Monday, November 06, 2006

It broke

By it I mean my ankle. Being as I never had a sprained ankle before I just assumed that's how sprained ankles feel. Everyone says they hurt and swell and make you hobble all peculiar-like. But it wasn't going away, infact it was hurting a little more each day. So I went through a series of logical reasoning: I have insurance. It's for when I don't feel so good. I don't feel so good. So I went to the doctor who X-Rayed the foot and told me I have a fractured bone. To which I replied: "No I do not. My dream job is interviewing me next week. I am wearing black heels. I have to wear my black heels with my black suit" To which she paused for a moment perhaps wondering if I had injured my head in the fall too and responded "no, you will not wear your black heels, you will wear this air cast for now, and then after orthopedics you will wear a cast or a boot. No black heels" The nurse perhaps sensing my distress assured me no interviewer would hold a cast against me when judging my professional appearance. She pointed out that it wasnt like I was walking in with a pink head of hair. True.

My friends pointed out that its a good conversation starter. Except my story is not that exciting: I was going to talk to my professor and missed a step and fell. *yawn* My brother suggested that I say that I was on my way to do something noble when I saw a baby carriage rolling down the street and in my valiant efforts to save it I tripped and injured my foot!

I feel slightly better about the lack of cute black heels for the interview but the dilemma remains. What do I wear on the other foot? The doctor recomends sneakers but there is NO WAY I am showing up to a law firm in Adidas. I know the girl on last season's Apprentice had crutches. what did she wear on her other foot? Doesn't one heel look silly?

This may sound sordid but as a kid I used to envy the kids that came to school with the white cast on their arms or legs because the other kids go to sign it, the teacher gave them candy, and all the kids wanted to be their friend so they could try out their crutches. I remember one day saying to myself as a six year old "Gee I hope i get to have a cast one day" 21 years later I am reminded that one must be careful for what they wish for because one day, when you least expect it, it just might come true!


Anonymous said...

my suggestion, black flats, open toed and a fantastic pedicure on the good foot to make you smile everytime you look at how perfect it is (thts wht i do at least i.e. smile)!!!!:)
get well soon :)

rehtwo said...

Oh NO! :( I agree with the friendly lion in re: what should go on your other foot - there are lots of professional-looking black flats out there. I should think that one heel might look odd, but more importantly, it might be awkward and even dangerous! Good luck on your interview! I am sure that you will do brilliantly.

Anonymous said...

Professional black shoe on the other foot and composure are all you need! Good Luck!


Baji said...

Oh no, you poor thing! Nice black flat will be perfect.

momyblogR said...

Oh man, a broken ankle, what timing, lol! Yeah, I guess we should all be careful about what we wish for.

As far as the other foot goes... I freely admit, NO one ever makes it a point to consult me when it comes to fashion. Now, I can totally put myself together for any occassion but I don't dole out much advice. On relationships, child rearing, cooking and most domestic issues I feel a bit more qualified, lol! :)

You will do fabulous in your interview....cast or no cast!

Aisha said...

Thanks all for your advice and well wishes!

Do you think black flats should be open toed or closed? Rehtwo you work in a lawfirm, do you see ppl with open toed shoes at an interview?

Anonymous said...

Definitely closed toe. I have never seen an open toed shoe in a legal interview (I just finished the OCI process myself).

Sorry about your ankle! Hope you feel better soon.


mezba said...

Aisha, Aisha, Aisha.

I do NOT know why women fuss over their shoes. Really. Anything you wear, as long as its not sneakers, is fine. When we interviewed summer students the last thing we looked at for the females were their shoes. Really.

Having said that, here are some ideas for your cast story.

1. You were in Iraq.
2. You were so happy when you found out about this interview that you jumped in the air. And then fell. On your leg.
3. Your dishwasher fell on you (my personal favourite).
4. You got hurt in karate class. You kicked the pile of bricks rather than chopping them with your iron wrists.
5. You were in Brazil when this bullet ....

Good luck on your upcoming interview.

Aisha said...

Rasha, thanks :) I THOUGHT that closed toed shoes are what I should wear. I didnt know if there was diffrent dress code when ou have a cast. Well insh'allah it wont be a cast but incase.

Mezba, your comment left me laughing into tears. Thank you for your suggestions. I think if I walk in limpng with a cast AND it was my dishwasher that attacked me. They would just HAVE to give me the job, lol :)

Jane said...

I agree with friendly lion as well. A nice black flat should do nicely. Best of luck.

pixie said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle:(

Cindi said...

As someone else who had to go to a job interview with a broken ankle I recommend black flats for the uninjured foot. I got the job by the way. I also broke my ankle walking my dog, my foot just sort of twisted under me (i'm the world's biggest klutz!) and that was it and like you I walked on it for a month before getting it checked. Hope it's better quick and good luck with the interview!

Aisha said...

Jane- thanks for your advice :) I think that's what I'm going to do...

Pixie- :( I know. Oh well. Thanks though :)

Cindi- THANKS for telling me that it did not hurt in your interview. I hope that maybe it ends up giving me sympathey for the interviewee rather than annoyance at her clumsiness :) Your tale gives me greater confidence.

mystic-soul said...

To continue list of Mezba...

1. You broke your leg in honor of french soccer player Zinedine.

2. You were trying to learn yoga.

3. You were skiing at colarado.

4. You were trying to stop your car parked up/downhill.

5. You just wanted to see how it feels with broken ankle to be a successful injury lawyer.

(On serious note I think this gives you edge on other people.. you know how?..interviewers will remember you..OH! that girl with broken ankle - otherwise all girls look same with black dress and black heel..isn't it?)

rehtwo said...

Definitely closed-toe. Just saw a bunch of 2Ls go through two weeks ago (got to escort some of them around, it was fun!) - I think at a law firm you're always much better off dressing as conservatively as possible, at least for the interview.

Ahmad said...

I know exactly what you mean with that last paragraph...strange ideas and perceptions kids have at that young age

Mia said...

Ouch! Thanks goodness it wasn't worse like the leg you know? I cast in my vote with the black flats can't go wrong with that.

Aisha said...

Mystic and the list goes on :) lol. true they will definetly remember me.

Rehtwo yeah. I am so much comfortable wearing my hair down but the lady I did a mock interview today with said that its not conservative (my hair is almost touching my waist) oh vell. :( A bun it is. A bun just makes me feel like a mean school marm. That's all.

Ahmad, true :)

Mia, for sure it could have been much worse. The ortho doc yesterday did not seem to be too upset about it. It will heal fine. He said it was the best type of fracture to have, if that is, one must have a fracture. :)

Living Away said...

Hey Aisha! I’m so sorry for your ankle!
Whatever you will use, don’t squeeze your foot into something that will make you very uncomfortable just to show some fashion style. Dress code is an important thing in laws’ world, but I think that the one/s who will interview you will see all the effort you are making to be there on time, without any excuses.
Good luck!

sheryza said...

you have a way with words. your too funny. hope you get better soon.

mystic-soul said...

My vote is against making bun of hair...!! And I don't see any problem going for interview with hair upto waist...

Tee said...

Oh my gosh! How could you not know it was broken? My gosh, you've been walking around all this time with a broken ankle and I told you to just take OTC pain reliever and elevate, etc!

When you broke it you didn't have any awful sensation? When I broke a bone in my foot (16 years old), The moment it broke I felt like I was overcome by a wave in the ocean. There was a big roar of noise in my ears and I went deaf. I saw sparks of light and then everything looked foggy. It was really scary. I couldn't hear or see properly.

I was also jealous of the kids who had casts in elementary school. After I broke my foot, not so much. Same thing with glasses and braces. LOL. Why do those things seem cool at the time?

I like your brother's idea for a story about what happend ;) Hee hee... I hope you figure out the shoe dilema and I hope your cast makes you stand out from the other candidates. It'll make you more memorable. As in, "Remember that beautiful, intelligent woman with the cast? What was her name? Aisha? We should hire her."



Aisha said...

Living Away, yes I need to remember not to ruin my foot in the pursuit of cute shoes :) And I think you're right, perhaps it will give me some sort of sympathy vote? :)

Sheryza, welcome to the blog. I'm glad it made you smile :)

Mystic, yeah still deciding but most likely will keep it up.

Tee, owwww yours sounds bad!!!! Admittedly it was quite painful. And walking particulary the day of... wow. it was incredibly excruciating. I dont know how I did it. The break is not the ankle it turned out but the fifth metatarsul (Sp?) and its not on the bottom of my foot... i was just limping pretty much not using that foot at all. It still hurt though. The reason I even decided to go to the doctor was some guy bumped into me causing me to jump and THEN IT HURT. :) Oh well, at lesat its being healed now. Thanks for the well wishes for the interview. I am hoping I get it!!! :)

Muslim Wife said...

Abu Hurairah also reports that Allah's Messenger,salallahu alaihi wasalaam, said:

"For every misfortune, illness, anxiety, grief, or hurt that afflicts a Muslim -even the hurt caused by the pricking of a thorn - Allah removes some of his sins."

Insha'allah, may this be a purification for you : )

Rabia said...

how did you you break it? how about those cute sneakers like diesels? they'd look slick with a good suit.

Anonymous said...

Okay, seriously, my tummy is hurting a lot and I can only blame your hilarious story and Mezba's suggestions!

Man this post was good. what am I saying?! It was dang hilarious! :D Thanks for cheering me up! Inshallah you got the job or will get the job. I mean, going to an interview with a cast! Di dyou tell them that this was your dream job and that you wouldn't miss the interview for the world?! That would be a great thing to say especially since you had a cast on! the cast proves you wouldn't miss it for anything!

Btw, you fell down or up the stairs?

Aisha said...

Muslim, thank you for that quote. :)

Diesels, never heard f them. I am ging o do a google search now.

Bengali Fob. down the stairs :( Yes Mezba is hilarious :) Glad it mad you smile!

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