Friday, May 19, 2006

Of Steaks and Cakes

Some friends invited us over tonight for an impromptu dinner (best steak EVER btw) and I have to hand it to Syed and his cake. What must the cake lady at Publix have thought as he told her what he wanted it to say! lol.

I can't believe I leave today for Brazil, the place I've for months debated and discussed, a mere hypothetical ready to be realized. I'm having "hypersensitive packing syndrome" however which is keeping me up. As soon as I lay down something I forgot to pack pops up in my head. In the words of the eloquent Homer Simpson "d'oh!"

Some friends and family have asked me about internet access while I'm in Brazil. I think the program covers some internet cafes in the area so I will hopefully access the net while I'm there but i'm not sure of the logistics.

Did anyone watch the ER season finale?
!? This is my first full ER viewing season. I know I'm a tad late jumping into the game but I LOVE Parminder and I've really enjoyed this season particularly the Dar Fur episodes. However tonight because of the great conversations I only caught the last ten absolutely horrifying minutes of it. I know this is a serious medical drama but this season finale was so depressing I feel I must send flowers to the writers and feed them godiva chocolate so they can write at least one character with a happy storyline. Seriously. Dr. Kovatch on a Gurney watching helplessly as his pregnant girlfriend Abby falls to the floor bleeding profusely? Whe is he tied up in a Gurney? The desk receptionist close to death? The rebel nurse and son and the shooter (her baby daddy) running off in an ambulance? WHAT KIND OF CLIFF HANGER IS THAT? The cliffhanger: Everyone on the show is now dead and theyll be introducing a new cast next season?!? Huh? Explanations greatly appreciated.


Sobia said...

have fun :P!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad said...

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Muslim Mama said...

wow! yummy looking cake!!

Mia said...

I saw it too and I am so forward to next season. I don't think you missed anything really. The big guy Jerry got shot protecting a kid it doesn't look too good for him. Did you see Will & Grace? I cried like a baby.

Have fun on your trip, enjoy, absorb and don't 4get my post card I want to see it all through your eyes. Be safe!

wayfarer said...

That is soooo funny! (the cake)

Aisha said...

Thanks all :)

Mia- but why is Dr. Kovatch tied up in a Gurney? Where is clemente? Ahh! :(

pixie said...

I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. That cake is so cute!!! I missed ER this season, what a cliffhanger! I guess I'll be catching up this summer!

Tee said...

ROFL!! You have some really special friends. The cake is hilarious.

When I go on a trip I keep a list in my pocket and every time I think of something I want to pack I write it on my list... Kind of late for that though, huh?

I'm so excited for you. Be safe, Aisha! {HUGS}

Aisha said...

Pixie thank you :)

Tee, I am the Queen of lists and I made a list, a nice long long list for this trip but I also lost common sense for a second and took the list to go shopping instead of just writing down the "need to shop for" items on a seperate list, and as is my habit after I grocery shop I chuck the list on my way out the door :( Oh well ! :)

Shabina said...

that cake looks delish :) Good luck in Brazil, homeslice. When do you get back again?

I was disappointed in the season finale. I started watching some ER again b/c I like the overseas episodes, and the desi chick is cool. but come on, Abby can't have a miscarriage, b/c Carter's woman already had one. TWO miscarriages in like two seasons? Methinks not.... :)

momyblogR said...

OK, that cake is too much. You have great friends with fabulous humor. LOL!!

I get to see the season finale of NOTHING! I've yet to figure THAT out!


Mia said...

Dr. K walked in on the convicts just as they were about to leave and Dr. K was poked with a needle by the prisoners girl friend (the fake EMT trainee). Clemente had a nervous breakdown last week he's in the psych ward upstairs. The break down was cool he kicked the living crap out of a can and climbed up on it and peed all over the place!

Just me said...

phew Mia - thank god , u caught that episode! Wouldn't want Aisha to leave without total peace of mind!


Peace be upon you Aisha!
Be safe.

mystic-soul said...

good luck.

Plz. write Brazil diary.

mezba said...

Best of luck.

Anonymous said...

All the best Aisha!


mayya said...

I've never seen blue icing on a cake, must've tasted great :)
Have fun in Rio, Safe journey and I'm looking forward to reading your travel accounts and seeing pictures :)

Enyur said...

lol! Awww...have a safe trip!!!

opinionatedinjerzee said...

have a safe trip!!

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