Wednesday, October 03, 2007

A lesson from your wise friend the owl

Why you should never get up late and then fall so behind that you don't have time to put on your time consuming fancy schmancy multi-buckled shoes and consequently drive barefoot with the aforementioned shoes sitting in the passenger seat waiting to be painstakingly put on once you arrive in your company parking lot:

Because the director of the firm may have just pulled in just as you did and may have parked next to you and may then proceed to wait by your car for you to come out so you can walk to the office together. That's why. D'oh!


Huda said...

Oops! ;-) Sometimes I do it while waiting for the lights on the Williams St. ramp... of course, sometimes they refuse to cooperate by being green when I get there!

Suroor said...

That was embarrassing!

mystic said...

hahahahahahaha !!!!


Aisha said...

Huda, Mystic, Suroor, :*)

Anonymous said...

so, what did you do?!

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