Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Have you ever met someone who has a special aura? Its something instantly upon their face. I call this nur (light). As though a light is twinkling from their eyes giving you a glimpse into their soul. It's more than being a good person. It's more than being kind. Its deeper, it's stronger. It's hard to put it into words. Kamal the owner of our favorite Turkish establishment who smiles telling the most absurd stories, yet you can see the nur dancing in his eyes. Lucia from college who could make me forget my worries or at least see them in a different light. They make you feel comfortable as though you've known them all your life though they perhaps only entered your life just a moment earlier. I've never asked, but I wonder, do they know?

This week it was a full house. With exams around the corner, papers creeping up to say "boo!" and the normal apprehension that comes from being a host for almost a week to a houseful, I felt stressed. As I stood in the kitchen heating haleem, simmering chicken korma and checking on the naan, feeling absolutely overwhelmed, Kashif's mamu arrived, and I saw it again. He had only just walked in the kitchen, smiled and shook his head saying the obligatory "you shouldn't have" and then I saw it: The sincere smile, the way he made everyone laugh despite themselves, the twinkle in the eye. The infectious way it spread to everyone. Nur.

I've always tried to quantify the qualities that bring about Nur. Is it the manner in which they interact? The way they talk? The things they say? I want to know so I can emulate it. I want the Nur. I want it to shine from my soul through my eyes touching those I encounter just as those with Nur do mine. But perhaps Nur cannot be acquired. Perhaps it is only bestowed. If you're fortunate enough to meet someone like that you should be thankful, and savor the joy they leave behind lingering like fragrant jasmine.


mystic-soul said...

It comes to the people who graduated to the side of 'giving'! With their good deeds and heart of making other human beings comfortable, they get this nur of peace for others in their eyes and smile. Again its a line between 5 evils and 5 virtues - depends which side you are.

mystic-soul said...

The five evils are Kaam (Lust), Krodh (Rage), Lobh (Greed), Moh (Attachment) and Ahankar (ego).

The five virtues are Sat(Truth), Daya(Compassion), Santosh (Contentment), Nimrata (Humility) and Pyar (Love).

Anonymous said...

in my opinion it is gifted. certainly it needs a person to be good internally and some strong belief inside to smile when none can.

wayfarer said...

but you already have the nur my dear....

abulhasnaat said...

wel, i agree with wayfarer
that thing is for sure in your words...
atleast in this corner of blogspot...
no wonder ppl keep coming back

Aisha said...

Mystic I never heard of tha tbefore. Thanks for sharing. Interesting.

Aragaorn, certainly. it is a gift :)

Wayfarer and Abulhasnaat, thank you for being so nice..... but I don't know about that. Insh'allah one day :)

Baraka said...


It's such a beautiful trait...I think it comes from self-knowledge & acceptance.

That calm inner space then makes it easier to move beyond oneself and give to others, whether with a smile or a listening ear.


momyblogR said...

Ah yes, the "light!" It's amazing, a small steady flicker. Nothing big or bright, just enough to warm you in their presence. It's as though you can actually step into their glow if you stand close enough.

Although I'm not sure I can name it, I can recognize it immediately.

I don't think it's the way they speak or interact.....There are plenty of people that do that just fine. With great elegance and grace, kindness and soft tones, yet they don't have that light!

I believe it's the true essence of who they are, it's IN them, at the very core of their person.

Well, that's what I think. :):)

As for you......"I want it to shine from my soul through my eyes touching those I encounter....."

Don't be so sure you don't already to that!

Anonymous said...

i remember seeing nur like never before when i went to syria and lived amongst dozens of women, all keepers of the qur'an. i recall the elderly ladies especially, with smooth, unlined faces that positively *radiated* with light. twas amazing, AH...

Anonymous said...

My Nano had this. And it was not just me who saw this, everyone she spoke to would become completely mesmerized by her. She made everyone feel loved. She was very religious and although she has passed, I continue to see her in my dreams. I miss her.

congrats on the dream job too! hope it doesn't stress you out too much.

Aisha said...

Baraka very true. Because to have those qualities mean that one has inner peace. Its the inner peace that contributes to the nur :)

Momyblogr, its great to meet ppl like that :) You're right its a small and steady flicker. I'm glad its not just me whose "seen" it lol

Shabina that sounds like an inspiring experience.

Chic, I'm sorry she passed :(. You're lucky to have been in the presence of such a person though mash'allah.
Thanks for dream job. Insh'allah it wont strses me out too much :)

Jane said...

I call it charisma. People go like a moth to a flame to those who have it. My grandma Betty has it. And I once dated a guy who had it too. He used it in a negative way though. And by the way, I think you have more charisma than you know. Look at all these strangers (myself included) who flock to your blog.

Aisha said...

Jane. Charisma!!! That is definitely a part of it actually. ITs funny you should say that particularly with the guy you dated who gave you a negative experience despite his charisma. Kashif and a friend were shocked that I put Kamal the turkish guy as having Nur because they think he snt exactly "pure and virtuous" But thats why I said its nto just about being "pure and virtuous" its more than that. Perhaps Charisma has a lot to do with it. And thank you for saying that re Charisma. Not sure about it, but all the same I appreciate it :0)

mystic-soul said...

Just on funny side:

Tum aaye, Nur aa gaya
chalo teeno movie chalte hain

(Came to me as junk few days ago)

mystic-soul said...

Send you an email..check it.

Anonymous said...

it ws beautiful to read abt theNur..certainly it comes to ppl who r alwys calm n composed, alwys at peace widin themselves, the Righteous Ones, who doesnt let the Shaithan enter into them...n whn i c my grandma n grandpa, in their presenc i feel the same thing, how frm their face radiates a light tht can capture evryone's heart n tht can light up any heartbroken soul...their presenc itself s glorious..

n abt u wantin to hve the nur, i just read thru al ur posts, n i believ u already hve tht nur, n also ppl who hve tht light on their face wil only b able to realise other ppl's too... n MaashaAllah ur blog makes me wantin to come here to read more f ur posts!

Take Care.. n have a Blessed DAy

Aisha said...

Mystic :) I will check the email in a little bit. Just got home. But will do!

Suroor welcome to the blog and thanks for being so very kind! I hope you will return!! :)

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