Thursday, September 14, 2006


The proposal for my dream job, due today. After a slightly melodramatic day I sat down to submit. That was the hardest part. You stare at the words final submit on the screen for at least five minutes. You gulp and with all your strength click yes. Then just as you're about to sigh a breath of relief and say its over, its really over. The computer, as though eager to taunt you, as though hoping you will run from it hands flailing and screaming asks: "ARE YOU SURE??? IF YOU CLICK YES YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO EDIT THIS APPLICATION AGAIN!!!" So after approximately fifteen more minutes of staring panic stricken at these words, you gulp. you click. and let the waiting game fun begin.

PS: Ali and Aamir, thank you much for the wishlist gifts! Its a trippy feeling to get an Amazon package on your doorstep when you know you did not buy anything! :) From your quite random assortment, Captain Underpants will be my book of choice tonight as I try to think of something other than this job, and actually get some rest.


Anonymous said...


Tee said...

LOL - I have had those feelings when paying bills online. I re-read all the info, amount to pay, which account, date, etc several times and even after that I still feel worried when I hit SUBMIT. LOL.

It's in God's hands now. Try to relax!

mystic-soul said...

And application is for.....?

Aisha said...

anon thanks :)

Tee... hm yeah... and here it was the job of my dreams... so when they say "are you sure you're ready" I mean... thats a hard thing to click to :0)


Anonymous said...

Aisha, I think Mystic already knew that, but, like me, was wondering about what the job really was!


Aisha said...

Yeah, you're right its really vague. If you are interested in it plase email me and ill be happy to share with you, i just feel uncomfortable disclsoig on a public medium b/c you nver know who is readin and the process is competitive.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Don't worry! I know exactly how competitive things can get. Good luck! And let us know if it works out the way you want it to.

Aisha said...

i dont mind sharing it in a personal medium! Insh'allah if I were to be fortunate enough to get this, I will probably talk about it non stop... if I dont, there will probably a post of the ensuing depression :)

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