Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Paratay Vacation

Children of the Paratay Favelas
Snapshots from my wanderings in ParatayI had to take a picture of the rocks because they were lethal! Most of the time was spent looking where you were going because of the various textures shapes and sizes.

This snapshot still gives me chills. When I was looking for pictures of Brazil to upload on a blog during my debate on if I should go or not, I saw and uploaded a picture of a lovely beach. What were the odds I]d end up on an island in Paratay where that snap was taken? Coincidence?

Some views of the water and beach. The people you see are all fellow law students. This island (Not the island of carcineoros, a different island) was all ours.

And that´s all for now folks. I hope you enjoyed :)


pixie said...

Thank you for the pics! It looks beautiful!

mystic-soul said...

very nice...absolutely great !!

momyblogR said...

What amazing posts and pictures. You hope I enjoyed it? I swear, I felt like I was there. The pictures are beautiful and your writing is so passionate. I can imagine people not caring to begin with but after reading your posts, my gosh they would have to.

I would love to visit a place like that myself but until that day, I'm thrilled you took me along on you trip.

I'm thinkin' Photojournalism in next for you! :):)

Be safe.


Living Away said...

the stones were lethal?? i laughed a lot!
if you have time, go to trindade. this small village is for sure the paradise on earth!!!
have fun!!
stones were lethal! that's funny!!

Aisha said...

Pixie thanks!!!1!

Mystic thanks im glad you enjoyed

Mommyblogr thanks for reading and your comments it really makes me feel good to know that this writing means something to someone.

Leandra they are sooooooo bumpy!!! We had two kids twist their ankles on them! have you been to paratay? it's scary1

Living Away said...

of course i have and many times! i adore parati! it's really the paradise on earth. i do know those stones and i think that they are so charming...
i'm so glad you are havign a good time. please don't walk on those stones if you drink a local cachaca. that will be hard!!
and don't forget to eat pineaples!!
have fun!!

Sobia said...

Those pics are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them! Hope you are having fun!

Tee said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thank you for taking the time to upload those. {HUGS}

Jane said...

One word--WOW! I have never been to a place like this. It's so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

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