Friday, November 09, 2007

Guilty confession of the day

Me: The Publix glass cleaner was made weird and sliced my finger so I told the manager to reconsider that product beacuse its a products liability case waiting to happen and when he looked at me funny I laughed and said sorry but its a typical tort essay and he looked at me even funnier so I told him that a torts essay is an exam you take in law school and he asked me if I was a lawyer, and I said yes, and he got really freaked out... he offered me ice cream and a box of tofu... jeez.
Kashif: And you got a kick out of that didn't you?
Me: a little


yasmine said...

Dude, that totally made me laugh :D but I hope your finger is doing alright, because sliced fingers sound hella painful.
PS: Ice cream! Vat a essmahrt von. I bet ice cream would help. Someday, we must eat some together.

Shabana said...

hehehe :-) that was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

Mystic said...

Hahahahaha !!!!

Anonymous said...

yup, my torts exam involved a sliced finger. but it was a result of bubble wrap, not glass cleaner.

but, cute story :)


Anonymous said...


pilgrimchick said...

Nice. Perhaps he did indeed take your suggestion seriously after that.

Tee said...


AKA said...

LOL! Dropping the lawyer card is always a fun tactic!

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