Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why Brasil? Why?!?

Brasil lost to France in the world cup semi-finals today. *sigh* While in Brasil I only saw the reaction when they won but never saw what happens when they lose. If you're from Rio de Janeiro, or know of footage online showing the reaction please share! It's a shot in the dark but doesn't hurt to ask.


Huda said...

Ivan and I always worry about the players from the South American teams when they lose, especially on PKs (like Argentina) because of that one guy who got shot in Colombia for missing a goal.

Of course, there's a difference between Argentina and Colombia, as the former has fewer drugs and more sanity, but still...

On the WC side, I still cannot believe Brasil lost to France, as I was counting on them to win because France beat Spain. On the positive side, though, this means the announcers can continue dicussing Aun-ree. ;)

Sons of Dean said...

Those Brasilians are getting to fat for Samba !
Olsen of DK

mezba said...

Brazil never clicked as a team (just like Eng). Also they were not really tested by a good team before France, and they played only ONE warm up match before the world cup.

Zack said...

Brazil lost in the quarterfinals, not the semifinals.

Abdusalaam said...

As fan of France, it was one the best days for me.

ViVa La France!

Baraka said...

Not that I've been watching the WC at all but I was surprised when B got ousted.

Now that it's a bunch of Europeans competing I have even less incentive to watch! :/

Aisha said...

Huda- yeah its really interesting how crazy people get for soccer. I heard its why Beckham doesnt like playing in England b/c the fans are over the top and frighten him.

son, lol. hm ok:)

Mezba, I thought they had good team cheistry though. But the way France creamed them... I cant say that the defeat was unfair. Im surprised France didn't beat them worse and that is saying something considering I was reallyrooting for Brasil.

Zach, whoops.. thanks :)

Abdusalaam, why did you prefer France?!

Baraka, yes I was finally excited to haev a sport I could follow with interset but now that Brasil lost I've lost the interest in the sport again :)

Tee said...

I didn't even watch this game because I was so sure Brazil would obliterate France that it wouldn't be interesting to watch. LOL. My husband told me the final score and I thought he was joking with me!

The people of Brazil must be so depressed. I feel badly for the team - so much pressure.

Here are some reaction videos:

(On the video where they show Brazilian newspapers - the cover says "Vergonha" in huge letters - which is Portuguese for "Shame")

Living Away said...

Hey Aisha!!

Our reaction was something indescribable, since we Brazilians can’t stand people who doesn’t fight, people who don’t give their lives for something they believe. So, because of that we are so pro Zidane now. Unbelievable, hun?! lol
Well, the Brazilian team didn’t show they power, its strengthen, its forces. They didn’t do anything, playing like they had no compromises with anything. We know that nobody can win always, and we really understand that! We really know what losing means and we are ok with that…but we can’t understand losing without fighting!
So, answering your question… Brazilians went out down the streets to expose their/our angry with this team that just think about money, about their own bellybutton. We went out to show that we don’t support them anymore and to show the reasons why we don’t support them. At least right now, because as you saw, we have a huge heart and we can’t keep sadness in our heart for too long.

Aisha said...

Thanks for the links tee!!!!! yay! can't wait to watch them now.

Leandra, yes brasilians are passionate i guess the reaction should not be shocking.

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