Thursday, March 01, 2007

Reviews updated- at last!

Agree? Disagree? Recommendations? Do share!

Book reviews:
1) On Beauty 2) Kite Runner 3) Muhammad 4) The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime 5) The End 6) The Spiral Staircase 7) Bird by Bird 8) Eats Shoots & Leaves 9) Single Wife

Movie reviews:
1) The Departed 2) Little Miss Sunshine 3) Pursuit of Happyness


Enyur said...

Okay that's weird...I just lost my comment!! Argh...

Okay here it is again:

Me too! Kite Runner is one of my favourite books! I'd give it a 9/10.

Re: Pursuite of Happyness - I haven't watched this one yet, but I have seen the previews (and the Oprah's show where she talked about the looked amazing!).

... said...

ok, i feel like i'm the only person that doesnt like kite runner. i thought it was ok, but the ending was what really ruined it for me. it was too hokey, too wrapped up in a nice little package. i would give it maybe 3/5.

... said...

oh by the way, that ... is me, maleeha :)

... said...

i loved little miss sunshine! especially the grandpa. he deserved that oscar. oh and the little girl is just priceless.

Anonymous said...

I really liked pursuit of happyness too. I haven't seen the other two movies, but I want to soon Inshallah (maybe over spring break). As for reading for pleasure, I haven't done much of that since I started law school :)


Aisha said...

Enyur, the acting in Happyness is really really good. except one person. ?You can prob guess who they are if you watch it. Will Smith did a phenomenal job!

..., do you prefer to be referred to as "...". You are not the only one who dislikes Kite Runner, if you read the post on "sombreros" a few people mentioned they werent fond of kite runner actually. I acn see how people would not like the ending. For me, I like endings. I didnt think it was wrapped up too tightly as you know there is a great deal of work that is yet to come to help this child, etf. but at least there was some glimmer. I am so tired of "classic" and "deep" books these days that just end with absolutely no ending at all that satisfies. So I guess I like that though if you find it corny I can see how it would be a let down. I LOVE the ending of Little Miss SUnshine. Did you watch the Oscars? She looked so bored, (the little girl) it was cute! A real girl, not a stepford baby like Dakota fanning! :)

Rasha, I didn tread for pleasure my first two years. But this year I'm making a point to read since I do love it. (Though most of these were read during the summer..very delayed post). I have a book at my nightstand so I read a little to decompress before sleep, I keep a book in my purse to read while waiting at a doc office, or anywhere where I might have some downtime. In that way I get some reading in regardless of my schedule. Where there's a will there's a way I guess :)

Bee Amma said...

Heya! Okay

1) On beauty....Only read 2 chapters so the style it is written in, so will let you know when i finish it!

2) The curious incident of the dog in the nighttime. Really could not stand the book, wanted to fling it after reading it. I don't think im entirely justified in saying this, but i think they made the kid out to be an absolute retard, and i actually found it quite offensive overall. Now i have had a discussion with a friend of mine who loved it.....and he says carers of autistic children loved the book, so really who am i to say? :p I dont know what it was about the book, maybe i should read it again?

3) Little Miss Sunshine, absolutely loved this film! Have the soundtrack too, and yes you put it so right....they are so dysfunctional yet love each other so much, and its utterly endearing :) Loved the ending, i have seen it about 4 times now :)

4) Pursuit of happyness
I totally agree with you on everything you said, Thandie overacted, Will Smith was amazing and i thought the same thing in my head looking back at the Fresh Prince! :) I thought the same after watching Ali too. Film was a little too drawn out towards the end tho, and maybe not a cinema film, but great nonetheless!

mezba said...

Kite Runner - great book. Cannot be described. Very realistic and well written.

Departed - OMG I can NOT believe you liked that movie.. you ARE A GIRL!!!! The ending ruined it for me. I hated that movie. Could not depart fast enough from The Departed.

Little Miss Sunshine - yes, good. 6/10. But nothing special. I seen countless Indian films like that. Cannot relate to people who think KFC is fancy cuisine, you see.

Did you not see Blood Diamond? The best movie of the year.

Enyur said...

Yep, I heard Will Smith was amazing. Not sure if you watched the Oprah show when he was on but he said having his son there made the experience even more realistic for him because all that time he kept thinking what if he really was in that situation.

p.s. not sure why, but this is the second time I lost my comment. Everytime I login from your comment tells me I can't login...whereas it's fine if I login to through Blogger....not sure if you've experienced that too?

Baji said...

My book club just selected On Beauty for the next read. After your review, I can't wait to crack it open.

Loved Kite Runner; one of my all time favorites.

Have Spiral Staircase on the lsit, thanks for the reminder.

Loved the Departed, but didn't think it was deserving of picture of the year. Gotta view the others.

~W~ said...

The Departed:A good crime movie, very fast paced and thrilling. I love Jack Nicholson even when he over-does things, but manages to get away with it, like only Jack Nicholson can. And I thought DiCaprio gave an outstanding performance.As for Best movie, well I think there has been some better best movies in previous years.

Pursuit of Happyness: For the most part I enjoyed this movie, although it was a bit slow at first, and it was somewhat predictable all through.Will Smith's performance was great and it is what made this movie really work.

Kite Runner: the first few pages are great. Unfortunately I've been too busy lately to read anything at a satisfactory pace.

mcpagal said...

Hi, I came across you from here!

Pretty much agree with your reviews (of the stuff I've read/seen anyway). The Kiterunner was great but I could see why people wouldn't like it, there were a lot of useful coincidences that could make it seem contrived.

I liked Dog in the Nighttime, especially the first half, but I think towards the end the narration changed from the view of an autistic child to that of just a young child.

Pursuit of happiness was great too. How cute is Will Smith's son?!


Bee Amma said...

hey was trying to read your review of "eats shoots and leaves" as i see that book all the time but not read it....but it keeps taking me to the review for bird by bird?

Aisha said...

Bee Amma, I may have mislinked. If you click on book reviews on the top black bar all the book reviews should show up. Sorry bout that. Interesting take on "curious incident.."! I thought it would be that sort of book but I've worked with autistic children and I found it to be very dead on to my personal experiences. It was very emotional to read a book from the perspective of a boy, like so many boys I worked with, who I could never understand.

Mezba, hmmm so what about Departed makes it a chic flick since you said I was such a girl?!? I liked the acting and the way the film was shot. It was just so well acted. I didnt like the ending but the movie was still pretty good.

Enyur, I think the comment situation is b/c you might be on old blogger? Ithink it has something to do with that.

Baji, I'll be curious what you think of OB! Departed was great and I agree w/ you about it eing pic of the year, but the others werent "best pic" type to me....

W, lol about Jack Nicholson, he really did get away with a lot in this film that only he could get away with! I agree with you on "Pursuit.." it was Will who made the movie. Without his acting it would have been an awful movie!

McPagal, welcome to the site and thanks for your take. The link you provided doesnt work though.

Mystic said...

I check your review before selecting movie and I am never disappointed !!

Enyur said...

Well, I have switched over to the new blogger...perhaps it's going to take time for it to recognize moi! It's just being silly I guess :o)

Aisha said...

Mystic, wow I didnt know that :)

Enyur, it still is giving you problems???

Enyur said...

Actually it's okay now, I haven't had any problems since my previous's on its best behaviour :o)

Mia said...

I loved all 3 movies. The dancing scene in LMS left me with my mouth open. I loved Alan Arkin in this movie.

Have you seen Blood Diamond yet?

Aisha said...

Enyur, Ok good! Im glad it is working now! I had similar problems until I switched :)

Mia- No, I reallllllly want to see that. I have yet to meet someone who hated it. How'd you find it?

Mia said...

OMG Aisha I loved it!! I started crying 5 minutes into the film and after it was over had to sit in the theatre for at least 10 mins to get myself together. I have forbidden anyone from ever giving me a diamond. I mean I knew of the problems with diamonds before I saw the movie. It even irked me when Kanye West did his Diamonds are forever thing but do see it in a movie. Wow. Anyone who wears a diamond should re-think their choice.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou were spectacular! While I really think that Di Caprio gave an oscar worthy performance in this movie and especially in “The Departed” The fact is Dijimon Hounsou was robbed. I saw every flick nominated at the Oscars and hands down he should have won this award easily. He was that good.

PS: Make sure you check out Pan’s Labyrinth.

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