Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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Hello blog. It's me. I know I haven't been there like I normally am. But don't lose faith, I can be the blogger you want me to be! I know I've been sporadic lately and VERY bad about commenting on your blogs but part of the reason is because my computer, in keeping with tradition decided to go loca luna on me just as exams began and proceeded to erase all my bookmarks just because it felt like it. Maybe it felt neglected too. So if you read me regularly I probably read you too.. please comment so I can redo my bookmarks. I miss y'all!

Since law school finished its been busy busy, we just got in late last night from an amazing cabin trip with some friends, now I'm getting the house ready for a flurry of guests coming in for the graduation. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone but getting the house in order is a flurry riddled event for sure. As soon as everyone leaves, I start attending daily bar review courses and the learning fun (sarcasm I promise) continues all the way till' August 10!

Because my fellowship begins in September, I will have a few weeks before it begins to take a vacation. K and I are planning one last big vacation. We want to go overseas and we want to go somewhere fun. Hopefully two countries. Right now we're debating between Spain/Morocco or Italy/Greece. Anyone been to these? Anyone recommend a great vacation destination?

I close with some pictures, hoping this will make up for the random sporadic manner in which I've been blogging. I'll probably come back up for some bloggy air as soon as the familia leave next Tuesday and I promise to post a few grad pictures!


ABCDlaw said...

Those pics are amazing, and the place looks so peaceful-a perfect getaway for stressed out lawyers :) Good luck studying for the BAR, that can't be fun in ANY state.LOL. About the vacation-hmm they both sound tempting. I guess it depends on what kind of sightseeing you prefer. S/M would have some really beautiful Early Islamic sights, while I/G have the historical roman/greek places, not to mention YUMMY authentic Italian and Greek FOOD! Hard choice, but either way you win :)

Nauman said...

A word of advice from a technophobe to a tech savvy person. Why don’t you subscribe to technorati or google reader? This way your bookmarks will be saved and they wouldn’t get deleted whenever you have to reinstall windows on your PC. I’ve never been to any place outside Pakistan but I would love to go to Spain to see Alhambra, the last bastion of the Umayyad Empire of Andalusia. Nice pics btw.

Bee Amma said...

That cabin trip looked awesome! In terms of places to visit......well a good friend of mine just visited morocco, gibralter and spain and was not too enamoured with morocco (as in if you have been to pakistan, morocco is nothing special) but loved gibralter and thought spain was nice.
If you haven't been to Italy before i would highly highly highly highly recommend going to Rome! I went a couple of years back for 6 days and LOVED IT!!!! So much history and culture to see, every single day was jam packed, and most importantly the food was out of this world! :) People extremely friendly too :) As for Greece, i went as a child, so don't remember much! We don't go anymore because that is where all the british chav tourists go ;)

rehtwo said...

First - congrats on finishing law school - and now good luck studying for the bar :)! Your pictures of the cabin trip are amazing - looks like you had a lot of fun. Spain is gorgeous - I've been to Alhambra, which is amazing and Granada is a really cool city. I don't know anything about Morocco, Italy or Greece, though.

youngmuslimah said...

why not come down for Umrah? *straight face* ( no offense meant)

Anonymous said...

Nice hair, K-diddy.

The Brown Girl said...

HEY! Im having a BLOG PARTY! Celebrating my 400th post.. the theme is RETRO.. come by and party!!!

Anonymous said...

i vote for spain/morocco


~W~ said...

I'd say Spain/Spain.. Lots of things to see and do.
I once spent about 5 weeks traveling Spain with my sister. We visited Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Toledo, Malaga and the Costa del sol. We traveled by bus through Andalusia and the sunflower fields are beautiful. If you go don't miss flamenco, each city has it unique style of music and dancing.

My friend went to Morocco and says the only nice place is Marrakech, otherwise nothing special.

The pictures of the cabin trip are beautiful.

squarecut said...

I recommend Spain and Morocco. A wonderful combination with a wonderful ferry ride. Or it's just that places like MOrocco appeal to me more than than Greece.

Zak said...

Difficult long for?

slskenyon said...

Blogging or no, things sound like they are going well.

Jane said...

I think either vacation idea sounds wonderful. Why not just toss a coin? I'm sure either trip would be good.

That being said, yes, I have been to Spain. It was ok but not exactly what I expected.

My in-laws just took a trip to Greece a few months back and came home with the most amazing pictures and stories.

Just enjoy yourself. You've earned it.

Tee said...

The cabin looks so fun and relaxing!

As for the next vacation - I loved Italy and have always wanted to go the Greece - so that is a great trip!

Morroco looks AMAZING, but Spain was a bore. I have a feeling Morroco would make up for Spain.

So I guess the trips are kind of equally cool. LOL.

Here's what you do. You flip a coin. Heads is Italy/Greece. Tails is Morroco/Spain. You flip the coin and it lands on _______ . How do you feel? Do you feel happy and excited or a twinge of disappointment because it didn't land on what you secretly and subconciously wanted? That will give you the answer :)

sarath said...

italy and greece are almost separate trips in themselves. especially italy. so much to see and do. (i guess it depends on ur interests, of course)

spain/morocco work better as a combo. but i think there is more of a cultural/anthropological education to travels in italy-greece.

i myself am off to iceland next week...


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