Monday, November 27, 2006

And for the record I am NOT a monkey

Thought I'd share the most interesting ways people found me!
Aisha broke my ankle- no... I didn't...
I wish I was never born- aw..that is sad... find help here
Aisha hates Borat- no... no I do not.
Technical difficulties of my life- again.. here.
Aisha the fabulous- why... thank yew.
Aisha Turkey- hey!
Aisha Monkey- No I am NOT!


mystic-soul said...

BTW I never understood how you can see that trackback..

but recently I was reading mezba's blog..and someone reach his blog after typing "Bhabhi fair and lovely"

I am not sure how accurate all this it?

Anonymous said...

People search for the weirdest things. Me thinks they have way to much spare time on their hands!!!:)

Anonymous said...

Mystic-soul, you can use various websites that make use of a browser's 'referrer' property to note the search terms. I use a to learn about visitors to my blog.

Well Aisha, atleast no one was searching for your husband this time! unlike the last time you posted the search terms...

rehtwo said...

Hahah wow. At least they're G-rated...

Aisha said...

Mystic, Mezba explained it well. I use the same service. Its pretty accurate I think. If you type in those search terms into google or yahoo my site does infact show up.

Pixie. I hope if someoen reached me through this site they will fess up :)

Mezba, good memory!!! :) lol Yeah at least the searchers have moved on from Kashif. I do occasionlly get hits for Kashif but none too "eyebrow raising"

Rehtwo, yes for the most part they are G rated :)

momyblogR said...

Ok, so you're a 'Fabulous monkey, with a technical difficult life, who wishes they were never born and as a result, runs around breaking peoples ankles. You hate Borat and therefore must be a turkey!"

Not exactly the way I think I'd desribe you, but then again some folks are just strange, lol! :):)

Aisha said...

LOL Thanks Mommyblogr. That cracked me up!!!! :)

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