Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Heart Costa Rica

To celebrate the end of the Bar Exam (hopefully) the hubby and I went on a trip to Costa Rica. Despite the 36 hour flight delay (never fly Spirit) the crooked cops (always refuse bribes) and the flat tires (spare tires rock) it was 100% worth it. Frommer's Guide said: More than mere recreation, travel is a far more important human function, a time of learning and introspection an essential part of a civilized life. It never ceases to amaze me all the different ways we inhabit this world yet how we can still connect on the basic level of human kindness, in the language of smiles, and warmth.

The most beautiful moments? Waking up as the early morning rays grace the sky and watching a family of Toucans far above encircling, singing, joyful, or gazing at the reddish brown squirrel monkeys inches from your face leaping from branch to banana tree, or stepping out from my hotel room to find myself before a three toed sloth looking up at me most curiously as we both observe one another afraid to move and spoil the magic of the moment.

The Saddest? Seeing the same animals you saw joyful, roaming free, sitting behind bars as throngs of tourists snap pictures and speak loudly. The memory of the caged Toucan shrieking for a full thirty minutes and then falling into silence not eating any of the food before him... having seen Toucans joyful and free, and to see the contrast as they sit listless in caged "nature" is enough to break your heart and swear you off enclosed exhibits be they aquariums or zoos, forever.

Unfortunately along with coffee and other random souvenirs it seems I brought back a cold. So until I get rid of it, please enjoy some pictures of a country so beautiful you can't help but be overwhelmed by the beauty in this world and how great He must be to have blessed us with so much varied and diverse life.


youngMuslimah said...

It looks like you and your hubby LOVE traveling. Not that it's bad. I love it too:)

The pics are lovely, the monkey was cute hehe, and the parrots:-o) subhanAllah is all I can say!

pixie said...

Looks beautiful!!! I'm glad that you finally got that bar exam over with! I bet it was brutal!

Tee said...

The part about the toucan is heartbreaking :(

The photos are gorgeous. Reminds me of El Salvador, which makes sense since they're pretty close to each other.

mystic-soul said...

I liked mutually mesmarized comment...lol

slskenyon said...

That sounds like a great setting, and I do identify with your sentiments regarding caged "nature." I watched an auction on TV that was meant to fundraise for a habitat for a group of lions that had been rescued after living in captivity in Terife--they had lived in cages that were three meters by three meters and had been fed on dog food--amazing to me.

Aisha said...

YM :)

Pixie, it WAS brutal, It was quite relaxing to get to spend some time with nature.

Tee, i'm sure el salvador is quite similar. Do they have volcanos there? I heard there are 121 volcanos in Central America!

Mystic, that cow... I coudln't stop laughing, lol.

Slskenyon, i think that is one of the cruelest forms of human behavior. Animals can't defend themselves adequately against a well armed human being they can't speak out. They are property. I used to not mind that they were considered property by legal definitions but when yous ee their sadness... i think that something needs to be done to help them more.

Jane said...

I am so jealous of your travels! Thanks for posting the wonderful pictures. I can travel vicariously through you. Glad you went and had such a nice time, despite the bad airline experience.

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