Friday, April 27, 2007

Why you should get your facials via pasta instead

I'm not a spa type of girl. I wish I was. I wish I could squeal at a nice feminine pitch that it was time for my monthly facial or that my pedicure last week was better than my pedicure this week but I dont. I wish I did. I make plans to be that sorta girl. I've even marked it in my calender at particularly ambitious times but it never happens.

Now I know why.

A friend as a token of appreciation for our helping him with his wedding got me and two friends a spa day at the local fancy schmancy spa (Mind & Body Day spa)

So we go for facials that cost booko insane amount of money the sort you can't justify spending on your own (so its fitting it was a gift because aint no way that kind of money will be used for what I can do by sticking my head over boiling pasta). So buko crazy money facial which should last an hour (though for what they charged, I say it should've covered weekly facials for at least 12 years) lasts a mere 20 minutes for what seriously felt like (though my eyes remained closed) my head stuck over some boiling rotini. So just as I'm starting to relax and not giggle at the silly mood music but feel relaxed enough to, you know, really feel the silly mood music, the music shuts off, fluorescent lights come on and we're wheeled out to confront a bevy of creams and lotions staring at us as the staff looks at us like gleaming clowns. Because, as Zainab puts it politely, I'm what they say in the sales industry an easy sale or because, as I put it, I have a sign that says "SUCKER" on my forehead that I haven't managed to locate yet I buy a cream. As we drive to lunch I look at the cream and see that the "WARNING DO NOT USE PRODUCT IF SEAL IS TORN" is in fact, torn. So I go back:

Me: Excuse me, the seal, its torn off. I'd like my money back.
Buballoo: No.
Me: Pardon?
Buballo: No.
Me: *silence* why?
Buballoo: No refunds.
Me: Where does it say that?
Buballoo: On your receipt.
Me: But your no refund policy is not posted in the store....
Buballoo: Ahem. Its on your receipt.
Me: So you tell me no refunds after I already bought it and its too late?
Buballoo: Um. I guess
Me: *summoning my super teacher-lawyer powers* I want my money back... this was opened and possibly used.
Buballoo: *slightly succumbing to my powers of good but fighting back admirably with her powers of pure money grubbing evil* Ok. But only the director can do that. She's not in. I'll keep the cream. Call tomorrow to get your refund.
Me: Can you give me something that says you took the cream, something in writing that I'll get my money back?
Buballoo: Blinking. Huh?
Me: Write on a paper that you said I'll get my money back and sign it.
Buballoo: *starting to melt like a certain lady on the Wizard of OZ, starts huffing as she writes what I say down* Then as I hold out my hand to take said paper she sticks it on the cream knocking it down in an angry fashion and puts it on the shelf.
Me: Consider clarifying why I wanted her to write it down.. but seeing the meltdown about to unfold I say to myself: "If she's keeping the cream I dont think there'll be a problem, they have the cream, they have to give me my money back"

I thought wrong.

Next day, I call the director as instructed (for a visual think Angela from The Office, particularly toay when she was doing customer service) :
Me: I was told yesterday I'd get a refund... the bottle was open.
Me: No, I had JUST gotten a facial and had JUST left the store...
Me: She kept the product! You're keeping the cream and not refunding me??
Bobo: YES.
Me: That's ridiculous!
Bobo: YES! GOODBYE! *click*
*I'm thoroughly convinced I heard the swish of a cape and the scraping of a broom as she hung up, but that is ofcourse, strictly conjuncture*

SERIOUSLY!?! Since this incidence I noticed everyone has bad spa experiences. Not hit or miss. Just all miss. So now I'm wondering is this just an everyone thing? Lots of you described the you dont deserve to be here expression of spa workers with relative uniformity (think Ugly Betty's co-workers). For an unscientific survey, have you experienced good spa service? Do you ever feel you've been discriminated against?


Shabina said...

wow, am i really the first commentator? bizarre :)

i was in nyc last week, during 'spa week,' where spas across the nation offer two or three of their treatments for $50, so us 'poor folk' can partake.

my sil and i got sugar and salt body scrubs, and it wasn't that great. spas are pretty much a ripoff. but i think they trade on a woman's need to feel pampered/spoiled and such :)

ps...boiling pasta water?? doesn't that hurt your face?!

Aisha said...

Hey Shabina!!!! Cute new pic! Sugar and salt scrubs?? Hmm..... :-/ Did you feel you got nice service though?

Oh, the boiling pasta water opens your pores.... but not the boiling pasta water... the resultant steam! :)

PS: There was/is a facebook group created so ***you*** would join facebook. Have you done so yet?

Enyur said...

LOL! I love the character names BOBO! ahahaha! By the way, BOBO sounds like a really unprofessional person considering she's the Director?

I'm not a spa girl either. I give myself a facial steam at home with this little facial steamer I picked up on sale once.

Anonymous said...

what is really unfortunate about this whole incident is how upset bobo is going to be when she leaves work one day, which happens to be a good day for her as she was able to tell 30 people off (as opposed to her regular 24), and approaches her vehicle to find its tires slashed and a bottle of her precious cream left on the ground w/ a note that states "maybe this will fix those unsightly wrinkles due to your current facial expression". can we go back and get your cream so we can proceed w/ my plan? por favor.

Aisha said...

Enyur, it was shocking! I filed a better business beaureu report. Truly horrendous.

Zanon.. I mean Anon... LOL.... but to all the "humor deprived indviduals" here is my disclaimer: Anon was just kidding. No one's tires will be slashed (by me or Anon anyways) and no its not funy to slash tires in real life, but its funny when you pretend. We are just kidding. Its for fun!

Anonymous said...

im not kidding

Aisha said...

and when she said she wasn't kidding there... it means she really is. for real.

mezba said...


Reading from many of the blogs recently it seems bad customer service is now contagious.

I had to spend 2 hours on the phone for a main in rebate. It become so much so that now I just don't trust these rebates.

AKA said...

I could imagine your blood boiling over with that. I have so many bad customer service stories built up over just the last month that when I do call now I just straight as for a manager and warn the rep on the phone that they do not deserve to hear the yelling I'm about to do and have their time wasted, so they're better of getting a manager now. Seems to work!

So sorry to hear your spa experience was bad. I've never been to one (not my thing either) but with that amount of money I'd expect they would give you free stuff!

... said...

i've never been to a hoity toity spa before. my husband got me a gift certificiate to go to one on my birthday which i still havent used. i was planning to use it the day before graduation - i'll update on how it goes. i hope its a better experience than yours - the nerve of that bobo! seriously, who does that? good for you for making that complaint to BBB.

L said...

Wow, I can't believe someone would talk to a customer like that. Whatever happened to wanting people to come back a second time? And I could totally picture the Director as Angela when you mentioned. I love that show :)
Anyways, maybe it would have worked better for you if you were actually there in person. That way you could have gotten right up in her face and said "Listen Beeatch..." Haha j/k, i'm incapable of doing something like that.

Maliha said...

I hope you are not letting them get away with it, are you? Write a lawyer-ish letter to threaten them and demand a refund and send it to the top person there talking about your bad experience.

Not it's not over-reacting, but a small scale prevention of injustice :)

I went to a spa for my anniversary gift two years ago and I also thought it was too much hype for nothing much. Maybe i'm just not a girly girl.

Bee Amma said...

I have never been to a spa....but when i do, i will be she sure to let you know of my experience! I can't believe she accused you of lying about it! The kind of profit margin these people make, you would expect slightly better customer service!
Btw i am just over half the way through "in beauty" and loving it! :) Lots of laugh out loud moments, i love the style in which it has been written :)

Huda said...

I am SUPER picky about spas, mostly because of this exact reason. So often they are snooty and ridiculous.

I would definitely call them back and keep escalating the management about the cream. You may not get your money back, but you can definitely make enough of a fuss that they think twice about doing it to somebody else.

I would also go to Citysearch and Kudzu and leave them a negative comment so that anyone who is checking them out is aware.

And in the future, I would try a different spa because the good ones are awesome. :) (I like Key Lime Pie in the Highlands.)

Btw... left you a VM this morning... it's kind of important...

Tee said...

OMG! I wouldn't put up with that in justice - and you even have the skills to scare the ever living crap out of them!

Aisha, write up a letter using all your legal mumbo jumbo! JUSTICE! JUSTICE I SAY! LOL.

Also, does "Bobo" mean anything to you or you just made it up? It's funny to me b/c in Spanish it's slang for "fool". LOL.

As for spa experiences - I have never even had my nails done. My sister went to a spa once and had a bad experience. Oh man. I should have her tell the story on her blog and give you the link. It's hilarious - only b/c it didn't happen to me. The music was weird and the guy had like a tool belt, like a police officer would have, but loaded with lotions and stuff. LMAO. I would have peed my pants laughing.

Reminds me of something I saw on TV a couple weeks ago. (Checked YouTube and not there :( ... Anyway, Ellen Degeneres played practical jokes on people in a spa. They had cucumbers on their eyes so didn't know it was her. She was being really obnoxious and weird - like making weird noises and tapping their faces to the music, making them hold a cucumber slice between their teeth, ringing little bells right in their faces. ROFL. Some people were trying not to laugh and were visibly uncomfortable. Other people seemed to willingly do/accept whatever happened during their treatment. LOL.

Amanda said...

Hey Aisha,
I'm sorry you didn't have a better experience. Going to a spa is one of my favorite luxuries in life. And it definitely is a luxury because it's so expensive that I don't do it very often. I hope you might try getting a facial again - I would recommend the Bob Steele Salon on Northside Drive. A 30 min facial is $45 (60 mins is $90) which is a lot of money, and yes the time goes by way too quickly, but I think the aesthetician there does a great job and I definitely didn't feel pressured to buy anything.

Also - I think you should mail a letter (so, in writing) to the owner of the spa and then follow up with a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. It's a pain - but I have found that putting things in writing gets action.

HijabMan said...


I have to say, as a man who has gotten a few pedicures and manicures. I've never had a bad time. Sure there are a lot of bad ones...ya gotta look at the reviews!

And in a couple weeks, I'mma go get a 75 minute massage, cause ive never had one before. and frankly, i deserve it. I'll report back if they break my spine... errrr

Hahaha. i dont know why im writing this. im gonna go jump off the curb now.

Huh? Yeah. Curb.

HijabMan said...

oh. and yes. i think you should get revenge on bobo.

"homie dont play that" style.

Aisha said...

Mezba, I have noticed that too... this trend is scaring me.. is the new wave of customer service? I hope not.

aka, thats a good thing to do, unfortunately this was the spa director who behaved absoultely atrociously.. what do you do then??

..., you might want to check and look up the spa. I was surprisd to see how many people update and complain and let ou know in advance.

l, its harder I think in person to be that rude, you're right.... sooo frustrating :(

Maliha, I know, I am disputing what i was charged with my credit card and I filed with the better business.... I think I should do a complaint in writing too though... :(

Bee Amma, I know, they make so much so I dont understand it. Glad yo'ure liking on beauty! Its written so beautifully. Whose your favorite? I loved Kiki! :)

Huda, I've heard of Key Lime. thanks for tip. I thought about calling them every day and doing that but it would rquire a lot of confrontation on my part and I dont know if I have the heart to yell and get mad like that so regularly with them... I dont know.. but the kudzu and city search is a great idea. Thanks! And I got your Vm... and I emailed and called you back.

Tee, thank you for the visual of the tool belt with lotions. LOL. That made my day!! :) And yes, that was my intention behind the word bobo :). Oh man, I used all my lawyer tactics... nothing worked I tell you :(

Amanda thanks for the recommendation. I wouldnt mind a 30 min facial if thats what you pay for but to charge $100 for 20 minutes is a rip off.... Thanks for the suggestion. And the writing it in is a REALLY good idea. I already filed a complaint but that is good to have as some sort of evidence of what happened. Hopefuly the credit card company can resolve this as far as the charge to my card.

Hijabman, so vigiliante justice huh?? lol. hmmm is it worth risking being able to sit for the bar? I dunno! :0)

Aisha said...

hhaha hijabman i just read your comment, you get mani/pedics?? COOL!!!

mystic-soul said...

Mezba I lost about 200 dollars on rebate promise by Toshiba for laptop. This rebate is a big BS business !!

Aisha was this a desi spa place?

Sabykid said...

Hi Aisaha! I have to say that I had a good massage experience by my cousin and a few other places. However, I haven't gotten the facial, etc done though.. That sucks about what happend.. Good luck with graduation!

Bee Amma said...

I love levi and his antics!

Suroor said...

My God! Bobo was RUDE! Can't you use any other type of super-power? That was awful! I hate spas and knwo that I'm on your side. *sniff sniff*

Aisha said...

Mystic, haha if it was desi it would all make sense. No this was not a desi spa at all.....

Sabykid! Nice to see ya here :) I thought about your cousin after that beacuse I need a massage soon and I think I'll definitely give them a ring.

Bee Amma, yeah.... he reminded me of someone I knew in real life so he was too close to him, but he's a very well drawn character! What part are you at

Suroor, it was awful! I will just be putting in reviews that reflect my opinion and go through the proper channels... what else can be done ya know?

Bee Amma said...

the super awful cringey part in vee's room :s

Jane said...

In this situation, Aisha, I think it is prudent to play the "I'm a law student and will come after your ass" card.

They stole from you. I just had a similar experience today with Best Buy. After four years I decided to upgrade my camera. I go to the store and find what I think is a good deal. When I get home I go to their website to look at some other stuff and just happen to see the camera I just bought for $10 less. If I had ordered it online and asked for in-store pick-up it would have cost me $10 less. That may not seem like a lot of money to some people but it is a lot of money in my house. I'm pissed. I wrote them an email demanding a $10 credit. We'll see if they bother to reply.

Aisha said...

Bee Amma, Ugh that part is scarred in my mind. I hae a proff who reminds me of that proff and he's English too. I give him dirty looks, lol, and he probably has no idea why!

Jane, I'm sure they will give you credit! THey are supposed to honor their prices for at least ten days! But customer service is going downhill in all areas... I am seeing this on a daily basis now.

Sobia said...

Aisha!!!! What a biatch that lady was! I think you should call back from work and tell that woman a case is being filed against her. Make her CRY! You can do it! he he

Aisha said...

lol..... I dont know if witches cry... it might make them melt... lol... seroiusly she was so mean. a friend of mine recommended a similar tactic... to call every day demanding my $... I dont have the heart... she was sooooooooooo rude that though I know annoying them would work... it would also affect my day for the worse so I figure best to just let it alone and let the better business people, and my credit card company help me out...

HijabMan said...

Yes, Aisha. I do. Once every year or so, hahaha

Jane said...

I got my $10. I am VERY pushy when I need to be.

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