Monday, April 10, 2006

Odds and ends...

I sent off for our visas for Brazil. oy ve. Very exhausting process with a million specific requirements. Pay money. But only money order. But only postal money orders. You see Brazil not pleased that the US makes them jump through hoops, so they make the US folks jump through hoops. You know like the song "anything you can do I can do better?" Well this would be "Anything you can do I can do too" and this policy is explicitly stated in their application form explaining their $100 visa fee: For US citizen, a processing fee of US$ 100.00 in US POSTAL Money Order (ONLY) will be charged in reciprocity to identical fee paid by Brazilian citizens who applied for a VISA for the United State of America. Seriously. Who is getting hurt here? The little people, that's who. Sniff.

I checked out this site where you upload pictures and it tells you which celeberities you look most like. The first picture I submitted said I most resembled.... Pamela Anderson. *pauses as waits for laughter to subside* Yeah. But the site said to submit more than one and see the ones that come up most frequently as looking like you... so according to this site I look most like Alicia Keys and Amanda Peet. I was expecting more of them picking someone on the bollywood scene since they are in their database but I won't complain. Vatever!

I saw a Turkish film at the High on Friday. The scenes of Istanbul made me nostalgic for Turkey, thus far the best vacation I've had of which I wrote about here, here, and here. What was interesting about the movie was that when I saw it I thought it was okay, but afterwards at Cafe Istanbul when Mustafa the owner shared his personal take, the movie's message changed before my eyes because he explained nuances and the political undertones that I with limited background knowledge of Turkey completely missed. One example of the lost in translation element was in this movie the female lead's name was Duniya which means "world" but only someone who knew the meaning of the word would understand that often times monologues about Duniya were not necessarily just about Duniya the woman, but much more. I got that since Duniya happens to mean the same thing in punjabi/urdu but the non Turkshi/Desi folks probably didn't notice that at all. Just made it very clear to me how much of foreign films are inevitably lost in translation. And speaking of movies, I also updated my movie reviews

Exams are right around the corner. I am trying just to do one thing each week that could fall under the category of fun and other than that I'm trying to study study study. Law school is cruel in that way though. The more you study does not guaruntee that the better you will do. Four months of class and one essay will determine your grade. A very very subjective essay. So you could study till the cows come home and do great, or study till the cows come home and do not so much great. I dont know if you remember Sesame Street growing up but there was a "music video" (for lack of a better word) of a song called "Trying and trying again" and it showed a little kitten climbing up some stairs. She tries and tries and finally takes one step up. She may not make it all the way up to the top like she wants, but if she doesnt try at all she's guarunteed to stay right where she is. Funny how 20+ years later as I stare at these mammoth beasts they insist we call books I feel like a kitten at the bottom of some mighty foreboding steps...*gulp* back to dem books.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit- Aristotle


Mia said...

Don’t worry Aisha once you’re out there they’ll treat you much, much better!

Pamela Anderson? Lol My friends say I look like Dora The Explorer. You have no idea how many times per day they sing me the theme song to that show. My best friend from JHS is an Amanda Peet clone people do a double take when they see her on the street. She looks like a star and I look like a nick jr. cartoon… cest la vie!

I saw your updated movie reviews I only read the one about Broke Back Mountain, because I’m planning to see the other two this week. As for BBM I think he died as a result of a gay bashing. His parents knew he was gay his father wasn’t too thrilled and his mom accepted it. I’m going to have to watch this flick again now you got me wondering…lol

I know what you mean about the little kitty at the bottom of the stairs, this semester has been a killer but we will survive it and pass it because we’ve got skills like that.

Subhana said...

According to that site, I look like Rachel Weisz. Dunno, I think I look more like Pocahontas. Its kinda sad when everyone calls me Pocahontas, its not really jolly fun to resemble a cartoon. Some compliment *wink wink*.

LOL @ looking like Pamela Anderson. I have yet to see a desi version of her! *grins*

Just me said...

heya - Gdluck on them study - will post out my results on me blog!

(when time permits of course...)


Just me said...

oh by the way, I think Jack's death was purposely ambigous to mirror the death of gays back then.

Once we had this national hero - a lawyer - who had a great singing voice bringing tears to mum and dads. He was lorded the 'son of the nation' and was reknown in asia... Then mysterious symptoms akin to HIV plagued him... no one knew fer sure but we all knew he had no flings or wasn't in the dating scene at all and so the evidence mounts but because he was such a high profile public figure and because in this part of town eing gay is taboo - his cause of death was never known exactly.

Jack's parents were in the know but yet in denial... again, this is to reflect society's inadequacy to relate to homosexuality.

And *sigh* what is a wife to do? Imagine the betrayal of a loved one and add to it, the shame of a woman not good enough - She drives her man to Another man's arms! Then there were the kids to think about and money...

Actually I believe she did affront him when she was able to find her voice and this is after she's found another man to take care of her.

He, however, still denies it - bah hambug!

Personally I don't like the movie. The characters in the movie were not homos. They were bisexuals. And they went with convenient love.

Urgh, my god - I've just written a comment as long as a post!

Sorry honey. Just my two cents worth. I'll shut up now.

Tee said...

LOL about the Sesame Street "video" - it's funny how these things become a part of our very being. I have several Sesame Street "videos" filed away :)

I had heard that Brazil made these visa laws to "get revenge" against the US. Sucks for travelers but I really see their point. That is what I've been thinking lately with the immigration issue coming to a boil - Why does the USA think she is so darn special? ... I mean, when I want to go to El Salvador, I go. I don't have to get a visa... So why is it the Salvadoreans apply for years and years and years, over and over again, and never get a visa to even come visit? - Why does our government have that right to keep human beings from going where they want to go on this Earth that God made? ... Wow, I may have to post about this.

As for the Alicia Keys/Amanda Peet connection - I can totally see that. I forget who I got when I did that thing. I think the main one was Drew Barrymore.

That is cool about the Turkish film (Duniya="world") ... That would definitly be so much lost, wouldn't it?! ... It's too bad we can't all be fluent in all the languages. That would be awesome. Do Muslims believe the Story of The Tower of Babel?

Good luck on exams!

Aisha said...

Mia, Dora the explorer prob aint in the database! lol if you do it let me know what it comes out for you:) Is paraside now one of the two movies you'll be seeing soon? Let me know what yout hink of it. I loved it.

Subhana, Pocahantas is beautiful! lol but I doubt its in the data base of celeberites being a sshe's a cartoon and all :)

Rosie very good point about the wife and her reasons for not saying, thanks for giving me your take on the movie, it cleared up a few of my confusion areas! :)

Yeah it's kinda headache and its weird to me how its so hard to get here also Tee. My husbands aunt wanted to come to attend her nieces graduation and her visitor visa was denied. Sometimes I stop and think about it you know... I'm in one of the only countries where I could choose to visit anyplace on earth I Could afford/want. People die trying to come to this country which I just take for granted. it's amazing if I stop and think about it. You're right about the disaprity in requirements to come here. I hope you post about it. Drew Barrymore! I can totally see that! The story of Babel, we might but call it something else?

Zak said...

Aisha: peet is cute..I remember watching her on some TV show..a few years back and I thought that she had that star look (not that I am suggesting you go into acting :p )

Tee said...

Aisha - Probably. The tower of Babel, if I'm remembering correctly, was a tower all the people were trying to build to get up to the level of God and so God made it so everyone spoke a different language. Unable to communicate, they couldn't work together on it anymore, and so departed for different regions according to who spoke what. And that's the explanation for different languages/cultures/races today... I believe it's in the book of Genesis (The first book) in the Old Testament, or The Torah.

ASH said...

Duniya is also used in Arabic movies to make social commentary that would otherwise be cut by the censors. Dunya as in hayat al dunya is a way for directors to criticize things they find in this world without going to prison.

Polish directors during the Cold War and Chinese directors use different techniques as well.

Baraka said...

I got Amanda Peet too :)

Aisha said...

Zak- I agree Amanda Peet is very cute! I saw her in a few movies and I Dont know why she isni't a bigger name out there than she is! hehe, yeah I think I'll pass on the acting myself though :-)

Tee, I never heard that story before. Very interesting story. This may be a really dumb question but is that meant to be literal or is it a parable of sorts. I know in the Quran we have some stories that are literal and others are more metaphorical.

Ash- wow I had no idea that the word Duniya was used that universally. It certainly adds a lot more to the film. I'm not sure if it was intended that this much more be put in the film but it does for me. Question for you though, do you think they could be implying such things in a Turkish film or is their government free enough they dont have to be subliminal about it?

Aisha said...

Baraka- we're twins, long lost ones, I always knew it! ;-)

Zak said...

tee: the story of Nimrods been mentioned in the holy Quran as well..I have been reading up on it..the stories of Babel and religous history I find very fascinating.

Aisha said...

Zak- do you know where it is in the Quran? I'd be curious to read it.

Enyur said...

Interesting! I put my picture in and it told me that there were no matches found (but then again, I think it would've helped if I didn't put in a partial picture)lol! I'm a little iffy about that website because once you add your photo, you've given them the right to use your I kinda shyed away from that.

Awww...well I wish you the very best of luck! Aisayee moqay tay ik shair yaad ayaa aye: "Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough" - Og Mandino Good luck jee! :o)

Enyur said...

By the way, just in case you're wondering what happen to the pretty blue pic...I've gone all coffee now! :o)

Tee said...

Aisha - It's not a dumb question at all. Infact, I had never even given thought to it! I mean, some things in the Bible are obviously parables because the Bible says "He also told them a parable..." or "And he told them many things in parables, saying..."

But the Tower of Babel - I have always taken it at face value - even though it's really a fantastic story.

I searched the Internet and it happens to be something that is debated - whether it's literal or not... So I have no answer for you!

Jane said...

According to that website I look like a combination of Olivia Newton-John, Holly Hunter, Daniel Day-Lewis, and David Schwimmer. doesn't sound like an attractive combination. Self-esteem lowering....Damn computer face recognition!

Good luck with your exams. You'll be in my thoughts.

Aisha said...

Enyur sometimes it doesnt recognize faces but if you submit a few it'll start reconging and yes it has to be a frontal picture not a partial one :) Let me know if you end up doing it. LIke the coffee but the blue was nice too! :)

Tee- that's very interesting, I'll be googling the story myself soon! :)

Jane- that's a lot of people to combine, lol. Hmm did you try more than one photo to see which ones ended up repeating? That's how I did it... c'mon Pamela Anderson?? LOL... how accurate can it be.. Thanks for your well wishes on exams, hope yours go well too.

momyblogR said...

OK, I did giggle at the Pam Anderson thing, lol. My goodness!

I amy try doing it. Hey, is Tweety Bird considered a celebrity? I'm thinking that about where I'll be, lol!!

Good luck with your studies...I know you'll do great!

rehtwo said...

Good luck with your exams! :-D

mezba said...

Don't worry about the Brazil thing, they just want to hassle you before you get there. In that sense Cuba was the easiest (apply for visa on the plane).

Are you going to be in Brazil in time to catch one of those big carnivals? Take and post pictures then, please.

I will check out the facial similarity site later. Most people tell me I look like this Indian movie star (only in Malaysia though).

Was checking out your movie reviews and skipped past Brokeback Mountain (yes, I do plan to watch it but not now. Perhaps sometime in the long distant future so dont want the spoilers :-).

Masd said...

well atleast Brazilians have the guts to be open about their reciprocal policy..

Bongi-Amma said...

baah, isnt studying all the same?! study no study, kuch farak nahi parhata. thats how i feel at the moment! infact i havnt touched a book in 6 days and i have exams next week. I cannot for the life of me concentrate!
best of luck for your exams :) chippak jaow desk ke saath :D

Aisha said...

Mommyblogr- tweety! lol!! I was thinking Princess Di! Let me know what it turns up if you do it :)

rehtwo- thanks you too!

Mezba the guy with Ameetab Bachan? I didnt see a picture directly on the link. I think Carnival will be over by the time I'm gone :( But I *will* take pictures, they have internet cafes there and I'm psyched about doing a travel blog while I'm there. Brokeback... hm. If you watch it please let me know what you think of it. I'd be very curious.

Masd, truer words never spoken! Amen to that. Forthrightness is a virtue.

Bongi- lol, I cracked up at your last sentence. I think I might have to dear. And now that your desk is created you can chippuk as well ;-)

Huda said...

I think the reason it is so hard to come into the U.S. is because often people will come on a legitimate visa and then stay even after their visa expires. I can see why that would make the government hesitate to hand out visas to someone from a country whose residents are the worst offenders.

And if you think the U.S. is strict... Saudi Arabia is stricter.

wayfarer said...

LOLLLL at Pamela Anderson!!!!! That is so funnnnnnnny in so many ways.

Aisha said...

Wayfarer, lol yeah.... that was hilarious! :)

Arshad said...

I don't see how it could tell what celebrity you look like based on a picture that you sent, maybe it's something random each time or it does some mathematical calculation.

I almost went to Brazil from this job I started a few months back, but I quit before they could send me. I've heard it's not very safe.

Aisha said...

Arshad, it might be random you're right, though a few of my friends it was dead on. But I certainly dont resemble Pammy so go figure! :)

Did you quit your job BECAUSE they were going to send you to brazil or for other reasons?

Minka said...

I did teh celb thing as well and I got this:
Alexis Bledel
Shiri Appleby
Nancy Sinatra
orlando Bloom
Jennifer Conelly
Aidan Quinn
Naomi Watts
Keira Knightley
Jang Nara

I dont even know half of these people, their faces I mean!
But it sure was fun!

Enyur said...

Sure, if I do I'll let you know! By the way, don't know if you had the chance to visit my blog. I changed it a shows up fine in IE but looks pretty screwed up in FireFox (can't get rid of the frame around the banner). Any ideas how I can fix that? - I know you're busy with whenever you get the chance...please let me know! Thanks!!

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