Thursday, September 06, 2007

And I'm NOT making this up!

Customer Service is going down the toilet, no controversy there. But is it getting increasingly bizzare as well? This is an "I kid you not" conversation between me and the head of the circulation department of my local paper, Bob.

Me: Hi, I get your paper daily. I never subscribed. I need to cancel it. I've called three times before to unsubscribe. Now I'm getting violation notices from my subdivision when they pile up when I'm out of town. Please make it stop.
Bob: *typing* Yes, Aisha? The computer has you listed as unsubscribed.
Me: But I still get the paper.
Bob: Well we can't guarantee that it will stop.
Me: Isn't it your newspaper?
Bob: Yes
Me: So shouldn't you be able to make it stop?
Bob: We will try but we cant promise.
Me: Soooo this is your newspaper?
Bob: Yes
Me: Produced, published, printed, delivered by you?
Bob: Yes
Me: But you can't guarantee that you can make it stop?
Bob: Exactly
Me: So I will continue getting newspapers against my will?
Bob: You might.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills. *sigh*


Suroor said...

Sue Bob!

pixie said...

This happened to me when I first moved to Florida. I was getting the previous tentant's paper and when I called to let them know they said they couldn't do anything about it. So I kept getting the paper till I moved. It was very strange.

rehtwo said...

That's just downright odd.

Anonymous said...

Write a letter, threatening lawsuit... if it continues, litrally sue them with violation of property, trespassing and damage to property..


mezba said...

It's strange - we had it at our last place too! You'd think they want to cut down on it but I guess they want to inflate their circulation numbers.

We never complained (hey, free paper!) until the guy actually had the audacity to send us a bill! A quick phone call to the paper however set it all right. They had outsourced their delivery to local drivers who were not doing a good job, apparently.

Tee said...

ROFLMAO! Another clueless Bob! SIGH.

This sounds like an episode of Seinfeld!

Anonymous said...

have kash stand outside one morning at 5am when they deliver the paper...and approach the paper delivery person and ask them nicely to stop delivering the paper. Give them a samosa or two and your problem will be solved ;-)

Enyur said...

Okay that's just insane. Is the delivery person on Autopilot that they can't make him stop? Talk about being "on a roll!" lol! This is why I believe that there should be a STOP button on!

Try calling again and talking to someone else...that might do it perhaps?

If that doesn't work, then sohniyo, I think you've got a lifeline supply of newspaper to deal with!

Hey, did you know you can use newspaper to absorb grease from the oven/stove? Or make kites?

I found this website that gives you 101 things you can do with a newspaper...


okay I think I can use one now to shut my mouth lol!!

Umm...I think I should go now.


Reza said...

Talk about forced publications. :D

Anonymous said...

Uh... you all are way too nice. Here is what you do:

A- Assign a dollar amount to your time. figure out how much your time is worth to you.

2- Send a certified letter that contains a contract. In this contract state by delivering the paper to your house they agree to pay for clean up services and for your time on the phone with them. Clearly state that the billing increments are a minimum one hour per paper delivered.

C- Document the number of papers you have to pick up and and at the end of the month send them an invoice for services rendered for that month. Document your efforts to stop the delivery, and then for bill collection. Make sure to bill them for this time as well.

Over the course of several months build up a healthy dollar amount, THEN sue them for that amount plus damages, interest etc.

If you are going to do anything make it worth your while.


Aisha said...

Hey all! Thanks for your advice. I checked today and I am still getting the paper. I am going to call their customer service regional representative who left me a number last time and let them know that the next step is a lawsuit for trespass. I'm sure that will wake up them. They are a small local paper that no one would ever pay for so they are forcing circulation numbers up by dumping their papers at unwilling doors. Its riduculous.

nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum.

The title 'customer service representative' is a big misnomer. It should to 'person who doesn't know anything and can't help you agent'.

Ma'as salaama,

nuh ibn

ruby said...

Wow they really really want you to read their odd.

Naveed said...

Hey at least you will find the Sunday coupons handy :-)

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