation. I faithfully left two hours before each class and parked my car and took Ms. Marta all the way to the city. Sure I had to switch twice and wait thirty minutes for each train to show up but I did it... but you know what? The city's roads could have been designed just as well by a six year old, and that goes for public transportant too. After a few months of waking up two hours earlier and coming home two hours later... I honored surah asr and decided that my time was a wee bit precious and yes I resumed my addiction for oil. I just couldn't resist. It felt too good. Perhaps I need oil addicted anonymous? Instead of scolding us for oil addiction, how about a scolding to the oil companies raking in record high profits because of their money addiction?

While a postal employee... went postal. I went to the post office today to pick up some two cent stamps and mail off my query letters and I couldn't help but look closer at the employees. I mean "going postal" comes from somewhere right? What is it? Why are you so unhappy? My cashier seemed sweet and content with his job. Even told me to have a great day with a smile like he meant it?

But to end on a good note, a group of Japanese men upset at the rising divorce rates in the nation have developed "The Doting Husbands Association. The group urges men to improve the marital mood through five "golden rules" including going home early, calling wives by their given name (instead of just saying you) and looking them in the eyes when talking. How sweet. Wives looking for a good Valentines Gift? Perhaps a years membership? ;-)


Aamina said...

Woooohooo I'm the first commentor. I'm awesome.

And you aren't, because you never ever get online anymore. Stinky.

Baraka said...

I knew it!!! Teflon is evil.

Not that I spend much time in the kitchen anyway, but having non-stick pans is surely an excuse to spend even less time there ;)

momyblogR said...

Please say THAT aint so. No more teflon? NOOOOO! What does this all mean, we now scrub? I am NOT happy, lol!

You are a good, good woman. Two hours earlier to get two hours later? Hell NO! I would have gladly admitted my addiction right up front and hopped in my car. LOL!

You crack me up! :):)

koonj said...

Cancer? with a good omelette? Oh, I just don't know ...

As for that Japanese club, do they have DC-based branches?

Aisha said...

aamina you are awesome no denying it :) I havent been online because my password for aim doenst work anymore :-(

Baraka, yes I agree, this is a great argument for take out :)

Mommblogr... :( re: Teflon and the whole public transportation.. I thought I'd give it a try... never again, at least not in this city. Atlanta is a car city... unless you live intown.

Koonj lol sadly I think they don't have a branch in the US... but hey someone could start one! ;-)

Sdit. said...

Exxon pulled in the all time highest profits EVER 9.9 billion profit despite down sales and the damage to the rigs during hurricane Katrina.
In August Bush gave them tax breaks and incentives as a parting gift...

And "we" are doing somethign wrong?

(I can't let go of my non-sticks just yet!)

mystic-soul said...

This oil addict slogan is another political trick to keep things rolling !! as they have no plan to fix health, public schools, social security, over stretched defence. Just last week report came out that poor is getting poorer and rich is richer but exxxon (note xxx)posted record profit ever.

Mr. President -

1) Why don't you Ban SUVs
2) Why don't you watch Syriana
3) Why don't you improve public transportation on priority basis.
4) Why don't you improve relations with world outside so we improve our trade and can have more trade bargains.
5) Why don't you have any state-tax in oil tycons land texas.
6) Who is addicted to oil - consumers or oil companies?
7) Billions of dollar wasted in Iraq could have gone long way in finding alternate energy research.

gasoon said...

hey found your blog quite funny :>

hope you like some of my funny stuff too :p

Baji said...

Noooooooooooooooo, I don't wanna give up my easy-to-clean no stick pans.

Tee said...

Wow - I wonder what to do about my pans? ... You know - this makes so much sense though. I often wondered why we have such a high occurence of cancer here in the US but back in my husband's home country, they don't. I guess they just aren't exposed to all the things we are. For one, most people don't use fancy teflon pans... Sometimes all the convience and advancements we have in our society really hurt us.

Oh - and about your last post - it was so weird - last night I was reading one of my library books (Passage to India) and 2 of the characters use a hooka. I thought that was just weird because how often is this subject brought up and just that day I had read your blog :)

Ok - back to today's post.

I didn't watch the state of the union address. Quite honestly, I'm fed up and there isn't much he can say to make me feel better at this point. Now this coming from someone for voted for him. (I can't stand Kerry... but anyway.) I'm upset that he is like a dog with a bone - he seems to think/eat/sleep Iraq while we have plenty of other problems here at home. When will something be done about medical insurance? This is absoultly a crisis. And you mentioned gas - don't get me started! Something evil is so obviously going on with these oil companies and nobody is doing a darn thing about it. What "sdit" said is true about Exxon. Can you BELIVE that?! It makes me so angry. I wonder how many people in the US, everyday, are being evicted from their homes because they can't afford to pay the bills. The price of everything has risen but the paychecks have not.

As for the gas, here's something I came across today: Expose Exxon. After the little movie I sent my Email off to Exxon.

Ok - as for postal employees - I would love to see something on the Discovery channel or some kind of documentry about why this happens. It is really bizzare.

I love the pic you chose for the Japanese story.

Aisha said...

sdit, thanks for the article you summed it well.

mystic, lol, yeah i havent seen syriana yet but i heard it changes people's view on oil. good points.

gasoon, welcome and thank you!

Baji: :( tell me about it...

Tee: exactly! Cancer is very high in the US and i cant help but wonder if its the fancy gadgets that make our life easier that are the hidden culprits... turns out at least teflon is.. :( Are you going to stop using it? I just bought three teflon pans. :( Lol at the hookah in the story. It's odd how that came up right when I wrote about it :) I tell you we're cosmically linked ;) Thanks for the link I'm going to check it out!

George W. Bush said...

Okay, I just finished my State a the Union and I'm good for another year. So, let me address some of your concerns.

First, I don't wanna hear anymore bad-mouthin' about my friends at Exxon. Let me explain something to you folks. Exxon don't set the price of oil and gas, the market does. Exxon just sells the oil and gas at market price. Now, after Katrina, oil production was forced to stop for a bit. Given the shorter supply of oil, oil and gas consumers (that's you folks) were willin' to pay more. That's where Exxon's extra profits came from. Short supply don't hurt their profits. It just decreases quantity and necessarily raises profits, like it would for any company.

I said it last April and I'll say it again: with $55 oil, we don't need incentives for oil and gas companies to explore. What we need is a strategy that will help this country over time become less dependent. That's what my tax breaks and incentives were for: encouraging domestic production and alternative fuel research. That energy bill would require refiners to use 5 billion gallons of corn-based ethanol by 2012.

Now, I noticed you have some questions, so I'll answer them:

1) I can't create laws. Congress (that's you folks) creates laws. If you want to ban SUV's, you have my blessin'. Write to your Congressional Representative or Senator, or better yet, run for Congress.
2) Cain't find the time. I got stuff to do, ya know? Maybe Laura an' the kids'll sit me down and we'll watch it.
3) Well, states are veeery touchy 'bout the federal government doin' their stuff, and public transportation is a state thing. That's why they have names like 'New Jersey Transit' and 'New Hampshire Department of Transportation'.
4) Well, I helped ensure good oil prices by invadin' Iraq, didn' I? Just kiddin', but we do have good relations with Saudi Arabia. They're our ticket to the OPEC table. My daddy says, "Good gifts for the King equals good prices at the pump."
5) Again, that's a state thing. I can't do anything about that now. You'll have to speak with my sussessor, Rick.
6) Well, the oil companies just supply what the consumers ask for (like any business), so I'd have to say it's the consumer addiction. Do you blame Apple for selling Ipods at $300 a piece?
7) I'm right there with you, 'cause I'm a big fan of alternative energy. Winds a change and all that (get it?). (Sigh) The Iraq thing. Yup, that's a problem. Sure didn' see that one comin', but what can ya do--just leave?

Now, I'll be relaxing all week. Feel free to ask if you have any more questions. Yip, yip, yeehaw!

Aisha said...

Ok dude what is it with anonymous people and way to much free time on their hands?

Tee said...

I'm ROFL imagining the President taking time to catch up on dear Aisha's blog. Hee hee...

Tee said...

Oh yeah - and as for my pans - my husband will never approve the purchase of new pans so soon. (We just got this set less than 2 years ago and they're still in good shape.) ... I'll let him know the news about them but his response will probably be, "everything causes cancer anyway". (Which seems to be true sometimes!) ... Anyway, hopefully they'll come up with something non-cancerous to make non-stick pans when I'm ready for new ones.

And as for being cosmically linked, I really think we are. LOL. How weird. There are things beyond human understanding. *shrug*, but I can't think of a cooler person to be linked to. :)

Champ - Love Hound said...

Accordin' to some husbands "A Pan is a Weapon of Mass Destruction". It sure is when their wives use it on them. LOL!

You used Surah Asr as a Nice tag *Smiles*

I Loved this Tokyo Note to Japanies people. This Problem is everywhere, Divorce rate is sure increasin' everywhere. I Personaly believe "It's one of the worst Sin to not take care of wife that ends as Divorce"

Hope you 're doin' good. *Smiles*
God bless you.....

Raheel said...

I think Bush is oil-addicted. The way he going crazy over oil-riched countries, it is quite evident.

This is a great iniative from Japanese man. I think Americans should learn something from them. Yes they copy everything Japanese do. I have finally found out that America is not a perfect place to be in.. my perceptions shattered. Paki main hi achay hain!!

Aisha said...

Tee... LOL yes apparently I am quite the blogger as the president himself chose to respond.. lucky me :-/. Tee I'm conflicted about the teflon pans too. I mean... to change to "stick pans" I'd have to buy new pans! And I literaly in the past two months just bought a bunch of non stick pots. Grrr.

Boxin yes, men and women must learn to interact better with one another. As you already know my view on women in most developing nations its goo that Japanese men are taking initiative. Though the title of their organization cracks me up.

Raheel as much needs to be changed in the USA I'd live no where else. It's a nation in need of imporovement like all nations on earth must constnatly grow forward but Im proud that this is my home. Perhaps perceptions could even be strengthened that though our president has much left to be desired, we live in a nation that allows us to say that. If you watch televiion in the US like "Saturday night live" or "Daily Show" etc. the way they discuss the gov't... i'd say the majority of nations in this world... yo'ud be jailed for saying those things. BUT thanks for sharing your view :) And it doesnt mean Pakistan isn't amazing. It's my homeland. Just saying that the US is pretty great too :)

mezba said...

Haha, I like mystic-soul's suggestion that the President watch Syriana.

ROFL at the POTUS responding personally to you.

I hear you on the bus. I WOULD like to use the bus, I WOULD like to save money, but it's such a hassle.

As for the Japanese, I read in the 'Australian Age' sometime ago that there were some Japanese who were not, er, getting intimate, with their wives for upto years as they viewed wives as mothers (sic) who were there to clean and do chores around the house only. When interviewed, they said they visit houses of ill repute for their physical needs. I tried to find the link but couldn't (it is more than a year-old-article). Good to see they now fixed that problem.

Cindy said...

But we ARE addicted to oil. It's not our fault. But we are.

August Sunshine said...

I suggest you read george w. bush's comment above.

say what? said...

Can single ppl be part of TDHA !! hey it actually is part of my nick .. LOL

Zak said...

the last one was funny...mind you I am sure the women will still complain (:rollseyes and prepares for the feminist onslaught)

~ruthie said...

I thought that non-stick coating was only hazardous when it was heated to extremely high temperatures and the toxins were released into the air. Of course, that was a few years ago, so i might be mistaken.

Aisha said...

Mezba I recall your post about public transport as you can see I Can relate. Thanks for the info on the japenese men issue. I heard about that once.

Cindy- i agree

Nadia- hmm your endorsement of our "president" makes me wonder if a chicken has somewhere decided to cross a road! :)

TDH: I'll send your wife the brochure on you get married ;-)

Zak. LOL. yeah I thought it was a trip.

Ruthie. I HOPE what yo'ure saying is true. I love me my teflon.

Hasan Mubarak said...

mystic-soul was quite right in asking those questions to Mr.Bush.

And yes, Japanese men are right on the path to please their women...

Nadia said...

Lol . . . :-)

Ohh it seems it went unnoticed anyway.

Champ - Love Hound said...

You 're right Aisha, Men 'n' women both need to take some serious necessary steps. Though there 're alot more issues in EVERY culture, waitin' to be noticed 'n' solved. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

Hadeel said...

yo i added u to my msn :)

Jane said...

I am NOT giving up my teflon! In my home we already use compact fluorescent bulbs that use a lot less energy, have a high efficiency washing machine that uses very little water or electricity, and we only drive if it is necessary. I take short showers. We only buy eggs from free-range chickens. I'm more than happy to do my part to conserve the resources that we have. But I will not spend an hour scrubbing a regular pan.

Aisha said...

Hasan, I agree those are indeed good Q's.

Nadia... lol

Boxin, :)

Hadeel, I dont use it much but insh'allah see ya there! :)

Jane- it's so frustrating! But what about the fact that it causes cancer possibly. Does that make the hour long scrub sessions more possible? (btw kudos on all your conservation efforts!)

Maryam said...

Assalamu 'alaykum,

Okay, I only know this 'coz I watch 'How Clean is Your House' but you don't have to spend ages scrubbing your non-stick pots and pans. You simmer Coke on the stove-top for around five minutes and it does the job for you.

Also, if you're like me, you've probably got the heat up too high if you're burning your pans *sigh*. Try cooking (even browning onions etc.) on a lower heat.

Aisha said...

maryum, thanks for the tips!! I dont actually burn the pans but things do stick especially if making something desi. But coke on the stove top?? interesting I never knew that!

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