Monday, March 12, 2007

Pondering the imponderables

How do telemarketers stay in business if everyone on the planet loathes their calls? Someone is secretly buying oodles of carpet cleaning liquid and signing up for time shares to keep this advertising method afloat.

Why are lifetime movies so much more interesting when you have a pressing assignment due next week?

Why is Sanjay in the top 12 for American Idol? Is my assumption correct that every Indian kid under 12 is hitting redial and voting for him? Indian folks voting this kid on, please, let it go, there will be other chances for Indians to try for AI, don't push this kid through, it does the race no good. As far as fighting stereotypes, this kid can only do harm.

Why must having nails make taking contacts out of ones eyes so very complex?

Why are the people on those commercials for ITT Tech and Devry University always sitting under palm trees with sublimely satisfied expressions? If I graduate from Devry can I negotiate office space under a coconut tree?

Why is skim milk gray? I want to like it, I do. In fact I just bought a gallon of it. But sitting here, eating it with the equally imponderable Kashi cereal I feel like I've torn off some cardboard, dropped into grayish water and am pretending to smile and enjoy it.

If one is proud that they are not arrogant, does that make them arrogant?

What imponderables do you ponder?


Kashmiri said...

Why do goats eat green and shit black? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

lol. couldnt help it.

Aisha said...

Kashmiri..... hmmm.... ew... that is one I'd rather leave 'unpondered'! :)

Rabia said...

what do you have to do to get a 25 year life prison sentence...

Enyur said...

If someone was born on February 29th, do they wait for the next leap year to celebrate?

Others that I have heard of but never found an answer to:

If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, then what is baby oil made from?

Why is it that when we try to put masara or eyeliner on, our mouths hang open?

Why is there a light in the fridge and not in the freezer?

Why do toasters always have a setting that burns the toast to a horrible crisp no one would eat?

What do people in China call their good plates?

Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, 'I think I'll squeeze these dangly things here and drink whatever comes out'?

Aisha said...

Rabia... hmmmm manslaughter perhaps?

Enyur, LOL at some of yours. As for some that I can answer: my freezer has a light! My mouth remains closed when putting such makeup on? And the burnt setting is great for making crispy tortilla strips to throw in a salad! :) But yeah... the burning part would still stink. And yeah, you do have to wonder who was the first person who decided to do that to a cow! LOL! :)

Enyur said...

Wow, I wasn't really expecting an answer lol!! How do you stuff a tortilla in a toaster? I've never tried that before! Yeah, I really do wonder about the cow milking question.

Indyana said...

Sanjay??? Is that an Indian on A-I?? Oh dear i didn't even know!I must sound like I'm from the back of beyond!

Suroor said...

Oh you funny woman! I was just thinking about writing on some "imponderables" My previous ones are here -

This was a gem post. You make me smile :)

Anonymous said...

...aisha, i'm right on w/you on sanjaya on AI...he's a sweet kid, but to put it nicely, can't really husband and i think not only do all the indians in the us call in and vote for him but have probably outsourced some of the voting to india as well :P...


Maliha said...

It's too early in the morning to ponder anything really..but the skim milk/kashi thing made me laugh. Ewwwww! I like healthy stuff too, but sometimes they just go overboard man....

Jane said...

Great questions! Love this post!

frenchita said...

Why do people have to poke their noses in someone else's private affairs?

Aisha said...

Indyana, welcome to the blog :) Yeah. Sanjay is Indian, and no you're not odd for not knowing that, so much wiser to be spending your time on other more important things! :)

Suroor, oh I'll have to check them up, glad it made you smile :)

ASH, LOL!!!! That is hilarious. Yet sadly, probably true.

Maliha, I bought two boxes... ugh. so I will eat it... maybe its an acquired taste?

Jane, thanks :)

Frenchita, that is indeed the million dollar question..

koonj said...

i HATE kashi! a health food nut made me buy it and I HATE it.

mystic-soul said...
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mystic-soul said...

Why in indian as well as english soap operas, all men and women are well dressed and full of jewelary, doesn't mattter how sad is the situation.

Baji said...

Why people who love plans and want so dearly for them to flourish, kill them. And why those that could care less get flourishing plants?

Why cats love on those pople they know hate plants?

Why everyone in a store goes to the checkout at the sametime?

Why it rains after you get a car wash?

The friendly lion said...

Why is all yuky food healthy and all good food unhealthy??

why does 2 min nail polish dry in 2 hours?

why my laptop doesnt work at home but works fine when in the presence of an it person :( ??

@mystic soul: if you think ppl in english and indian soaps have too much make up on, you should see egyptian soaps. they cry after applying a four inch layer of makeup on their faces!

Aisha said...

Koonj, perhaps itw ould be tolerable with 2% milk... but skim is truly loathsome :(

Mystic, yes very unrealistic!

Baji, hmmm some people are frustrated with the treatment of plants hmm? :) I kill plants all the time but its my fault, I dont knokw how to take care of them right it seems. I try though, I do. I water it, but then it seems to be too much. Itry less, and then its drying up. Its soooo confusing!

TFL, YESSSS nailpolish takes entirely too long tod ry. I used to bite my nails and now with newfound nails I find myself ruining them too much bc of the incorrect dry times!

Tee said...

LOL. Thanks for the diversion. My brain is dealing with too many real life ponderables to come up with any silly ones. (Like what makes a mother-in-law so incapable of cutting the apron strings?) ;)

And I don't know what is wrong with your skim milk but mine is not grey! I've been drinking skim most of my life and I love it. So much more refreshing. You'll get used to it! :)

I've often wondered about telemarketers, too. It would seem all these call centers would go out of business. It makes no sense.

I try to avoid watching Lifetime movies. They "sit" with me way too long afterwards. LOL. Kind of pathetic.

Don't know about Sanjay. I haven't been watching AI cause I got so ticked off during the tryouts that I decided not to watch. I've heard here and there that nobody this year has the "it" factor. Do you agree with that?

LOL about the ITT Tech commercials :)

mezba said...

Why did the first people who came to Canada decide "you know what, the weather's fine here, we don't need to move south, let's settle here"?

mystic-soul said...


Because they the first ppl. came from south and "Bushes of south" explains their decision to choose between south and

Aisha said...

Tee, really? maybe youre so used to it that you dont notice it. But its not fully white. It has a weird tinge. Uh oh. Maybe its not supposed too...... lol, that would be dangerous! And yeah, I hated the AI tryouts..... but I like seeing the good ones sing.... prob not a goodthing to do though as it only encouarges them :(

Mezba, LOL, that one made me laugh out loud! :)

adnan said...

Sanjaya... wow, that guy is breathtaking in his horribleness.

Aisha said...

UGH, he gets worse and worse!!!

Anonymous said...


Ever wonder why modern medications have so many side effects? Including risk of heart attacks, weakened immune system, and viral infection. All this so that I dont have restless legs?

Shouldn't restless legs be interpretted as a sign from your body saying "get of the couch and do some exercise?"

If no one buys viagra or opts for penile enlargement then why does one receive 100 emails advertising it? The converse implies that a lot of people do try it. Its like telemarketers but these have a darker side to them. or do they?

I buy beer, I drink, I gain weight, any chances I had of being with the swedish bikini team are lost. So why do they advertise the swedish bikini team?

Why does a burger and fries that I eat in 10 minutes carry 1000 calories when it takes 5 hours of running to lose the 1000 calroies? Whatever happened to that newtonian law of every action has an equal and opposite reaction? Where is the post burger reaction? (Please dont answer this question)

Why are boxers so cool and kachchas (desi boxers) so uncool?

And what exactly is Victorias Secret? Moreso, why does my wife slap me each time I ask this question or sigh during a VS commercial?

And I can go on and on and on and on and on................

why should I pretend to be intelligent when I know I am not Einstien :p :p

why is Einstien ..Eienstien... why not me?

why on earth... the people ask me .... what they ask me.....

many more... now why am I pondering about this when there is decent deal of work pending on the desktop of my laptop??

well... some imponderables... better not be attempted to be answered :p

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