Monday, June 18, 2007

Rest in peace, emotionally abusive computer.

Its a fine Sunday morning. I get up at the bright and early hour of 11:30am (It's Sunday!) and sprightly get ready for the day which involves the usual brushing of teeth, washing of face, and putting a pot of tea on the stove. Then of course the (not mandatory) yawn followed by a plop on the couch to turn on the most mindless television I can possible find (Usually MTV will not disappoint) as I sit with laptop in lap, a click to connect and respond to e-mails awaiting reply (and perhaps squeeze in just a few surfing moments to peek at before the teapot and Bar review books cry for my attention). But this morning was different from other Sundays for on this particular Sunday morning, as I held laptop in lap and clicked the button... just as the screen turned on it went.... blank. Yes blank, as in blank and black. Confused I turn it on again. Same blank blackness. Now y'all know I've had a lot of issues with my computer. I love my computer but at times its vindictive behavior of falling apart just as I need it most makes me wonder why I bother staying in this emotionally exhausting relationship where I sit with tears slowly forming as it freezes/crashes/forgets-to-save for the umpteenth time... but just as I get ready to kick it to the curb with a battle cry NO MORE... the screen will flicker just so and promise that this time it would be better... and just as in any emotionally draining relationship I believe this time will be different. Such has been this tumultuous relationship for the past two years. So this time facing black blankness I rolled my eyes foreseeing the tug of war to come, but not this time- As I sat there this Sunday morning holding it in my arms, squealing teapot beckoning I knew no cajoling and promises to try harder would work. Restore. Reformat. Nothing. This time blank blackness was my only response.

Its mixed feelings really. Sure it froze on me in the middle of exams, deleted my bookmarks because it felt like it, and decided I could no longer burn CDs on it long ago.... never the less, I'd be lying if I said it hadn't been good to me. Beause it had. For over two years it patiently waited as I typed up notes, surfed the web in class, and though its battery power was not what it once was it always stayed on long enough until I could find an outlet... and to be fair, there's always two sides to every story and if the computer could talk I'm sure it would have plenty of gripes to share.... but regardless, for better or worse, its gone.

And now there is Toshiba, sitting wrapped and unopened in the corner of the room. Its like bringing in a new puppy after your albeit rabidly insane but sweet and affectionate dog just died. Toshiba seems nice and all, but to be honest, I'm actually scared. I seem to have a knack with computers, in that if I touch it somehow I break it. I dont know what to do. I install the best anti-virus stuff I can find. I do system restores anytime I detect funny business. And you know you teach computers how to treat you too. So for now I'm thinking of what I can do to ensure my computer will be good to me, won't die on me, won't shut down right in the middle of exams... Any advice on how you keep your computers running well? Your advice and condolences much appreciated.


aragorn said...

the lifetime of ur computer is not in ur hand... :P... u can take care of it... u may stop using it to save it... but it will die one day for no reason.... so all we can do is use according to norms and expect it will work as long as it can... :D... thats my thought

Suroor said...

Please accept my heart-felt condolences on the sad demise of your laptop. I'm so sorry!

Well, maybe he was just tired of waiting. I mean you sat him in your lap everyday and toyed around with him. Maybe he was waiting for a much anticipated make out session which never happened ;) You know the male mind! If you want your laptop to behave, buy a female laptop! Is Toshiba a 'he' or a 'she'?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't drag it on a chain. (And you should get the extended warranty)

Anonymous said...

You should get a panasonic toughbook. They have thick metal cases and withstand the abuse your poor gateway endured. They even have spillproof key boards.

Funny, my gateway seems just fine...a product of a mutually caring relationship.

Aisha said...

aragorn, your condolences much appreciated :)

Suroor, your theory is pent up frustration! lol, perhaps :)

anon1/2: OUCH! If you are who I think you are, well you've had to do plenty of reformatting to make it brand spanking new yourself! So there! (If its not who I think it is then just disregard)

Arfeen said...

Omg .. a story that touches your heart and makes you think ... will the screen come alive again or not? Will she be able to deal with the loss of her computer? And will she be able to give the same love to her new toshiba? lol ... u know, while I read it, I kept thinking that maybe you're using your laptop as a metaphor to talk about something else ...... :p

mystic-soul said...

hahaha...very well expressed.

Burried him (or her)?

BTW, a year ago I bought Toshiba and its nothing but a lemon.

Optimistic Guard said...

Thats so sad letting go of your old computer, but getting a replacement so soon! you move on fast. Good luck with the new one, I'v noticed its not in your hands, when a virus has to creep in no antivirus will keep it out. and when a video card decides to die there is no stopping it.

youngMuslimah said...

Oh, that's sad:( I guess dell/Apple are good..

BTW- I tagged you, chk my post:)

Agadir_Girl said...

Wha!?!?!?? You've stolen the story of my own relationship with my computer :)
Just give it 5 days and you'll be in a full blown relationship with Toshiba. She is probably real friendly.............for now (insert evil laugh here).

Jane said...

It will take time to adjust to your new computer/friend but soon you will know all the tricks and enjoy it. I think the old computer would want you to move on and be happy, to type without worry, to surf without crashing.

Tee said...

From personal experience:

#1. Stop dropping it.

#2. Don't use it as a place mat for your lunch. Don't drink within 20 feet of it.

#3. Don't let sticky fingered children play games on it.

#4. Don't use it in bed propped on a pillow. (That little fan on the bottom needs air.)

#5. It's not enough to buy fancy spyware equipment. You have to have it turned on at all times.

Hope that helps :D

Aisha said...

Arfeen, LOL, no metaphors, for real, my computer is dead. I really did write an angst filled post about a laptop. Sad? Agreed :)

Mystic, yikes, hope ours is okay. Its very cheap so hopefully we'll see...

OG, thank you for reminding the inevitability of loss that accompanies the purchase of a computer :)

YM thanks for the advice, and I'll check your post soon insh'allah :)

Agadir Girl, welcome to the blog, o you have suffered emotional abuse at the hands of your computer as well? I feel your pain. Solidatarity sistah! :)

Jane, lol, no my old computer will be pissed I moved on so fast, it was probably happy it timed its demise right when I needed to register for the bar exam and was hoping i'd be all sorts of inconvienced without it. Its really just evil like that :)

Tee, lol, good advice. Particularly the Don't eat over it like its a plate. That was a big problem. And the result was an embarassingly well fed looking computer.

Anonymous said...

No mention of compaq... Rescuers have a thankless existence...

fleur531 said...

maybe the best buy warranty would be helpful? they have an accident protection plan which is pretty good. i calculated it out and it was worth it for the 3 year plan b/c they cover getting a new battery upto 1 year (usually batteries go out within a year if you never turn off your laptop :-P) so it practically paid for itself + the piece of mind

hope that helps iA! (im a computer geek..:-))

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