Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Anniversary To Me!

So I look at my archives and I realize... I've been blogging for two years! I am quite impressed I've done it for so long. Huda introduced me and I did it to write because though I fancied myself a writer I never really... wrote. I started with an audience of two (give or take a few) and sporadic posts but it helped me put "pen to paper" more than before and better express myself in words. And then... I'm not sure how or why, but somehow more people started reading... and slowly I readin about them. Somehow in the course of these two years a community formed. A community of people most of whom I've never met. Its a satisfying feeling to connect through one's thoughts and ideas with others particularly when I'm so busy in my daily life that its hard to sometimes get that communication as easily and frequently as I'd prefer.

So on this two year anniversary I have a small, teeny tiny favor to ask you. I've been curious, how and when did you come across this small plot of land in the internet world? Did you google over, link over? What makes you come back every now and then and check in? Is there any particular thing you like to read more/less about? And a special request for the "lurkers" (internet lingo for quiet readers who dont leave comments), I see you! I know you're out there but y'all stay pretty quiet. Who you be? Where you from? How/When'd you come here too?

Please share, pretty please?


Ah-muh-nuh said...

Happy anniversary :) I found your site tagged from another bloggers site. And I'm nosey, so I clicked :)

Chic Mommy said...

I found you from a comment you left on another blog, I believe it was Nermeen's blog, and at the time you had a link up to the video about "MD Diggers". I thought it was hilarious and forwarded it to all my friends. and came back to read more, and I got hooked! :)

Aisha said...

Ah Muh Nuh, thanks :)

Chic Mommy, thanks! The Gold Digger video was hilarious. I heard they have a bunch more you can search on google video under "lota productions" they were interesting kids to say the least :)

Anonymous said...

I found your link when I was surfing for LSAT incofrmation a few months ago and kept coming back. keep it up.

Aisha said...

Thanks for stopping by, I'm sorry I dont have much LSAT info though! :(

momyblogR said...

The first post I read of yours was titled, "Why I Left" back in September. I was just very moved by your efforts and your love of all the kids was/is obvious. It made me feel very good knowing that there are still people like you out there.

I also LOVED the post above that...the Pam - Raid in the pantry, lol!!

I really enjoy everything you write. It's either interesting, entertaining, important, meaningful etc. I more times than not walk away from you posts with something very good to ponder and I like that.

I'm not sure how I found you or why I came back but I'm glad I did.

btw, did addy reach you? I've been a spam victim in the pasted, lol. Not important, just wondering. :):)

mystic-soul said...

One day I was clicking "next blog" one after another from my blog and saw a name aisha. It was the first pakistani-american (?) blog I saw so read it more and since then...

Do you still think it was accidental?

Shabina said...

mabrook to my bizarro! i just hit one year a few days for how we met, you found me, actually, and then the rest was history :)

Zehra said...

Hi Aisha,

So I am leaving my first comment on your blog and I am a frequent visitor (as you have probably guessed). I stumbled upon your blog through a series of various other blogs. I first discovered the link to Haroon's Blog on my fiance's blog (, from where I found Shabana and Nermeen's and you were on Nermeen's blog roll.

I think the first post I read by you was the one you wrote on dark-skinned, desi girls and "Fair and Lovely." I thought it was a very thought-provoking and interesting post and ever since then I have been hooked. I think what struck me the most about your writing was your down-to-earth and warm-hearted attitude, regarding the people you write about or the issues you shed light upon and how I can relate to a number of things, instances, experiences, etc. that you describe.

I also thought that one day I'd get in touch with you to get some advice and perspective on law school since I am applying to law schools myself this year. Anyway, law school advice or not, I am glad that I had the honour of reading your insightful posts. Thanks for sharing!

mayya said...

happy anniversary :D
well lets see I blog hopped on to your blog and then kept on blog hopping randomly till I realized you were nice enough to be linked and yeah the warmth with which you respond to every comment is really sweet
and then you're "sincere" with whatever you write about :) among other things

nahhh I'm read your blog just because of the red and white blogskin ;) hehe

Aisha said...

Mommyblogr, I remember when you first commented on the teaching website. I'm glad that I found your site as its hilarious and entertaining giving me plenty of ideas for when I myself become a mommyblogger! lol. Thank for saying such nice things.

Mystic, really?! I didnt realize that. That is indeed an odd coincidence! But I'm glad you came across it :)

Shabina yes yes I do recall that, I came to you from Baraka's. And then it turned out I was your cousins roomie. Small Small world.

Zehra, salaam and thanks for delurking! :) So far you're one of few :) THANK YOU for saying such nice things. I actualy blushed sitting here by myself reading your kind words, thank you. If you ever need advice on law school feel free to shoot me an email :)

Mayya, you read for the blog skin eh :) Wow I should tlel my friend who helped create it then! lol. Thanks for linking me and thanks for your kind words.. it really makes my day that I can connect with people like you all the way on the other side of the world (my des) and its also very intresting how though worlds apart we have so much that we share in common than have different.

Baji said...

Aisha, I found you through Sobia's blogroll. I enjoy your style. I think someone else said it best, you are truly genuine no matter what you are writing about. I keep reading every day and consider you a friend of sorts. Congratulations!

Enyur said...

You know what's funny? I was thinking about blogging about the same topic, just out of curiosity to see how people stumbled upon my blog! Interesting! did I come to your blog? I remember stumbling upon Sometimes Sobia's blog before I even started my own. From there, I started to randomly check the other blogs and almost all of them had "It's My Life" added to their blog roll. So, I'm like whoa this blogger is everywhere. When I clicked on your blog, all I remember seeing was polka dots and a navey blue background (and tiggy the tiger for some reason).

Anyway, I'll be honest when I saw the length of your post I hit the back button (sowwy)...mainly because I didn't want sit and read a long post. But I kept going back to your blog again and again (don't know why). When I saw the number of comments you had and noticed the increase in the numbers everytime I visited, I was like "Darn, she must be saying something of interest!" Soooooo, that's when I actually sat down to read your post and kept reading and then just got hooked! lol!

I think you cover many social issues in such a great way. You seem like you really put some thought in your writing and the words you choose. Unlike me, I usually just barf words on my blog (most of the time) lol!

And believe it or not, for me there's a sisterly warmth about ur blog...don't know why..but I like it! My Punjaban Appi, keep it comin'!!! lol!!

Ok, wow this is getting really long now! Sowwy!! Laterz!!

Muslim Wife said...

Assalaamu Alaikum Aisha : )

Dang - you busted my lurker-esque identity! Oh well, what better day than on your blog-anniversary for me to post my very first comment for you : )

I found you through you ! You had your link posted out and proud with your Yahoo screen name. Why do I keep coming back? Because I love you, of course! :-*


Aisha said...

Baji, aw I consider the same of you :0) I wish I knew you in real life, oh the coffee shop convos we would have!

Enyur wow thank you for your candor!!! So you didnt like the long posts? Yeah I can see that. I didnt realize I wrote such long ones till you pointed it out actually. "barf words" lol... that's a cool phrase, I like that more than the "Verbal diarreah" saying. just sounds icky.. Will have to use that :) And thanks for the sisterly warmth comment, likewise! :)

MuslimWife (I dont know if you're anonymous blogger or not!) but yeah, duh I do put it on my yahoo sometimes, lol. That makes sense! I'm glad you joined the blog world too! btw I'm done with exams so if you are in town when I get back from Brazil during the summer please let me know I want to meet up. Its downright embarassign that you live two miles from me and I hvaent seen you since your wedding!

mezba said...

Got here thru Shabina's blog , got thru her from Maniac Muslim.

roora said...

happy aniversay Aisha

I found you when i read your comments at Jane's blog. At first I cehcked you out and i found that nice post about your nephew:) why you love him :)

Aman said...

I don't remember how I found your blog, most probably through a comment you posted on another blog. Why do i keep coming back, well...why do I breath? :P

TwinTopaz said...

i was planning to kill some time and i ended up on your blog...a damn good waste of is!!

(actually i don't remember how i found ur blog)


Anonymous said...

Happy aniversary/birthday to ur blog!

U had commented on somebody else's blog,i clicked on ur name and here i am :D tho i dont remember who that somebody else was...

why do i keep coming back? cuz even tho, we havent met and we dont know each other in real life, i can associate with a lot of what u say. and what i cant associate with, i enjoy reading :D ure a pretty good writer :D


rehtwo said...

You know, to be honest, I have no idea how I found you. I'm sure that it had something to do linking from one of the other blogs that I had read this summer to kill time at the job from...yeah. I went through a bunch of your old posts and found some pictures of you in front of a building on my campus and so I left a comment. I guess I kept coming back. Your posts are always thought-provoking and fun to read. :-)

Bongi-Amma said...

I found your blog by hopping around other blogs. Though mysteriously i was wondering myself the other day as to how i even stumbled u pon my first blog. I don't know anyone who writes a blog, and i don't recall anyone mentioning anything about blogs so hmmm i wonder!

Muslim Mama said...

I'm new to ur blog but really like what I've seen so far, and i found u thru a comment on Kooonj abt u love guru dutt as well??

Mia said...

Happy happy! I've been thinking about this since yesterday. I can't remember how I came to find you. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Miss Mabrouk though. Do you remember? lol Either way i'm just glad to have "met you. I came for the chicken but it's the coleslaw that keeps me coming back for more.

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! I found your blog because you found mine first and I had to know who was bored enough to read my crazy ramblings. Love to you, darlin'.

Me said...

Happy Anniversary !!
I confess... I'm one of the lurkers :-D (I may have commented once though...)
Anyway ... I got to your blog through Jane's... liked your style and kept coming back for more... I can also sometimes relate to some of the issues you post about coz I had Pakistani friends at school...and I know a bit of Urdu too ! Ghuda Hafez ;-)

Tee said...

Happy Blog-aversary :D

I don't remember how we found each other. Maybe it was just destiny. LOL. I'll have to go back on my blog and see where you commented to try and nail it down :D

Either way, I consider it an honor to know you.

Love and hugs!

Aisha said...

Mezba- I found you through Shabina as well. You have a knack for great storytelling.

Roora, aw thanks for remembering that :)

Sohnii thank you! :) Btw- do you not have keep your site anymore?

Rehtwo yeah I remember when you first commented with the MIT pics :) Glad my posts helped you kill time :0).

Bongi, lol yes I wonder how you got into blogs when no one recommended it. They are so pervasive I guess it was inevitable :)

Muslim Mamma, welcome to my world newcommer, ;0). I LOVE Guru Dutt but only know him through two movies, "khagaz kay phool" and pyasaa have you seen the former? They're both very good but pyasaa just tugs at my heartstrings. If you know any other Guru Dutt films please reccommend! :)

Aman- LOL "why do I breathe" wow hehehehe that was so cute! lol. And thank you for helping me with technical difficulties along the way.

Twin- you still read this? I wondered what happened to you!

Mia- I dont remember either but I know I check in on you everyday I have working internet :)

Jane- I found you through "captured photon" its been almost a year!

Me- aha another quiet reader. Welcome :) Thanks for sharing, where are you from?

Tee- I think you commented on Sobias with hilarious stories of your own and then I got hooked :) So infact, I found you!

Chai Anyone? said...

happy budday!

dont rber who's blogroll linked me to ur but i do know thats how i got here. :)

Fouad said...

HB :) and I don't actually remember how I got here. A link probably. But who's I don't know.. and I visit coz you have a refreshing blog. That's all :)

Aisha said...

Chai Anyone, well either way you arrived, glad you did :)

Fouad, salaam and welcome good to "meet" you :)

Enyur said...

Awww...your welcome. Actually, since I try to visit as many blogs as a I can, I prefer to read shorter posts. But that doesn't mean I don't like reading them...yours are actually interesting and informative so I actually like them (keep them comin!). Hehehehe yeah, I've started to use that phrase...VD does sound kinda gross if you picture...ugh ok no don't. lol!

Aisha said...

yeah i understand that for sure about long and short posts :) koh-eee gull nayee lol. Wow my phonetic punjabi sucks :(

Obese Girl said...

It was in October '05 when ya tagged me about the complete idiot's guide to fitness book.

But I believe the first post I ever read was "As Ramadan Approaches" and I thought ooh, it'll be interesting to know how ramadhan is from a muslimah in US.

And then I got hooked and basically went, Ooh it's always interesting to hear from Aisha...

No pressures tho. Coz now I read you for you. (and kashif) but yeh, mostly you.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your blog anniversary. I would be one of the "lurkers". Sorry, I can not remember how I found your site, but I'm glad I are a good writer! All the best in Brazil - have a fantastic time.

Totally Frank said...


Firstly congratulations!!

I am a complete newbie. I found blogger purely by accident just over a week ago [so I guess this is my 1st week anniversary … yey!!]. I don’t even remember how I stumbled upon the blogger or your site but I haven’t looked back since.

I have found it a joy reading your little comments. Haven’t been able to read every annotations but I am determined to do so and will be looking forward to it [if and when I get the time!!]

I’ve already started my own little site but still finding it difficult in what to say!! But I’m pretty sure I’ll get the hang of it slowly.

I intend to stick with this and maybe I will be celebrating my 2nd anniversary one day [inshallah].

Oh and another reason I keep coming back to your site is that we have the same surname… is that a valid reason?! LOL [only kidding!]

Have a fantastic holiday!

Keep it up.

Take care

Aisha said...

OG- aww thanks for remembering when you started reading. I love reading yours too :)

Anon: thanks for delurking :) and for your kind words

Frank, welcome to the world of blogging :) I will check out your site tonight insh'allah, blogging... hmm its a great way to express yourself so I hop you find what you're looking for through it.

ASH said...

happy anniversary! I found out about your blog directly from you....we're practically neighbors anyway.

Aisha said...

Ash true true :)

Muslim Wife said...


It's funny that after living 2 miles down the road from each for years, we are only now making plans to get together - now that I've moved cross-country, hehe. Insha'allah khair : )

My last trip back to the family's house seemed like it'd never end, so I'll probably need a bit more time before I head back down there, lol. I guess that's family for ya - can't live with 'em, but it sure is hard livin' without 'em. If ya'll happen to be in our neck of the woods, do let us know! Have our hubbies ever even met,lol?

~Muslim Wife

Muslim Mama said...

Here are some wellknown movies of Guru dutt which you could wtch: Chaudhvi Ka chand, Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam,Aar Par, Mr and Mrs 55...enjoy!!!

Arianuz said...

I posted a comment yesterday but my internet got disconnected. First, happy anniversary to you and your blog.
I have no recollections how I came across your blog,but I do remember why I continued reading your blog. Your blog touches so important aspects of life which we usually ignore now I know even minutest of thing in my life has importance. I shouldn't be so arrogant.

Aisha said...

MW: Yes our hubbies met at the wedding though your hub may not remember mine since he was inundated with a buncha ppl ! Next time you come please give me a heads up so I can make sure to make time to see ya :) And yes I understand that. You are happy to come home but then you miss your new home too... and it gets old, lol

MuslimMamma thanks! I know I've seen a lot of those movies particularly Chaudvi ka Chaand but many many years ago while I colored in coloring books with my parents. I'll cehck them out!

Ariuniz, thank you so much for saying that. That means a lot to me. :)

ayalguita said...

I don't remember how I found you, I think it was thru a comment in other blog? Not sure, but I like your way of writing, is very nice and you touch subjects that are very interesting:)

Lindsay said...

Congratulations on you anniversary!

i just found your blog today linked from Wayfarer's and Sobia's blog. I'm in the process of converting to Islam and was looking for some positive experiences and advice. I haven't read much of your blog so far but from the comments posted by your friends and followers I'm sure I will be here often. Take care and have a great time in Brazil


Afrah said...

happy anniversary!

i found your blog linked from shabina's blog.... and then i just got hooked!

camilla said...

salaam aisha, Congrats on ur 2 yrs of blogging. Well you left comment on my blog and that's when I checked out yours. I come in and check once in a while but I make sure I read all your post from where I stopped. You write v well. Take care.

Mars said...

I came across your blog via Sometimes Sobia's sidebar...Like your writing style..very easy to get your point of view..

Anonymous said...

I found the link from from another blog and after reading a few posts realised you were a teacher! i'm training to be one in the UK any tips would be of great help.

Anonymous said...

I found the link from from another blog and after reading a few posts realised you were a teacher! i'm training to be one in the UK any tips would be of great help.

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