Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stressed squirrels

Pest control put a live trap on the roof to capture the squirrels. They shouldn't die since the cage can provide for the squirrel until its released into the wild, but the squirrel is such a high stress creature that he starts bashing his head into the cage trying to get out and ultimately dies from the trauma. If only he could chill and be patient for a minute despite how scary it may seem. I guess a squirrel can't understand such a complex thing as hope and patience. But people can. I will think of him the next time I find myself in just such a cage myself.


pixie said...

I'll have to remember that the next time I'm going crazy. Which has been often lately.

mezba said...

Ah, beaten by pixie to be first commentator... oh well, ladies first I guess.

Don't worry about the squirrels. Those pest control people has done this before.

Worry about the electric cables those squirrels can chew throw.. hehe

Suroor said...

Well said! Good point to remember.

No chill pills for squirrels?!

Ruby said...

Pad the cage and get it a little squirrel straight jacket. That should take care of the insanity.

Jane said...

That is an awful lot to expect of a squirrel....Usually their biggest stress is trying to make it across the road before the car does.

momyblogR said...

Hope and patience seem to escape most people when feeling stress, including myself. I've been feeling a little like a caged squirrel here lately. :(

I must remember those two words when dealing with people that should probably spend a little time in a cage themselves, ugh.

Sorry, that last comment wasn't nice but man oh man some people....I just get so frustrated I don't know what to do with myself!

frenchita said...

hi aisha


do lemme know your opnion..sorry for the wrong place:(

Aisha said...

Pixie aww hang in there :)

Mezba, lol good point. Stop feeling sorry for the pests. Ugh.

Suroor... nope.. lol... btw how sick are you of my constant obsession with rodents? :)

Ruby, lol, that is the funniest image in my head ever! Thanks! :)

Jane... yeah thats true, lol... but they have to quite ingenuous to chew their ways into homes.

Mommyblogr... is it who I think it is that is causing you the headaches? Hang in there :( Im sorry to hear that...

French... when I get a chance I will.

mystic-soul said...

Didn't know this about squirrels..interesting !!

momyblogR said...

If you were thinking Metro, YES! OMGosh, I'm not one who lives with her head in the sand but the enormity of the problem is UNREAL!!! What's makes it so bad, is I don't know where to go and what's worse, I don't know who to trust. None of my turmoil is coming from my building so I'm feeling a bit lost. But, I think I may slowly find my way, the more time I spend and the more I listen.


Tee said...

Woah. Deep thought. I think you may have caused me to blow a circuit. LOL. Just goes to show you can learn from anything in this world.

Imagining the poor creature in the cage basically commiting suicide reminds me of a video I saw of a cat that was put into a pet washing machine. The machine is perfectly safe and most dogs, for example, just sit there and let it spray water and shampoo on them and enjoy it. In this video someone put their cat in and the cat was freaking out so badly - jumping around, bashing it's head into the window. It was really sad to watch but at the same time I couldn't help but think it was being stupid and should just calm down.... Maybe God thinks the same of us.

wayfarer said...

ah man, it sounds like we have the same problem with squirrels. We get one trapped in our fireplace every so often and it takes them a few days to get out. That scratching against the damper is awful. :-/

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