Monday, December 11, 2006

Serenity Now

To the left you see the virtual equivalent to the current state of mind of yours truly. Add to it Hajj frustration. And the utter lack of chocolate in this house and you have a very unhappy camper (minus camping)

Years ago my dad and I listened to Zig Ziggler, a motivational speaker describe being stuck at the airport after a long week away from his family. He encountered rude people, missed his flight, the next one cancelled due to snow, and a 12 hour airport stay. His response: That's Fantastic. Ofcourse he did not feel that way but he ascribed to the "fake it till you make it" school of thought and decided not to react but instead respond to the situation. So instead of reacting by bemoaning the negative he responded by being grateful for the positive: namely, that that the powers that be caught the dangerous weather condition before they took off, that he was in a warm and toasty airport with plenty of coffee and could finish a book he had and work on some writing he'd been meaning to catch up on. His point was simple yet crucial: If he chose to be upset and complain and cry his circumstance would not change. By the end of it Ziggy (if I can be so familiar) was satisfied and content with his situation.

He's right. Why grumble over what you cannot change? So in honor of you Ziggy, let me think of the good:

1. True I don't know if I'm going to Hajj. True I may not know until two days before. But who doesn't like surprises? Okay, I hate surprises but still... surprises can be fun right? How exciting!!

2. Yes I hate studying. Yes I have to study. Yes I would rather watch paint dry than look at one more hearsay hypothetical but I'm so lucky it will be over soon. I am lucky to be in my last year and I am so lucky I was able to find abundant study aides to assist in that which I am incompetent.

3. Yes I proscratinated an hour away watching Mean Girls on TBS instead of reviewing my practice exam but that one hour is now forever gone and besides, Mean Girls is funny and at least I had a comfy couch to sit on, and eyes to see with and chai with which to drink as I took a "well deserved break"

4. Yes I could really do with some chocolate right now. Yes I am a chocolate aficiando grateful for chocolate of all shapes color and sizes. And yes there is no chocolate, not even chocolate syrup in the house. But I'm grateful that if the desire was unbearable there is a Walgreens within jogging distance containing all the chocolatey goodness I could ever hope for. And besides this helps me finally start the diet which is eternally set to begin "tomorrow"

5. Yes there is an owl hooting in my backyard. Yes for some reason birds are drawn to my house and find quiet joy in driving me nutty. In the morning they chirp right by my window. At night they hoot me out of peace of mind. Hmm.. how about, at least they wake me up at a reaonable hour so I don't sleep in too late and keep me up at night so I can make sure to get maximum studying done?

Feeling better already...


Rabia said...

I think it is time to write to the Tazo chai people... ;) I guess we all must learn sooner rather than later that God is in control of all things and whatever happens usually works out for the best. Good luck with the positive thinking. Sometimes it is amazingly difficult, but you can do it!

Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel (well, about the law school stuff). Con Law done. Trusts & Estates (this Tuesday) and Medical Malpractice (Thursday) to go.


mystic-soul said...

I agree, its time to write to the Tazo chai people... lol

Anonymous said...

I swear all birds who chirp at night are possessed!

momyblogR said...

What a great way to start off a Monday....It's always nice to be reminded of just how much I have to be thankful for myself. :)

Baraka said...

No chocolate?


The heresy!

Get out there & get some chocolate, girl!

Trust me, it will make everything else so much easier. :)

Aisha said...

Rabia, yes its a lesson I know but sometimes its good to stress that concept to oneself.

Rasha good luck with your exams. Arent you a 2L by the way? Did you already have your evidence exam? Mine is tomorrow. yuck.

Mystic, why does this post make you think I should write to Tazo?

Brown Girl, well in the birdies defense... it *is* an owl... It has to hoot at night... its how its made :)

Mommyblogr, for me it was a matter of losing sanity or maintaining whatever semblance of it I pretend to have. :)

Baraka. lol. hmmmmm. I know right? I guess that's what husbands are for. I'll have him do the jogging! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm a 2L, but I didn't take evidence yet. I'm taking it next semester Inshallah.


Anonymous said...

saw two signs in the student center where the undergrads were busy studying today....

1. sleep is for mortals

2. exams 2; richie 1

i hope your score is going a little better. best wishes.

Baji said...

:-) Take care!
Wishing you lots'O Hot Chocolate

Enyur said...

"...not even chocolate syrup in the house." lol! I usually run for the Nutella!

Anonymous said...

first off, mean girls is *awesome*. there is *always* time for mean girls. :) Second, wowsers about not having any chocolate. that sucks. i have too much. all gifts (ok, most of it :D). i'd be happy to send you some iA!

finally, a lot of folks here are stressin about their hajj visas too. logically, it makes sense to not stress about things you can't control...but i feel your pain, girl! will be making du'as iA.

Aisha said...

Rasha oh ok. Here we do Evidence 1st semester and Litigation 2nd semester.

LoA, LOL at the sign... I can relate to Richie!

Baji, lol thanks :)

Enyur oh I did not mean to imply that cholate syrup is my chocolate of choice, in fact, I find it the basest of all chocolates... however even that would do at this hpoint in time ya know??

Shabina do you know if they have been approved for visas? or not even that?

Rabia said...

i love "sleep is for mortals." i am going to make a tshirt out it and wear it to work.

ABCDlaw said...

Hope your Hajj troubles get sorted out. It shouldn't be such a hassle to fulfill a pillar of Islam, but IA everything will be ok, just keep faking it right ;)

P.S. I'm sending choclate thoughts your way!

Anonymous said...

Whats the latest on the hajj? Any chance of you guys getting visas now? Everyone here has got their visas.

Anonymous said...

Whats the latest on the hajj? Any chance of you guys getting visas now?

Anonymous said...

Whats the latest on the hajj? Any chance of you guys getting visas now? Everyone here has got their visas.

Saadia said...

Some perspective: You have a job, you can focus on studying, you get the opportunity to study which many don't, and you might get to go on hajj. Stop whining and hit the books.

Saadia said...

I wouldnt worry about hajj beyond the general disasterous management of it. I mean to say that to say, its a long-term problem and its better than the other problems that could occur there (stampedes). So feel lucky.

Aisha said...

Rabia, amen! Its a great slogan :)

Pyari, feelin the chocolate vibes!! :) lol thanks

Mezba. Still do not know. :)

Saadia, the post was about not complaining :).... and you raise a good point regarding hajj, as far as hajj problems one could have its one of the better oes.

Anonymous said...

i thought the things making noise at night were crickets, but aasem told me they were birds. crazy-ass demented birds. wtf is wrong w/ the wildlife in atl?!? im moving back to dc where birds are awake during the day, and dont attack my friend's houses.

oh and we have chocolate at our house. you should come over. its from halloween so its guaranteed to be fresh.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who goes to hajj twice is a useless waste of space because they are taking away a first-timer's chance. Hopefully, during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th times, they ask forgiveness for being stupid. and Insha'Allah, their request is granted (but I wouldn't count on it if I were them.)

Anonymous said...

*dances around Aisha's blog*

80s does this to me. My Apologies


Aisha said...

Z amen to the birds being crazy in the South... maybe its all the smog. Thanks for the chocolate offer, umm... I think the thought of a month and a half old chocolate makes me want to stick to my diet!! :)

Anon, Normally there is not a shortage of visas from the US in years past, I guess no one could have predicted that..... but I do think that people who go each year like for the past ten years should maybe consider sponsorig an underprivleged family for the opportunity of a lifetime... if the Hajj visa shortage becomes a problem in future years for the US then they (Saudi) should definitly thik about how they divvy up visas to make sure that those who are goig for the 15th time can defer to those who have never been.

Aisha said...

Whoops Salaam Hijab Man!! :)

Why does this blog make you think of 80's music? Inquiring minds want to know! :)

Tee said...

LOL, 80's music? Where? (listening) I don't hear anything?

Anyway, that's the right attitude to take, Aisha. So much of life is just having the right perspective. I wish I could remember that every day but it's something I constantly re-learn. LOL. Maybe I should get it tattooed on my hand or something.

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