Monday, December 04, 2006

Ten random thoughts because writing papers has fried my brain

1. If you choose to sign up for three paper classes don't start working on them the week before they're due.

2. If you need to bulk up your paper without adding additional words it is perfectly fine to switch your font from times new roman to Courier New. (It added eight pages)

3. Should you urgently need information about gay adoption in Florida (you can't) or Dowry murder in India (all too often you unfortunately can) or the manner in which soy is destroying the Amazon I am an unwilling expert in all areas.

4. Turkey sausage contains pork.You'd think they'd put that somewhere outside the teeny tiny last ingredient on the back of the box? What if one was allergic to pork? Don't plain M&M's have warnings that say "may contain trace amounts of peanuts?" Shouldn't one who took the extra step to buy turkey sausage be told there may be trace amounts of pork?!

5. If your Hajj agency decides to overbook so you still dont have a visa and you may not get one you must conclude of all the things in the world that are meant to be, if you're not going to go to Hajj through no fault of your own, its just not meant to be.

6. I finally saw My Cousin Vinny after my Evidence professor made references to it all semester and the entire class laughed and I'd sort of smile with a vacant expression unsure what was so funny until Amanda said "Who has never seen this movie." Which left me feeling quite pop-culture-ally-deprived so Kashif bought it for me for $4 on Black Friday and I just saw it I and think I like it so much it might be up there with Office Space. Might.

7. Last night I studied until 5am. I went to sleep. I woke up and I could see everything so clearly. I accidentally slept in my contacts. I never sleep in contacts because a) I have dry eyes b)I only recently started wearing them again and c) my mom told me scary stories when I first got them about how they can slip into your brain and get stuck. These are dailies. I left them on all the next day. Can I make a habit of this?

8. A friend made a statement about blogging I disagree with. One of these days when I have time to form a coherent thought I will address it in a post. So if I am not addressing it in this post, why am I mentioning it at all? Good point but please refer to title of post.

9. Tomorrow I get x-rayed to find out if my foot is still broke. I've been bad to my foot. If my foot could talk it would seek therapy and demand a trial seperation. I admit it, I have not cared for it as it deserves. Here's hoping its fine.

10. Once I finish law school and pass the bar I will go to the movies once a week and sleep in on Saturday and Sunday and read Captain Underpants. Its lofty goals such as these that make depressing days sitting on the couch in one spot for eight hours writing just half of one paper... bearable.

11. Should you desire to become verbose on your blog follow these simple steps: 1) enroll in law school 2) wait until exams are days away 3) inspiration shall naturally strike.

12. Why are there twelve entries when I promised you would only have to endure ten? Please see latter half of title of post. It's fried. Through and through.


Anonymous said...

Turkey Sausage...pork??? interesting

Anonymous said...

Don't worry too much about the hajj thing - I heard that nobody in the U.S. has gotten their visas yet. But, on the other hand, everyone is confident that they're going, so I don't know what to think.


Aisha said...

blogyourself, welcome to the blog. Yes. Be careful! Even Kosher ones... who knew?

Rasha, our group has given out visas... we were not on the list. They are trying to get them for my half of the people waiting. My chachi and her kids also got their visas...But its good to know others are waiting and are not worried. Insh'allah.

Anonymous said...

damn, i betchya that bit of pork would have been the stuffing extra tasty!!! actually, you should have just fried it up and made a "special" plate for vaid. I would have appreciated that. maybe we can do that for "thanks-taking" next year. :) (see, i read it!!)

Anonymous said...

i am here to leave you a "life threat". i am a stalker, just like the other people who comment. i want to see my neighbor chicken run. i only say good lies. GOOD LIES!!! YOU ARE STUPID ONE! :)

Aisha said...

Z- did you ever know that you're my hero? LOL I laughed so hard my stomach hurts. But here is the really truly sad thing. Cant figure out if the latter one is you or "you know who" lol :)

Thanks taking. Sounds like Festivus for the rest of us. Am I the only one who got that?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm sorry. Inshallah what is best will work out.

And I knew to expect a - I'm sick of studying post :) My brain is fried too. I don't have any papers left, but three exams, all within the next ten days or so, including Con Law and Trusts & Estates.


Aisha said...

Rasha am I *that* predictable? :) good luck with finals. Con Law: Read Chimerinsky and make it your best friend. On there is a lesson that summarizes the DCC and the CC and all of the different C's in a very nice flow chart manner. It realy hlped me create my outline in a checklist fashion and oddly enough Con Law was one of my highest grades in law school. You'll do great!

momyblogR said...

FIVE A.M.....Oh my WORD! Yeah, I don't see those days coming back around for me. Besides, my all nighters weren't spent in such a constructive manner as studying. ;)

I think I may just have to break down and read a Captain Underpants book......My son bought one at the book fair, maybe he'll let me borrow it, lol!

wayfarer said...

The casings are usually pork on most sausage too. It's in so many things...i mean they just took it out of lucky charms and oreo's...

Hope your papers turn out well and your brain gets a break. :-)

Miss ya btw.

Huda said...

On the contacts -- no, you cannot make a habit of that! Even the very oxygen-friendly contacts are not good for sleeping in, and if you do it regularly (or wear your contacts past their expiration date), then the blood vessels in your cornea will have to expand to get oxygen to the rest of your cornea, and you don't want that to happen. There's a name for it, but I can't remember. All I can tell you is that my doctor takes it very seriously!

About the hajj thing... call if you get a chance today, or I'll call you...

Enyur said...

Hi (It's Enyur), didn't want to login from work (paranoia at its best).

Hope your foot heals! Twisting an ankle is painful enough, I can't (and don't want to) imagine how a broken foot would feel like!

LOL @ the contacts incident. That's happened to me too a couple of times. In fact, I wear my bi-weekly contacts for a whole month (I think the whole 2 week thing is a gimmick lol! I think your dailies could be left in for more than a day...I'm not going to say how many, cuz I don't want you suing me hehehehe :p)
Take care of yourself...and good luck on those papers!

Anonymous said...

I am with you when it comes to this ridiculous paper situation. It was such a bad idea when I was recruiting all semester to just ignore the fact that I am still responsible for law school classes. grrr........

Anonymous said...

Didn't know about the pork in turkey thing. Is it for 'halal' turkey meat too? We buy our meat for home from muslim butchers who sell isna-certified halal stuff, so chances of pork being present there are close to nil.

In my experience Italian/German food always has pork in them, even vegetable dishes. They don't even consider it a separate ingredient, it's just something that should be there. Like desis and ghee. Italians even cook in wine. So just be careful at those restaurants.

Too bad about the hajj thing, hopefully you will get it next year. It took my parents three years to get a hajj visa when they went all those years ago. When they applied I wasn't born yet, by the time they got it I was three!

Tee said...

2. Tricky, tricky! ;)

3. Didn't know that about soy. You learn something new everyday!... So, what happend? Were they growing it purposefully and it got out of control?

4. That's so not right. It makes me angry that food companies seem to have so few rules.

5. :(

6. How could you not have seen this? Not like it's not on TBS or something all the time. LOL. ;) ... I saw it a long time ago but I guess I didn't love it cause I can't really remember. Something about an Italian guy in court and he has an Italian girlfriend. I don't know. LOL.

7. I'm telling your Mom. ;)

8. I'm looking forward to this one!

9. Break a leg!... Um, I mean, good luck. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Girl, you speak the truth regarding papers. The absolute truth. You know, I have 3 paper classes too (along with 3 exams, grrr) and I started mine sorta early, but I'm still not making much progress. If I hate writing papers with a passion that burns brighter than a thousand suns, am I in the wrong career? I hope not :o/ But boy, do I hate writing papers. Hate them. I would much rather take a 4 hour exam.

Baraka said...

Turkey sausage contains pork.


Dang it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you saw My Cousin Vinny! I have so many favorite lines from that movie:
"What is a grit?"
"Oh yeah, you blend"
"Yout? What is a yout?"
I could go on but I'll stop. Because my tax final is in 2.5 hours and I should be CRAMMING!:)

Aisha said...

Mommyblogr, Captain Underpants is completely silly but its adorable. here are a lot of "Teachable" moments that I can't help but notice as a "former" teacher (I hate saying that!).

Wayfarer thanks for the well wishes. Insh'allah we can hang out one of these days has the rush at your place gone down? I know you had family coming and going.

Huda- thanks for the tip on the contacts :) I'll stick with erring on safety :)

Enyur, I used to have two week ones but they became unwearable for me within a week because my eyes are so dry they would just mess them up. Dailies are the only ones that work. But I completley panned to use them for a month when I had bought them :) lol. But I dont wear contacts every day when I Can help it. Lately I lost my glasses so I am though! :)

Nermeen what were you recruiting for?
Good luck with exams

Mezba it was not zabiha... but you might want to ask them what they are cased in just incase! A lot of people just never knew... even kosher ones I found out had them in some cases. Hajj. Dont even get me started. Tring to keep my mouth shut until I found out I'm not going for certain :(

Tee soy is now an increasingly popular crop in the international market. the US and BRazil are neck and neck to be top producers. Brazil is clearing large swaths of the Amazon to plant soy. Ofcourse its destroying the Amazon and some of the methods are bad causing more harm than necessary. Its bad.

Maleeha hang in there dear :( I feel your pain. You can do it!!!

Baraka :( Yes... quite sad.

Amanda hope your exam went well! My favorite part was when vinny tipped the security guard when he went to see the cousins. LOL.

Anonymous said...

hey aisha
thanks so much for your font tip. i have a paper due on the 11th on restaurant economics and i need it to be twenty pages long(no word limit) so now it looks like i might make it!!
i use the bi- weekly contacts for a month too and sleeping in them can be dangerous coz i have a habit of rubbing my eyes and i have managed to push it to the back of my eye plenty of times. once that happens it looks like ive lost it but as its still in there, it could pose a big problem! and try acuve advanced from j&js, they are really good and dont dry out my eyes but the onces i used previously did.

Anonymous said...

With office space?? That's blasphemy!

wayfarer said...

It would be nice to see you. My family has left. My SIL is coming over Christmas break though...You should meet her. She's wonderful mash'Allah.

Aisha said...

Friendly lion thanks for the contact tip. Ill hav eto ask my optomotrist :)

Zak, yikes :(. Have you seen my Cousin Vinny? It is good though :)

Wayfarer right now Hajj is up in the air. If we end up not going (sigh!!!!) then maybe we can meet during break!

ABCDlaw said...

Just wanted to wish you luck with all your papers and finals! May you keep your sanity :)

yasmine said...

hahaha i LOVE random posts like these! and i agree with #11 - i wrote SO much more on the weblog while i was in school (granted, it wasn't law suckool, but still. something about being in school is so conducive to procrastination, obviously). i used to sit around and surf weblogs (and update my own) for 5 hours, and then quickly try to write a (half-assed) paper in the last 45 minutes.

Aisha said...

Thanks Pyari :))

Yasmine! Welcome to my blog! Yes its amazing how "isnpired" i am during finals yet during winter/summer break... nada! Proscratinators unite!!! :)

Enyur said...

I have really dry eyes...maybe I should start sticking to the 2 week cycle!

Re: #11 I guess I should take your advice and join law school...cuz my blog could sure use some words! (by the way I managed to update my blog! And will attempt to continue doing so)

Aisha said...

Good to know! Will go back to checking you out. You went MIA for a while ya know :) Glad to have ya back.

Anonymous said...

oh man, i just got done with the semester and i could do NOTHING but waste time (like open a myspace account, shop on, etc) during my finals week...!

Anonymous said...

4.) scary

6.) My aunt loveeeees that movie and I have yet to watch it. But her kind of humor isnt funny to me. But you've said so, too, so now it will be a MUST-SEE for me.

11.) Aww, insha'Allah.

Ayesha said...

3. reminds of one time when i had to become a shallow sort of expert on zoning regulations in anne arundel county just so i could write a proper article on how pissed off locals were that a big developer was trying to buy, rezone, and develop a small local airport into a residential neighborhood. (this included a five-hour county council meeting)(for a county that my paper didn't even cover).

4. turkey bacon too.

10. this will only last until you have children, so enjoy it while you can. musa is over 8 months old and i still have not been to the movies. i'm thinking i will make "eragon" my first though. but as for sleeping in...

Ayesha said...

oops one more. huda - it's called corneal neovascularization, a friend of mine had it. i almost did. neo - new- vascularization - blood vessels forming in your cornea. yuck. i only stopped sleeping in contacts after i got married. i think since there was actually a reason to "get ready for bed"... heheh

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