Monday, February 05, 2007

Random Assortment of.... Stuff**

1. Seinfeld references. I never thought the day would arrive when I would refer to Seinfeld and the reaction would be blank looks. But it happened approximately seven days ago and I am quite unsure if I have fully recovered. I was 11 when Seinfeld came out and I only started watching it when I was about 20 so it was pretty much in syndication but it is a good show and its timeless and wonderful and funny. And it speaks to everything that happens in life. Everything. You gotta see the baby? Serenity now? Soup Nazi? Come on, everyone has been through situations and circumstances that Seinfeld can relate to. After much thought and serious reflection I have grudgingly decided to remain friends with my non-Seinfelder friends but I have to admit the decision was difficult. Mandatory disclaimer: I kid. I kid. No show can come between true friends no matter how deprived they are of Seinfeld related humor.

2. School? So over it. I am so ready to graduate its not even funny. I'm over studying. Over classes. Over all of it. I feel like a runner at the last stretch. The ribbon of the endzone is in sight and I'm ready to cross over but fatigue is beginning to hit- and I want to take a nap.

3. Speaking of running, I'm picking it up again. My foot broke a while back so I stopped. But I have the green light and I'm starting again. I wish I could say I love running, that's it my me time and I love feet on pavement running my stress away. But it would be a lie because I do not like running. I'd much rather eat bon-bons and watch Scubs and the only reason I ever ran regularly was because I finally created a routine. But three months off the foot broke the habit. and the motivation just isn't there but Tee captured the matter of motivation well: sometimes you say you don't have the motivation to start, but sometimes you need to just do it. Just start, even if the motivation isn't there - and motivation will follow. So grudgingly the running shoes are back on.

4. Hanging out with girls. Today a few friends went to Target to get a few things. It was the first time in maybe five years I went shopping with girls. We laughed at silly cards, tried on gloves, and sat down for a cup of coffee and talked about... girl stuff. I forgot what it was like to shop with girls and the fact that I got so excited to be at Target shows how deprived I am of "shopping female contact"

5. Babies all around. Is it just my end of the galaxy or is everyone having babies? Nine people I know had babies in the past four weeks. I kid you not (hee) each and every baby is a ball of cuteness. But I'm not sure I've ever held so many babies. I'm not sure what the point of this is, but the quote did imply this post would be rife with random-ness. And it is.

**6. I stopped biting my nails.
If you know me you know I bite my nails. I've bit them since I had teeth. But no more thanks to Bite It. It works, it really does! I went to get my first manicure and felt like a shy kid starting kindergarten, it was all so new. I think I was the most excited person there. (It chipped in two days though, is that normal?). Its strange that there was such an intense internal struggle to quit and the result is just... nails. So if you see me staring down at my fingers with a smile please know I'm not being ditzy, I'm just so pleased to see a sight I've never really seen. Its such a great feeling to get rid of a bad habit. Now if only I could kick sweets.


Suroor said...

First, who/what is Seinfeld? ;) When does choll end? What will you do after that? I never knew you had broken your foot. OUCH! I miss shopping with girls too. Oh! I do, I do. And I love babies!

Suroor said...

That was "when does school end?" Sorry!

momyblogR said...

Seinfeld is GREAT. I LOVE, LOVE Kramer...I mean really, WHO has a life like that? lol!

I couldn't tell you what the deal is with the babies, it's EVERYWHERE. There are three teachers at school who are expecting and several I know who have already delivered. I think it's wonderful but thank GOD it's not me. I guess like you with school, I'm so OVER having babies. :):)

mezba said...

Sienfeld is one of the greatest TV shows on earth. I feel like you - if someone tells me they have not heard of ... never mind watching ... something has to be WRONG..

Does no ONE sympathize with Newman?

Anonymous said...

...weird, it's raining babies here as best friend from SCHOOL just had a god, i feel so old...


chai said...

no, seriously, everyone is having a baby! it's crazy. i feel so out of the loop, but yet quite happy to be out of this one.

Aisha said...

Suroor, *gasp* What is Seinfeld? I think my heart broke, just a little bit. *sniff* I will have to beseech you to rent a few of the DVD's and learn the joy of Seinfeld though I'm nto sure if you're not in the US i you can relate to it. Dont get the first season if you do beacuse its just getting on its feet at that point. School ends in May ins'hallah.I broke my foot in ?October I think :( Its better now though.

Mommyblogr, I think a lot of freshmen and sophomores in college have a life very similar to Kramers. Have you seen the episode where he has a self portrait done of himself smoking a pipe? My brother has a portrait of it professionally framed hanging in his room. We're hardcore over here lol :)

Mezba, I felt bad for Newman. I felt like it was unfair! :) Though he was a bit slimy at times particulary in the episode of the fleas!!! Oh, have you seen Curb your Enthusiasm? Its like Seinfeld but even more over the top, I love it!! :) ALSO been meaning to ask you, have you seen Little Mosque on the Prairie? I saw two episodes on youtube. Do you like it??

Ash, Chai, it is a bit odd isnt' it? Its' like unprecedented!!?

mezba said...

Aisha, you are my muse this week - I have also been "inspired" to randomly post.

Yes I did see LMOTP. All 3 episodes so far. What did you think of it? I still think the second episode was the funniest. However, it did lose a little bit of family viewing status - which kind of sucks.

I think the more younger second-generation Muslims can relate to the show.

momyblogR said...

OMGosh, yes I saw that one....I swear I've seen every episode 100 time and still I crack up.

How funny your brother having that picture hanging....I LOVE IT! :):)

Good for you on the nail biting. I've never had that habit but I did quit smoking 9 years ago. Hurray for kicking a bad habit!

Anonymous said...

Sienfield is the best...No Question. Period

mystic-soul said...

Sienfield is the best...No Question. Period

Aisha said...

MEzba I checked you out but did not see such a post? Maybe I need to reload. And yes teh second episode was not family friendly which bothered me because I want to buy it when it comes on DVD to watch it with my family. Which actualy... oh neve rmind, i'll just ask you on facebook.

Mommyblogr congrats on the smoking!!!! WOW that is a tough one to do. That is incredible! :)

Mystic. Thank yew! :)

pixie said...

I hear you on the school. I just keep thinking, does it ever end!!!!!!!

Baji said...

Never heard of Seinfeld?????? Is it possible.

Here's giving you some x-ray vision to see past the stumbling blocks and through can do it, girl!

Aisha said...

Pixie it will it will! :)

Baji I can't believe it but people do claim to have enver herad of Seinfeld :)

Chic Mommy said...

I loved Seinfeld. We still use a lot of those jokes still in everyday conversation. Marble Rye? Who can forget the Marble Rye? And the "gay,not that there's anything wrong with that" line, that's classic.

Tee said...

GET OUT! (Elaine push!) Someone didn't get a Seinfeld reference? That's UNACCEPTABLE! <-(George voice)... ROFL.

I don't really get people that love running. Running always sounds freeing but when I try it, it hurts. LOL. I hope you get to a point where you love it. It must be nice. And to be fair, that quote of mine was me quoting Bob Greene (Oprah's personal trainer).

Shopping with girls! OH! I'm jealous. I love going with my sisters. We find the stupidest stuff to laugh at.

The baby thing isn't your imagination and I live in an entirely differnt state than you. Everyone with a womb is knocked up around here. I feel left out and have been getting baby fever. Sucks.

The nail thing: My Mom used a similar product on my nails as a child to stop thumb sucking. It really works...

It's great to get rid of a habit though. I broke a HUGE one over the past couple monthes. Picking my face. I know - disgusting. I had severe acne and I would just pick at it until it was a wound instead of a pimple and they never healed and I've scarred myself probably permanently. One day I was reading about skin picking on the internet and I decided it had to stop. It was really hard but really worth it. I don't do it at all anymore and my face looks so much better.

Bee Amma said...

well done for stopping the nail biting!! i too have bitten my nails ever since i had teeth, and no matter what i do i cant stop!! i have tried all the nasty tasting nail stuff but nothing can keep me from it :(
i want manicures too!! *sobs*

koonj said...

Seinfeld! "You used my move!" "I'm the Assman!" "You have just crossed the line between man and bum." "Was it in the trash? It's trash!"

OK, aisha, over seinfeld, we can stay friends. But only if you dont entertain silly ideas like, i dont know, giving up sweets (shudder)

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