Wednesday, August 23, 2006

And here we go again...

I'm not sure how this summer flew by so quickly but here I am again in school, as though no time passed at all. The beginning of fall semester is, to put it as nicely as possible, not my favorite time of the year... parking is nonexistent, cashiers are extra incompetent, lines are exceedingly long, and the mind is absolutely resentful to have been awoken from its peaceful slumber. This particular semester is going to be long. I have an externship with a children's hospital, researching a book for a professor, taking 6 courses including nighttime Evidence which is 4 hours ending at about 10pm.

But perspective is important... my externship involves advocating for chronic and terminally ill children. If you ever feel sorry for yourself at all, take a walk through these corridors, at babies in cribs hooked up to IV's and oxygen tanks, weary parents slumped asleep by their side, or sobbing quietly as they watch their children sleeping... all I can say is its a sudden and much needed punch of perspective straight to the gut.


Raheel said...

nice to hear that you're living your life to the fullest =)

momyblogR said...

WOW, you ARE going to be busy.

Your advocating work for the kids, I know will be well worth it and very rewarding.

How true are you words on perspective. This past July makes 11 years ago that my older brother and his wife were exactly those parents. Their oldest son, who was only 5 was diagnosed with cancer. I would travel with my sister in law to Birmingham Childrens Hospital with their two younger children and would stay at the Ronald McDonaly House. Seeing first hand, the suffering of not only my nephew but of all the children there as well as their families was almost too much. My nephew passed away at age 6.

All this happened prior to me becoming a Mother, and I know then I couldn't fully feel the impact as a parent. However, the experience is everlasting and I draw on it always, espcially now having children of my own. PERSPECTIVE!!

So, anything you do on behalf of these children I know will be appreciated. Thank you.

The somewhat of a silver lining to my family tragedy is....on the very same morning in July, six hours after my nephews death, my younger sister gave birth to a beautiful little girl. My gosh, talk about a flood of emotion.:) :(

Tee said...

Thanks for the perspective - as my kids are, this very second as I type this, fighting with each other over a toy. At least they are healthy.

How do you fight against depression while doing an exnternship like this?

Minka said...

I can see how that would put perspective in your life.
I actively do it though, whenever I feel blue or too much pitty coming to the surface in myself...I quickly go to comparision mode and breathe and start to be thankful!

mezba said...

wow you are going to be busy.

I thought you were a lawyer?

Aisha said...

Raheel, life to the fullest.. hm, i dont know about that, but it is full! :) PS: where have you been? Hope you're well!

Mommyblogr that just brought me to tears... how sad. I hope your brother is coping with it okay... and how interesting for a birth to follow a passing so closely.. My mom always says she would not wish the death of a child even on the most inhumane of people... I've seen people whove lost kids.. some seem to be okay, but others, it changes them forever, you can see a huanted look in their eyes.. some just a look that the lights are off. *sigh*

Tee, i hope they stopped fighting over the toy, :) School hasn't started yet? Well its only my first week but it was really sad... I think "not getting depressed" will be a challenge. Even other lawyers here who were nurses once said that seeing kids like this... you never really get numb to it.

Minka, that is a good thing to do. also why you are prob a very cheerful soul!:)

Mezba, I'm in lawschool, still have a year before I'm a lawyer. I wonder how I gave off an impression of being a lawyer with all my lawschool horror stories :)

Aisha said...

Plus Mezba I was in Rio for lawschool.

mystic-soul said...

I can do any work in life or can take any emotional blow except taking care of sick and dying kids !!

No baby ! - I am not that strong..

Once I had to cover pediatric ICU for 4 weeks as part of my work but after 2 days I took leave of 4 weeks.

Sohnii said...


The hospital work will change you, lemme tell you that. esp the kids. With the elder patients, they have ways of controlling, bearing and expressing their pain. Kids dont. Yesterday I listened to a baby cry for thirty minutes in his mum's lap, in the paeds ward. You feel depressed seeing them in pain. But then u'll have good days, when you see babies come in sick with nothing but a huge smile on their faces. Its going to be tiring and depressing, but more than that, its rewarding, every step of the way. You learn how to live your life and face difficulties by seeing perfect examples in front of you.

Jane said...

Both of my kids have been quite ill on several occasions, although thankfully not near death. Seeing your child hurt, ill, or in pain is about the worst thing you can ever experience. Worse than childbirth. I hope I never have to experience what the parents you see are going through. You've got quite an emotional ride ahead for you. Best of luck.

Shabina said...

aisha, this struck me in your comments section:

"you never really get numb to it."

i think that's a good thing. if we stopped feeling empathy, we might as well be dead.

Aisha said...

Mystic, it is tough I agree... but when you know you are helping make their life better its a fulfilling feeling.

Sohnii, amen to that. I hope it will remind me of perspective.

Jane, I hope your children are better now. I also pray you never are in the same shoes as the people in this hospital.

Shabina, its true you should never get numb but sometimes it makes you burn out if you can't find a way to numb yourself.... dont you think?

Tee said...

Aisha - No, haven't started back to school yet. The 8 yr old goes back on Monday and the 4 yr old starts Pre-K Sept 7.

As for your new externship, maybe it's time to watch the movie, Patch Adams and pick up some tips?

If you haven't seen it, it's an excellent movie (Come on, you can't go wrong with Robin Williams!)... Makes it even better that it's based on a true story.

The actual hospital in the movie hasn't been built yet since they're doing it completely on donations, but they have the land (310 acres in WV). They also have groups who volunteer and visit hospitals all over the world.

More info at

Also, I'm curious why you are doing what seems to be a medical externship when you're studying law? Am I missing something obvious? LOL.

Aisha said...

I saw patch adams, it was so sad.

Yeah I guess it sounds odd that i'm in a hospital considering I'm a lawyer, lol. I work in an office at the hospital with four other attorneys and three other interns. We are at a children's hospital for terminally ill/chornic illness children but we are there to address the legal issues of those who are 200% below the poverty line. For example, people might be sitting at their kids bedside and thus missing work and thus getting fired, we try to preevnt them from getting fired... some are getting evicted b/c they can't afford rent b/c of all the medical expenses, we try to help them on the legal end of this, doing the legal steps if there is abuse, etc. Personally, I am not goign to be really interacting with the kids THAT much but more with their parents and the courtroom side of it. Hope that explains it better! :)

Christina said...

Welcome to the world of Pediatrics. It can be both very rewarding and draining at the same time. I have worked in the PICU for 5 years as a nurse and felt like I have lived through a war! Here are some of my experiences:

rehtwo said...

Your externship sounds AMAZING (and like a lot of work, but still supremely cool.)

Aisha said...

Tanookie, wow I can imagine, the nurses tehre are so cheerful and sweet though.

Rehtwo, yes i'm quite thrilled with it. Thanks :)

Tee said...

Aisha - Gotcha. What did you think of the movie John Q? I wonder how many parents might not do the same for their child? It's sad when one has to think about money issues when a child needs medical care.

pixie said...

What an amazing externship. What an awesome way to help people.

Aisha said...

Tee I saw it a while ago, I think it was about Denzel trying to hold people hostage to care for his son? I remeber crying in it..... but yeah if its what I remember.. i mean you will do anything for your kids. I hope things like John Q dont really happen but i wouldnt be surprised.

Pixie, aw thanks :)

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