Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Coffee Politics

The legal clinic I intern at does good work for the children of the world. We put rooves over their heads, food in their bellies, and fight for justice for all. We are the model of all that is pure and good in the world, except that is, our coffee. I remember the thrill of anticipation as they placed the coffee pot in the corner of the break room, my heartstrings manipulated by the Brazilian coffee poured into the filter (Good Brazilian coffee is so good that I, the queen of creamers and ungodly amounts of sugar, drink it black, with pleasure). I remember pouring the steaming pot of coffee into my cup and taking in the aroma as I sipped my first sip and then- down came baby, cradle and all, for it was the most heinous beverage I may ever have consumed- ever.

I thought I was alone in my coffee drinking woes but soon noticed nobody touched the coffee. The coin jar gathering dust. The cups empty, unused. Murmurs of dissent in the ranks began surfacing until finally, a full out "coffee revolt" ensued. (What it entails is rather fuzzy, but it feels invigorating to be part of something, you know?)

After weeks of quiet murmur and grumblings and guarded discussions, I got this e-mail today, a proposition to realize our revolution. To stake our independence from the clinic coffee and mark our own coffee drinking territory.
Hey guys,

I've heard of the "coffee" revolt led by our very own Mr. XX and wanted to say that I would be more than happy to provide coffee for a discounted rate of $.10/cup. I include in my offer a donation of a bag of 1200 coffee filters. YY commits to pitching in a bag of coffee as well. We hope this will provide peace to the coffee boycott.

Yours in coffee,

Yes we apparently do take our coffee very very seriously. If only everything was so simply resolvable.


Tee said...


Hey, and I'm first comment. Had to say that, too.

Aisha, our "connections" have happend again. I read your post about coffee on Monday. Then yesterday at Bible study our lesson repeatedly used coffee as an example. I decided to post today about that Bible lesson and how it affected me.... Now I just came here, and coffee again!

(Twilight zone music) ;)

Suroor said...


I'm very serious about my coffee as well. I can never let blood increase more than caffeine in my veins :)

Aisha said...

Tee, I read it, very interesting :)

Suroor, lol, good quote! I might have to steal it :)

mystic-soul said...

Is this a true incident...just wondering..

Aisha said...

Mystic, do you think I'm lying? After all these years, after a dishwasher falling upon me, after Bob the quarter stealer, it is ultimately this story that makes you doubt me? Yes its true, as odd as it sounds :) But its in good fun...

Anonymous said...

lol! you be funny!

Living Away said...

oh god, i just got even more homesick because of this know, carnaval just ended and i didn't go to brasil this year!!
i do think that there is no life without coffee! coffee is our national beverage and everybody drinks it, from 1 year old or less to 100 years old as you could see it. and coffee must be strong, with no seeing through it, rich in smell as in taste!
oh i miss my brazilian coffee every can i survive for god sake???

pixie said...


mystic-soul said...

no no no..i trust you . it was too funny to believe !!

momyblogR said...

OMGosh, how funny. Recently at school there has been whispers of people NOT faithfuly depositing money in the jar. I ALWAYS makes sure I put something, ANYTHING just to keep the peace with Miss Midge. But last week I thought I'd go one step further....I boughts a can of coffee, creamer AND a box of Splenda, lol!

Just makin' sure! ;)

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